Glenn Beck Urges: Don’t Stop by for Liam Neeson’s ‘Non-Stop’

I flipped on my car radio yesterday morning to find myself midstream of Glenn Beck eviscerating what I gathered to be a newly released movie. Clearly a studied and snarky attempt to riff on modern culture’s  iron-bound “Spoiler Alert” etiquette, Glenn & Company chucklingly unveiled every one of the flick’s surprises, plot twists, and gimmicks. Soon enough they explicitly emphasized – over and over for the rest of that hour – they were trashing Liam Neeson’s aviation actioner Non-Stop. Repeatedly, Glen pleaded with his audience: “Don’t go see this movie”.

His ruthless effort to torpedo Non-Stop‘s box-office was ignited not by crass mean-spiritedness, but — and I will warn here some SPOILERS are a-comin’ —  from what turned out to be exasperatedly deep exception he took to the film’s anti-American and anti-military tone.

For instance: Beck reports, with disgust, the bad guy/terrorist in Non-Stop ends up, predictably, NOT being a Muslim character previously framed to seem like the story’s nefarious villain. Who’s the actual meanie? Why, a former American military man targeting innocent people, of course. As one of Glenn’s co-hosts offered: nowadays, whenever a TV show or movie hints the Islamic guy might be the guilty player? You can rest assured contemporary political correctness’ skittishness guarantees he won’t be!

Probably my favorite television series of all time is Keiffer Sutherland’s peerless 24. Mercilessly entertaining, with only a few exceptions it also (calculatingly?) defied Liberal sanctimony. Honestly, I was frequently left marveling at the drama’s brazen political in-correctness. Sure, over eight seasons 24 featured a handful of noble Muslims — but Jack Bauer, Chloe O’Brien, and the rest of the redoubtable CTU gang also reliably identified, hunted down and dispatched a batch of seething Islamic baddies. Unavoidably, not a few old, white males filled the assorted storylines’ villain demands while one of its most august characters was David Palmer, season one and two’s African-American U.S. president. But among 24‘s most reptilian figures were women. Some of them black women! And, as the program unfolded, a black fellow or two and some felonious Mexicans didn’t come off terribly flatteringly, either. 24‘s Government personnel? Some of them — practically demonic. Yet, lots of heroes — white, black, Latino, male, female — did their stirringly self-sacrificing thing while rendering service to Uncle Sam. On multiple fronts, 24 proved to be bracing TV for God-and-Country loving viewers.

Candidly, I wasn’t expecting that kind of inspiration from Non-Stop — still, I was rather disappointed upon hearing Beck’s drubbing of it. It had been on my “probably-buy-a-ticket” list. I tend to like Liam Neeson (Rob Roy? Great film. Taken? Flawed but exciting and he’s a compelling tough guy in it. Schindler’s List? C’mon: one of modern filmdom’s masterpieces.) I’ll further admit I was curious to see how co-star Michelle Dockery would handle a role besides Downton Abbey‘s Lady Mary Crawley.

But, a few years ago, Matt Damon’s cinematic Bourne franchise drove home to me a shamefaced lesson I’m trying to hold close: the full trio of those thrillers are exceptionally well-done, but I confess — again, with not-a-little embarrassment — it wasn’t until around number three that it struck me how unrelentingly and  remorselessly bourne_identity (1)hostile to the United States they are. In a world of Allahu-Akbar-shrieking maniacs, former-Commies-cum-Apolitical-Strongmen, and internationally sadistic, narcotics-trafficking Kingpins, most — not all, but most –of Bourne‘s malefactors turn out to be Americans; Matt Damon’s biggest, life-threatening headaches come, not from foreign-language speaking megalomaniacs, but fellow citizens scheming his liquidation.

I’m a conservative, and Christian, so I recognize no aspect of mere mortal  life is immune from evil. Malevolent elements in the U.S. government, armed forces, police departments, churches, families? Check, got it. Not only the low-and-feeble but the high-and-mighty possess the capacity for devilish mischief. The wise man doggedly keeps that in mind and conducts himself accordingly.

However – current mainstream media and entertainment’s “non-stop” (pardon the pun) and noisome drumbeat on America, America, America as the focus of all-that-is-pernicious-and-perilous-on-the-planet? I tire of it — and resent it.

Plainly,  even as I write this the Obama regime — and oodles of Democratic and Republican functionaries before it — poses a genuine threat to patriots’ liberties and our nation’s security. In her past, America has done, and is doing at present, some awful things at home and abroad. Infractions that, yes, must consistently be outed and accounted for. The aforementioned radio/TV host conveniently affirms this in his latest tome Miracles and Massacres.

But, as Beck’s book also reminds: the nation birthed by Bible-drenched pilgrims and established by Founders who bowed their heads to God-revering principles, this Constitutional Republic which took a leading role in officially deploring chattel slavery and rebuffing, first, 1940’s fascism and, thereafter, bloodthirsty Communism, and which is first to show up with physical and financial aid anywhere disaster strikes around the globe — that nation ain’t all bad. Even groaning under the Obama posse’s baleful influence, the USA hardly looms the preeminent menace to mankind. In fact, drifting though we be from our luminous historic ideals and standards,  this country remains a meaningful emollient for much of humankind’s woes..

My heart swelled when I heard Beck pledge, our nation’s having despicably dishonored returning Vietnam vets a generation ago, he won’t be party to demeaning them presently — not even by plunking down ten dollars to reward a big-screen production that urinates on our troops today.

Just a movie”? Not hardly. Neither are any anti-American screeds “just a song” or a “just a TV program” or “just a novel”. Andrew Fletcher surmised, “If a man were permitted to make all the ballads [stories/songs/entertainment] he need not care who should make the laws of a nation”. Indulged frequently enough, these gangrenous cultural eructations metastasize into a distorted view of America; a land which remains – albeit diminishingly — the predominant moral force among the human family.

How about we resolve more than ever to send a message of our own to red-white-and-blue-dissing Hollywood, Bible-mocking filmmakers, flag-sneering auteurs and God-scoffing artistes? That for the sake of a little passing diversion we’re no longer going to patronize their impious and unpatriotic rubbish?

How about we start this weekend?

If your local cine-plex is screening Liam Neeson’s new blockbuster-wannabe, and you were planning on taking it in, how about, instead, making that showing a “non-stop“. Hey, Twentieth Century Fox’s Son of God is opening Friday?

Or you can stay home – I hear Netflix offers all 192 episodes of 24.

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Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and managing editor of

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  • c69101

    I won`t watch this anti American crap.

  • Sully Freeman

    Beck is a Master at highlighting the irony and bigoted stance of the left.

    By default I side with Beck, no sense in throwing caution to the wind.

  • Croco Dile

    “…. whenever a TV show or movie hints the Islamic guy might be the guilty player? You can rest assured contemporary political correctness’ skittishness guarantees he won’t be!”

    Steve, the rulers, through Hollywood, are telling us what is really happening – Muslims are dupes but no terrorists !
    You should listen when they are talking to you….

    • 19gundog43

      So Nigel Hasan Ft. Hood shooter duped. All the terrorists bombing pizza parlors, killing Israelis dupes. 911 murders dupes. Give me a freaking break. Religion of dupes now?? Religion of pieces.

      • Croco Dile

        Why don’t you think first before writing ?

        • TBJWebmaster


          • Croco Dile

            Idiocy will be punished !

          • antag

            Then you shall be punished.

    • sjplwc

      Some are terrorists, most aren’t. Many are sympathetic to the radicals. Way too many, however, are guiltily silent regarding the atrocities so many are doing in the name of their religion. Anyway, my point was that most of the time Hollywood protocol won’t even allow a film or program to affirm that some Muslims are, in fact, killers.

      • Croco Dile

        Then Hollywood should produce movies about “some Muslims” ?
        Steve, you know exactly this will lead to a generalization by the majority of the herd. Then, radicalization of the American public is what you prefer ? What good will this bring America ?

        • 19gundog43

          About three years ago, The Pew Global Project published data of the statistical survey among Muslims. The results were shocking. Over 40% of Muslims worldwide said they supported the terrorist attacks against the civilians.
          40% it´s those who had the courage to openly admit they support these attacks.

          Recently, Al-Jazeera confirmed this statistics. By its poll, 49.9% of Muslims support Osama bin Laden
          The Al-Jazeera questionaire polled 41260 participants.

          By the American Antiterrorism Governmental Centre, out of more than 11,000 terrorist attacks in the world in 2009, more than 10,000 were perperated by Muslims. So, more than 90% of the terrorist attacs in the world are perpetrated by Muslims.

          Right, let’s ignore the facts and make movies about terrorist Baptists or Amish. Simple minded thinking.

          • Croco Dile

            Dog 43, why don’t you think first ?
            That kind of terrorism you are talking about is a “weapon” of weak and helpless people against a way superior “enemy”.

            Why don’t you ask yourself why those people think they are forced to “terrorism” ?
            You must think they are having fun doing that !?

            Why are so many peope perceive United States as their enemy?
            Just because it’s funny ?

            There was a time America had a very good image in the world.
            Why is it not so anymore ?

            Why don’t you think first ???

          • 19gundog43

            “That kind of terrorism you are talking about is a “weapon” of weak and helpless people against a way superior “enemy”. What utter BS!! 911 terrorists were young educated, well-to-do slimeballs. You are the one being duped, genius. Croc-of-crap for sure. “Why don’t you think first ???” Why don’t you educate yourself first?

          • Croco Dile
          • 19gundog43

            No surprise, anti-Israel, loony-toon, kook websites. Your real name wouldn’t happen to be MohamMAD-El-Dile would it???

          • Croco Dile

            Then a few million New Yorkers are loonies :

          • victorbarney

            I also wanted to add that when our Jewish, not Greek, and Hebrew-inspired, not Greek-inspired(Zeph. 3:9, Acts 26:14, 1 Cor. 4:6), Savior returns, it’s Babylon that gets destroyed by him in one hour and “their”(Babylon’s) judgment has come(Rev. 18:10)…

          • Croco Dile

            There is a lot of information about real terrorists, just look up :

          • TBJWebmaster

            You call that real and you call us Dupes? Go and live in Iran you slimebag you. You will find their bigotry totally in line with your ignorance.

          • Croco Dile

            Your idiocy will be punished by a supreme force.

          • Pablo Descartes

            And what is th ii s “supreme force” you threaten with? Allah? The un? The devil dancing in your head?

          • Croco Dile

            I’m sure you will find out, Pablo !

          • Pablo Descartes

            Jehovah reigns supreme.

          • Croco Dile

            Jehovah was, or is, a Jewish tribal god….. You could worship Mickey Mouse instead, and nothing will change.
            Why then worship a Jewish fraud ?

          • Pablo Descartes

            Who do you worship, mohammed the pedophile? Yourself? The united nations?

          • Croco Dile

            I’m trying not to limit myself with boundaries people impose on themselves and on others.

            The worst thing an individual can do – is lying to himself !

            All of us have limitations, some more, some less.
            This we need to understand and work on ourselves to overcome those limitations as much as possible to be “the best we can be”.

            The only way to achieve this – is learning and “doing good” !
            Learning is something we never can stop doing. If you stop – you can’t possibly be “the best you can be”.

          • GrannyGoGo2013

            You are going to have a very bad first day! You seem to have
            an answer to every question or situation. It must be difficult to be on such a higher intellectual plane than everyone else. You do know more than me regarding all the historical info you are preaching, I will give you that. But I know what is in my heart and you can call it whatever you want, your words can’t take that away.

          • Croco Dile

            I’m preaching ?

            As your objection about your heart – I do not intend to take awy any positive all people have “inside”. But I will let John William Colenso, former Bishop of Natal, Africa, answer it for me :

            Our duty, surely, is to follow the Truth, wherever it leads us.

            But God’s Will must be done. The Law of Truth must be obeyed.

            “Do good, for good is good to do;
            Spurn bribe of heaven and threat of hell.”

            It does not matter if in Jesus or Mohamed or without any.

          • Pablo Descartes

            What then will I find out? Be sure to wear a blue helmet so I know you when I see you.

          • Croco Dile

            You will find out about the supreme force, Pablo.
            But don’t worry – it’s not deadly :-)

            You should broaden your view a bit.
            With such a narrow view you will be a victim of the system…..

          • Croco Dile

            Watch them telling it themselves :


          • TBJWebmaster

            It’s a serious problem and there does appear to be no middle ground or compromise possible. However, frankly, in my mindset there is absolutely no excuse to respond to the provocation you seem to assume by strapping explosives to young girls in order to blow up not just soldiers bur also well meaning, potentially sympathetic civilians, including children.

            You can drink all the tea with them that you like, but currently, whatever their mind processes and attempted justifications, they are murderous terrorists and people like you are simply apologists and attempted enablers for the unforgivable.

            And you seem to forget that is isn’t just the acts of America that is causing this violence, the process (kill anyone who is not a believer) was ordained by Mohammed nearly 1,000 years before Columbus.

            I’m not asking you to think FIRST, just to THINK at all before opening your mouth. What you say is ignorant and does not match the real world.

          • 1stworlder

            I will bite. I heard someone in London calling a black person “African American” so I said no wonder the world hates the USA.

        • sjplwc

          Again, Croco Dile, my point is: Hollywood essentially makes movies that suggest NO MUSLIMS commit terror. There is the occasional exception, admittedly — *occasional* being the operative word there; and those exceptions stand out so glaringly, thus, proving the rule. “Too many Muslims” is a “generalization”? I’m not even sure it’s possible, by definition, to have a “generalization” when the phrase “too many” is used. BTW, when I use the phrase “too many” I literally mean “too many” — weather its 30% or 40% or 49.9% of Muslims who commit, support or sympathize with terror acts, anything within any of those ranges is scandalously unacceptable; particularly when you are speaking about over one billion people on planet earth who profess faith in Islam. I honestly feel sorry for those devotees of Islam who genuinely deplore terrorism carried out in “Allah’s” name. It’s their sad misfortune to be wed to a system so many barbarians construe to require violence against “non-believers”. However, whatever their motive, when the authentically “peaceful” Muslims remain quiet, or even circumspect, about vehemently denouncing murderous Jihadists, my sympathy can only go so far.

      • larrygrant876

        Not all muslims will kill you but all muslims will watch and think it’s o.k.

      • 1stworlder

        A moderate muslim wants and extremist muslim to kill you. All want to impose Sharia law and Jizya on you.

    • TBJWebmaster

      Have you seen that list of atrocities, with multipart answers, such as:

      Q: Who was responsible for 9/11?


      a) Mickey Mouse and his cohorts,

      b) White Supremacists

      c) Tea Partiers

      d) Muslim males aged between 20 and 45?

      Every atrocity mentioned was caused by, guess what, Muslim males between 20 and 45.

      Sure, they left out an occasional deviation such as Tim McVeigh, but don’t tell me “Muslims are dupes but no terrorists !”

      • Croco Dile

        You are talking uneducated nonsense !

    • 1stworlder

      If only there was over 1000 years of muslim atrocities we could look at, and over 100 verses in the Koran telling goat &^%%&(& to kill infidels. Why if we look at foreign news we see muslims decapitating UK and French soldiers in their nations capitals, and in Syria the muslim rebels eating the hearts of x-tians

  • 19gundog43

    Steve, thank you for saving me $10. I have seen the previews and the movie looked really great. I like Liam in his others movies. I heard just the very end of Beck’s take and thought he said the bad guy was also a TEA Partyer. I agree about 24. Great show! The neat part is they are bringing Jack and Chloe back again. Jack is suppose to be even more aggressive in this one. Watch for it sometime around may. HOOOOYAHHHH!

  • coman1

    Thanks, not only for saving 12 bucks, but for not wasting my time. Unless money, I can’t make more time. It is the most precious asset you have !

  • John Kirkwood

    Thanks for saving me the money on this one but I won’t be giving it to the Gospel according to Burnett/Downey. Looks like Costner’s 3 Days for me!

    • 19gundog43

      Amen John! When they said Obama was a Christian and they loved him. That did it for me. Saw the TV version and it was somewhat OK, considering it was done by Hollywierd lefties. Spent a lot of time yelling at the TV, correcting the show though. Costner’s is my pick also. BTW, love you columns. Can’t get enough.

      • John Kirkwood

        I have a review of Son of God coming out today or tomorrow gundog. Thanks for the kind words.

        • 19gundog43

          Fantastic! I will be looking for it.

    • Fred Campbell

      Well, we did see “the Gospel according to Burnett/Downey”.
      It seems that Roma’s “Gospel” is strikingly similar to the historical gospel of Jesus Christ.
      The message that we came away with was that Jesus Christ came (and died) to “change the world”. That he succeeded is undeniable.
      Now the ball is in our court, do we accept or reject his message?

  • fearlesskris

    Why on earth would anyone listen to Glenn about movies and entertainment? If you like airplane action movies, you’ll probably like it. Airplane action flicks are not terribly filled with actual content – story line, character development – but again, action, action, action. And what a nasty thing to do – intentionally spoil story lines for those who might actually want to see it. Not surprising I guess, inside the man is an ugly troll filled with bile. Why wouldn’t he try and spoil something…it’s the reason for his existence.

    • larrygrant876

      Yeah, why try to see the one world, liberal brainwashing aspect of this or most of the trash Hollywood produces? Why next thing you know you start detecting the lies and slant of the Obama media.

      • fearlesskris

        I know, right? But I’m most worried about how the President controls the weather!

        • larrygrant876

          He doesn’t control the weather, it’s an illusion, what he does is controls the idiots, then he tells them he controls the weather, and they believe his lies. See how it works?

          • fearlesskris

            lol, we can totally agree on that progression larry, completely agree with you. Love me some conspiracy theorists.

    • 1stworlder

      Yea the muslim not being a terrorist is so unlike real life no one would see it coming unless they got their news from the religion of peace.

      • fearlesskris

        Okalahoma City, Waco Texas, Boston Marathon…yes, it’s always an imported muslim terrorist. All I’m saying is think for yourselves – if you like action movies, it’s probably great. Liam is a fine actor, always enjoy what he does on screen regardless of how badly written the script might be. Sounds like Glenn is once again screaming and waving his arms in the air. Quelle surprise…

    • Pablo Descartes

      Are you always this full of hate?

      • fearlesskris

        Lol, this is hate? Saying that if you like airplane action movies, you might like this one – if not you might not like it? A little tender for posting on this particular “news” site, aren’t you? Who cares what a piece of fluff like Glenn thinks about a movie – think for yourself.

        • Pablo Descartes

          Nice spin girl. My reference was to your “ugly troll filled with bile” comment. There are plenty of know-nothing movie critics out there espousing their opinions, I appreciate Beck saving me time & dollars I’d surely have spent on this movie, just to be annoyed.
          There are however much more pressing issues to be dealt with. Have a good Monday Kris.

          • fearlesskris

            Ah, well, I was speaking of Glenn, not you or other authors here. Glenn is well proven in this regard. But you have a good Monday as well – best wishes from the center of the polar vortex!

  • tom cook

    I’m a true atheist who gets really sick and tired of everyone exhorting us to bow our heads while some insipid prayer is offered to the imaginary god of Christianity. I tolerate all of the foolish useless mysticism of my friends most of whom are Christians. But, they are good Americans. We fought side by side and went to school togetherand we work for our living and educate our kids ahd contribute to all manner of worth causes. Muslims are not Americans and I loathe them–all of them. If they say they are muslim, they believe the lies of their filthy perverted mo-nam-ed. They are only good for hog feed. I will take Glenn’s advice and avoid the pos mentioned.

    • 19gundog43

      Why do you have to denigrate Christianity first off? Does it make you feel superior of better than everyone else? Actually it points to your small-mindless and conceit.

      • larrygrant876

        You can’t reason with Atheists, they come to their conclusions for ulterior motives, and besides Atheism is only temporary anyways.

    • FrankC

      Rejoice! You have a GOD-GIVEN right to your beliefs, and to express them! Every time you do, you are praising God for the freedoms HE granted to each of us.

      • fearlesskris

        No, we fought a war – actually several wars – for our freedom. If you believe in the 10 commandments (at all), you know that these rights are not god given – “you shall not murder” is pretty clear. I know all sorts of people like to cherry pick their favorite stories from the bible and torah, but murder doesn’t change, even with war or other deadly endeavors.

        • FrankC

          You need to go back and read history and not the perversions of your liberal heroes. The men who founded this country were deeply religious and founded the country on religious principles, but not on a single religion. They wanted the moral backbone, but did not want an established state sponsored religion like the Church of England. You are probably not aware that religious services were conducted each Sunday, in the Senate Chambers, and that Jefferson and his wife attended so regularly that the congregation reserved their seats for them. The founders believed that we are ‘endowed by our creator’ and that our ultimate rights are unalienable BECAUSE they come from God and not from government.

    • Mathematical certainty

      Fortunately for you your Christian friends tolerate you or you would be friendless!

    • MatrixHater

      Make no mistake- Atheism is a religion complete with a god. That god is you and you are ill-equipped.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    I was planning on seeing this movie, but gleaned something was off in seeing the trailers. I will not see this movie now that it has been directed and exposed to what I suspected it to be.

  • mac12sam12

    I won’t watch this garbage.

  • larrygrant876

    Most anything categorized as entertainment now, Movies, Music, Magazines, Facebook, etc., are merely liberal propaganda to sway the simple and stupid with groupthink so they don’t have to spend valuable IPhone time gathering facts or thinking things through. I would say over 51% of the world has been made stupid intentionally and the proof is in the last election and the continued support of the Chief Idiot.

    • 19gundog43

      Amen, brother! If that isn’t enough check out some of the comments from the trolls on these sites.

    • Croco Dile

      “…. the world has been made stupid intentionally….”….. and this started LONG time ago !


    I was planning on seeing this film starring Neeson but now that I am being advised who the villains are and that the producers of this film are to cowardly to finger cult islam, N. Koreans and Iranians or communist chinese as those seeking vengence against innocent airline passengers, I do believe I will steer my interest toward Pompeii and root for the volcano……this inattentive film will be on TV soon enough and I will be able to view it on the cable, prepaid…ya just gotta love choice.

  • SSwann

    Amen, was going to go, but not now.

  • 1stworlder

    I was actually l just looking at movies and thought about going to this one. If I have to seethe taqiyya of muslims that contribute to society it should only be in the fiction that my tax dollars pay for.

  • TPM

    Second “terrorist” movie in a row (last on – Jack Ryan, Shadow Recruit) that portrays regular folks as terrorists. Looks like Hollywood is adopting a “Muslims are our Friends” attitude / approach toward movies. Too bad it’s not fact based. Virtually all terrorist attacks are by Muslim extremists. The “libs” in Hollywood are a bunch of useless tools.

    • Croco Dile

      “…. in Hollywood are a bunch of useless tools.”

      Very wrong !!!!!!

      Hollywood is VERY useful for the rulers !

  • fliteking

    Liam is off my future ‘watch’ list .

    • Mi

      After watching “The Grey.” The worst movie I have ever seen in my life I swore I would never watch any of Lame Neeson’s movies again.

  • JoJo58

    Liam Neeson recently said that “Islam is the answer” and stated that he felt the calling of islam but hasn’t converted because he doesn’t know how his neighbors would react.
    Amazing with all the crap muslims are doing in Europe (especially the UK) he wants to become a member of a third century cult? Good actor, but I’m done with his movies.

    • GrannyGoGo2013

      Really enjoyed his movies. To bad, I have seen the last movie of his. Can’t believe he is turning this way considering his UK roots. What is he thinking?

    • Pale Rider

      This is the problem with our corrupt culture — too many people care what some actor thinks or says, as if it is words from above.
      Hollywood with all its cancer is the symptom, not the cause.
      Liam may be a great actor, but falls quite short as a great person. Therein lies the rub, fans!


    I don’t know what this man read but it sure wasn’t the koran This cult is the worst thing that happened to mankind. I read this book and it scared the hell out of me. I cant believe that he did his reserch. He had a woman with no compare, he would subject her to this to the foul treatment the muslim heaps upon its women. If he has heard islams call then he needs to move to the east to be free to practice and not worry about his neighbors.

  • Paul Alvarez

    Selling Islam to gullible sheep. It’s like putting rat poison in pixie sticks, with a picture of Iron Man on it and a slogan like “The breakfast of champions”

    • Croco Dile

      Yes, exactly as those Bible tales were fed to gullible sheep for centuries.

      • Tired Vet 1

        Hope you have a long term retirement plan that isn’t over heated.

        • Croco Dile

          Yes, I have.
          But let me know more about your objection to what I wrote.

      • sjplwc

        Croco Dile — stop while you’re ahead. Seriously. The more you’re squawking, the more where you’re REALLY coming from is becoming apparent.

  • Martha

    When Hollywood pushes Islam it is way past time to turn our backs on them. When Hollywood glorifies a regime that is destroying America is is way past time to turn our backs on them. What are we waiting for? The other shoe to drop?

  • Tom Ato

    Gee, and I thought it was just another crappy Liam Neeson action-hero movie.

  • darkcyder

    Jeez grow up. It’s just a movie, and Liam is a great actor. If you want to see Muslims killed, make your own movie about it, and stop complaining.

    • sjplwc

      Thanks for proving my point darkcyder. None of these kinds of things are “just movies”. We’ve been hearing that for the past generation, maybe the past two — and putting up with it for as long — and the result has been our society’s entire attitude changing for the worse about all kinds of important matters. Evil is now called good, good is now called evil. I don’t want to see “Muslims killed”. I DO want to see stories that reflect reality, not the cheap, gutless mythologies that Leftist Hollywood wants to be true because they conform to their preferred make-believe ideologies.

      • darkcyder

        So, let me differ with you on this subject respectfully, as it is your article. When did we get to the point that every bad guy in a movie has to be about Islamic terrorist bad guys? I have not seen the movie, but I will, and I expect to enjoy it. A classic case of good wins over evil. If I were to take you at your word- and I assume you are being a bit emotional about this because of Beck’s position- you would seem to be saying that we have to go back to all the Clint Eastwood movies and make all those guys Muslim terrorists before you’ll go see another one. And those guys in Grand Torino- they need to pull the blacks and replace them with Muslims. Can’t we just watch a bad guy being bad, and see the good guy win? Or must I go back and throw out all the Jean Claude Van Damme/ Steven Segal/ Clint Eastwood/ James Bond etc movies and replace them all with evil Muslim terrorists to meet this bar of expectation you have established? I mean have you ever seen a bad guy who can be as evil as John Malkovitch when he puts an effort behind it? Does he need to grow a beard, and get an accent, and shout Allahu Akhbar to make you happy? Me- I like my bad guys evil, and my good guys need to beat them. That makes me happy enough.

    • frog-out-of-kettle

      Veterans are already classified as domestic terrorists which is a bunch of BS. Do you think we want to see that line of thinking on the big screen too? It may be just a movie to you but to others it’s indoctrination and desensitization.

      • darkcyder

        Where was the outcry when Tommy Lee Jones play similar characters? Or how about John Malkovitch? Maybe Sly Stallone? Or what about all the Tom Clancy stuff? Did you get a big hairy one when you watched Annette Bening turn traitor? Just because Glenn Beck gets a hair up his butt does not make this a movie I will not patronize. Do ALL of our enemies have to be Muslim Radicals to make you happy?

  • Rham

    The Hollywood useless la-la land will make movies where the victims are the villains and the villains are made heroes. Worthless idiots. Stick to pure fiction and leave the real world to reality.

  • Cougar Smith

    Since learning of Neeson’s admiration of Islam, his movies are no longer watched in this household.

    • DogWithoutSlippers

      Really, please elaborate as I too turn off islamobots…..includes Chris Christie (I was disappointed to find out his support of muslims – votes & liberals).

      • Cougar Smith
        • DogWithoutSlippers

          Cougar, he’s another disillusioned fool. Must be the stardust in his head that makes him susceptible to his current surroundings and makes it easy for him to assume a different character. We know the ‘call to prayer’ sends shivers to Obama. The piece you forwarded was from 2 years ago – maybe he has given up such foolish talk. You know, once he delves into the horror book.

        • krdave

          What a crock—–

          • Cougar Smith

            Yes, Neeson is a crock. A crock of muslim BS.

  • Erin Ashley Hedges

    Cause we all know terrorists are only muslim, and have never been from any other religion or group whatsoever

    • sjplwc

      The issue is emphasis, Erin. And in Hollywood, the emphasis is unsupportably negative against the USA.

      • Lawrence Behr

        Uh NO! The movie demonstrates that in todays times it is getting harder to tell the bad guys from the good guys. we have been pointing the fickle finger of fate at the Muslims since 9/11, it clearly shows that like most Americans maybe most Muslims are no different than Christians or Jews, like us good old Americans they all do not advocate violence.
        At the behest of GB I went and viewed the movie and took my Nephew a 17 year old who is a high school standout and considering being raised alone by my sister is a very well balanced young man.
        After watching the movie we talked about it and he said “Liam had the right guy right from the get go, in today’s world you never know who the bad guys are”
        And he is right on! just look inside the beltway folks, plenty of bad guys and girls to go around, we bitch about them every day and yet do nothing to stop the selling off of America, taking steps to diminish our Constitutional rights, badgering groups with government agency’s, giving handouts to foreign countries while our debt climbs past the Andes.
        You want to focus on something really entertaining? I suggest you look into what your members of congress are up to and on both sides of the isle, we already know what side Hollywood comes down on.

    • JoJo58

      Um….most of them are.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    I saw the movie last Saturday. It was entertainingly good. One of the bad guys was a black guy. A muslim was a doctor. A skinhead turned out to be NYPD. The nerd turned out to be the bad guy. It was a good suspense flick. Glenn – take it easy!~

    Erin AH below is basically 100% correct!~

  • Brian_R_Allen

    …. most –of Bourne‘s malefactors turn out to be Americans ….

    Close. But no Shrove Tuesday Box for you this year.

    Not sure if their own subtlety eluded even them but the film’s Hero was an AMERICAN-American and its villains were all feral-gummint employees. And as anyone can attest who has even a bit of a Jason Bourne streak and who has ever worked with the feral gummint — and especially around the world with the various alphabet-soup gangs (USDS, DEA, CIA, USAID, NSC, FBI, INM/INL, NAU etceters) who make up the ranks of the ‘Ugly Americans’ — they got the evil basta*ds dead to rights!

    Including the basta*d-offspring of the Soviet-agents, Alger Hiss et al-descended Foggy Bottom brahmanas and its carefully cloned for collective cluelessness empty-suit ‘Foreign-er Service-ing’ sychophants — most of the folk with whom I came in contact during a five and a half year period in first an intimate commercial working relationship/supplier and later-on as a contracted employee — could have rotated, unchanged, into the movie and have been indistinguishable from the Bourne villains.

    And most of the Bourne-like folk — every intelligent and/or competent person, that is — were suppressed and or marginalized.

    Make no mistake. George Orwell is alive and well in the essentially “Democratic” potty-owned, operated and controlled ranks of America’s feral bureaucracy.

    Brian Richard Allen

    • E Wolfe

      Ahh, Brian. You are so right, yet the good fight must not be forsaken. The rot must be rooted out. Nevertheless the core of this country is upstanding and the implication that America is what is wrong with the world today is both specious and wrongheaded. The left & Hollywood do not deserve to be rewarded for their constant denigration of their own country. To educate is one thing, to continually foment hatred for your own country is altogether another issue. Not only is it a trite story line (I’m going to use a rather provocative word here, the P word) it is unpatriotic.

    • sjplwc

      Sorry, Brian, one or two decent Americans in the franchise didn’t erase the anti-American bad taste in my mouth that pervaded it. I suppose I should be grateful at least the Russian or Cuban character didn’t end up being the hero.

  • Ron Gilbert

    With Hollywood this was the inevitable progression. Look at how they have always taken the villians and eventually made them into good guys. Vampires were always evil until the last decade or so. Now we see this story line of how there are good vapires and evil ones. Same with just about every monster flick. The troubling thing with this is that Liberal politicians have been trying to make our soldiers out to be mental cases in need of having their rights removed “just in case” they are a potential danger to society. This movie plot just feeds right into that.

  • soanonymous

    I wish I would’ve seen this warning before going to see this movie. I can’t believe–well, I guess I can believe–that veterans were demonized.

  • backToSchool82A

    Citizens: Knowledge is the best antidote against the superstitions and illusions of the totalitarians in our midst:

  • Conservative In Libtard Austin

    This movie won’t even make the RedBox Free movie monday list (Where it’s my way of sticking it to Hollywood).

  • Watching_and_Waiting

    I had a strong hunch that this movie was not worth seeing. Usually my hunches are correct (not always of course). Glad I waited. I definitley won’t see this anti-American movie.

  • mobushwhacker

    I’m glad to know the David Palmer character is gone after season two of 24. I quit watching when it looked like the beginnings of an affair with his white, female doctor. Maybe I will start with season three.

    • sjplwc

      Mobushwacker — the black white thing is an irrelevancy to me. Skin color was pretty irrelevant to the writers, etc. of 24 — good and bad were represented all around. One of the reasons I loved the series. Definitely pick up season three and go all the way to the end.

  • Ocean Sprayz

    Ditched my cable service and got rid of my TV in 2006; one of the best decisions I’ve made.

  • Wolfy Ghalkhani

    That was great, Steve. I’m sharing this one.

  • Lysander Spooner

    The problem is people conflating “country” with “government”. The alleged “anti-Americanism” in, for example, the Bourne films, is a strawman; the baddies are agents of the US government, which in no way equals “us”. More films that show just how evil the Beast is and how bad things can get when idiots equate the elected sociopaths who run bureaucracies and armies with “my country”. Tom Paine and Tom Jefferson would be happy to set them straight, if their writings were ever presented to them in the government schools they were lobotomized in. Wake up and stop perpetuating this myth; you’re only making it more possible for the NSA and the CIA to keep killing and spying “in the name of freedom” (because we’re in danger of invasion and occupation by any number of countries any second now…Libya, Syria, Iraq, Canada, Congo…)

    • sjplwc

      Nope, too often it’s all lumped together by the Hollywood powers that be. America is bad = the American gov’t is bad and the American people are bad, too. In the Bourne films there are a few, but precious few, admirable Americans. While your point is technically true, most viewers, I fear, won’t bother to split hairs about gov’t vs. people. BTW, despite all the problems we have with our current (and past) gov’t, I still think, on balance, our nation and our system shine when compared with the rest of the world. Of course, that could change if things keep going the way they are; we’re headed in that lamentable direction; but we haven’t quite lost our status yet.

  • John Kenner

    The term “rule of law” is used to describe rules, such as those defined in the United States’ Constitution, designed to preserve liberty by placing limits upon centralized government’s power to coerce and control.

  • Chuck Chuckson

    “Anti-American”, “anti-military”… quit dancing around the obvious, everything Hollywood produces is anti-WHITE.

  • RomyMon

    Hollywood had its true Golden Years, decades ago with such actors like James Stewart, Henry Fonda, Robert Taylor, Robert Montgomery, Tyrone Power, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Eddie Albert, Glenn Ford and many others who not only entertained us with their great acting but all served in the armed forces during WWII, with good ole’ Jimmy Stewart who flew more than 30 bombing missions over Germany retiring as a Major General in the USAFR. Today, what we have inHollywood are America-hating, Obama lovers, who are all filthy rich but not worth the plastic bottles we recycle! Too bad Liam Neeson had to take this role. He’s definitely a good actor and not known to have trashed America! Sorry Liam but I’m not watching this one. Glad to know NetFlix has the complete series of 24!

  • kathin9

    Conservative and a Christian you state yet you favor these liberal films with your money that will go into their pockets so they can shove it into the coffers of the likes of Obama Pacs, and demo nut pacs. I find the statement conservative and Christian a bit hypocritical then. And find that people of your stature are part of the problem, claiming to be one thing but supporting with your money the people who are tearing down exactly what you say your are.

  • Rob Erta

    It is impossible to judge another person’s merit correctly unless their knowledge, talents, skills, and intellect are fully understood.

    • David Taylor

      and you cannot possibly think that you fully understand yourself, let alone others. Don’t judge, evaluate the situation and the historically predictable outcomes. The future is predictable, its down-right inevitable.

  • JackFrancis

    Glen Beck a movie critic???? Come on. He doesn’t eve have rational political statements.

    • grumpy3625

      Well well well. You’ve just made an irrational statement. I know one thing: Genn Beck has a genuine love for America.

      • JackFrancis

        Grumpy: Just loving America doesn’t guarantee rational politics. George Wallace had a genuine love for (his) America. Obama has a genuine love for America. I think even Cruz has a genuine love for America. It has nothing to do with whether they have rational politics or not. My statement was perfectly rational. Drawing a conclusion that his political statements are rational just because he loves America isn’t valid. There is no cause and effect relationship. Your assumption that there is was irrational.

        • grumpy3625

          I’m flabbergasted! You actually think Obama has a genuine love for America?? Even in the face of respected psychologists who have repeatedly suggested that his particular psychosis is that he only has love for himself which, IMO, can’t exist if you can’t love this country. He comes on like he does but everything he does shows that he doesn’t. He wants to “fundamentally transform” America. I guess that means that he didn’t like it it in the first place. He is a self serving, selfish…. hey, why am I wasting time on you?

          • JackFrancis

            Of course he does. It is just that his vision of the America he loves is different (and better) than yours. These “respected psychologists” have never interviewed him, They are phonies.

          • grumpy3625

            Ok Jack, you’re right.

          • JackFrancis

            Shhh!! Don’t say that on this site. They will crucify you. Truth isn’t a valued commodity here.

          • grumpy3625

            Hahaha. Well, Jack, I really was lying to you, and that’s the truth. Oops!

  • Cool Ranch, Texas

    Each of us must reject the despot’s designs for desolation and tyranny:

  • waffenpen

    I love this site… all the mentally ill wingnuts are here in one place!! Ya gotta love that!

  • Al Egro

    Patriots: It is time to go on the offensive against the illusions and superstitions of today’s liberals and progressives:

  • Cpt. States

    Coercion is immoral because its controls and restrictions force the persons being coerced to become mere tools for those doing the coercing.

  • Evergreen Fields

    Since liberty’s benefits can be hard to recognize, some people can be easily convinced to attack liberty in response to emotional appeals.

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