Hint: The Left Always Overplays its Hand – Always

by Deborah Elmar
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Why do Americans have “racism” fatigue? “Rape” fatigue? “Poverty” fatigue?

“Environment” fatigue? Most of us whole-heartedly believe that racism is unchristian and must end, rape is a horrible evil, it’s a tragedy that poverty exists in America and it should be eradicated, and that the natural world must be protected from pollution. But we tune out when we hear those words: “racism,” “rape,” “poverty,” the “environment.” We believe nothing we’re told about those topics anymore, and we just want to get away from the self-righteous pontificator who brings them up. Why?

Here’s why: because the Left has hijacked them all, made the situations worse, or siphoned off the money meant to help get rid of them and used that money to perpetrate the Leftist world vision. The Left has engaged in so much fraud, deception and lies about these issues that those very words – racism, rape, poverty, environment – scream out, “Prepare to be lied to!” each time we hear them.

Racism. The wussiest, kiss-up-to-Democrats RINO will still be labeled as a “racist” by the Left during election season. To be white and to have non-left opinions is to be called a “racist,” and we just shrug it off now. When words like “voter ID,” thug,” “people,” “welfare,” – even “Chicago” – are labeled “dog whistles” for racists, then the language policing has gotten to the hysterical stage. We either all walk on eggshells until one inevitably breaks and we’re tossed in the gulag reserved for people who win arguments against Leftists, or we just boldly crush every shell we step on as we speak words of truth, justice, and love for this nation.

If you’re going to be accused of racism no matter what, you might as well just speak without apology. If Tea Party members, who include African Americans, Latinos and Americans of Asian descent in their ranks, can’t talk about lowering taxes and reducing the size of government without being labeled “racist,” and if we can’t utter a legitimate criticism of President Obama’s decisions without being labeled “racist,” the word has lost all meaning.

Furthermore, these days every single accusation of racism in an institution of learning, or a sports industry, or a work environment, is suspect until the full story is known. Lately, the full story usually reveals that some Leftist committed the ”racist” act to further the Leftist narrative of evil racist Americans, or lied for attention, or deceived to promote “dialogue” or some such nonsense.

And finally, the Leftist media thought that Americans were blind to the rates and deeds of black-on-white crime every time the talking heads brought up Trayvon Martin. Their hypocritical grandstanding about one event as they did their best to ignore a multitude of other crimes has cost them dearly in both our patience and our trust. The Leftists took a tragedy and blew it into dangerous proportions to further their vision of the world. They tried to manipulate us, and we’re not having it.

“Rape culture.” Ah yes, rape culture. What a racket. One of the safest environments for a privileged Western female is a university campus, but with all the hysteria generated by feminists you’d think a rapist was lurking around every corridor. Here’s a suggestion, girls: don’t dress like sluts, don’t get blind drunk at college parties, don’t act like Miley Cyrus when you’re around the guys, and most likely you’ll be just fine.

After the party’s over, is it fair that, even though you and the guy were both drunk the night before, you get to cry “rape” and ruin his life when alcohol affected the judgment of both of you? No, it’s not. Feminists’ frivolous, deceptive shrieking about “rape,” as they employ that shocking word as a weapon against men, has actually muddied the seriousness of this despicable crime, which largely occurs among the less privileged ranks of men and women. But the inner city streets of our cities aren’t flooded with money to the same extent that all the “rape prevention” bureaucracy is flooded with funds demanded by women on campuses. A privileged feminist doesn’t care if there are not enough tax dollars to spend on law enforcement in areas where rape usually occurs, so long as yet another “Rape Crisis Center for Women” is set up at Harvard or U of C.

Poverty. Well, we know how much Leftists love the poor because their policies create so many of them. A conservative’s approach to poverty is to create a great economy full of job opportunities, and to teach self-reliance and self-control. A Leftist’s approach is to keep the poor in poverty, feed them with tax dollars extracted from the working man, keep their voter base, and grow unproductive bureaucracy as a “solution.”

The tactic is succeeding – the poor consistently vote Leftists in, who then perpetuate their base’s misery. There’s not much we can do except help out where we can at the local level. When Leftists shrieks “poverty,” our eyes glaze over because we know they don’t really want to help the poor, only exploit them. The one time I personally have ever seen someone lifted out of a poverty-stricken life full of substance abuse and crime is when he came to Jesus. So let’s spread the Good News, give our time and our money to our various charities, and support job creation, everyone. Not much else will help.

The environment. Don’t get me started on the wealth-transferring, government-growing fraud machine that is the Global Warming Industry. Besides, I’m already over my word count.

Congratulations, Leftists. Your lies, and your grasping overreach to bring more money and power to the few acceptable elites in your statist utopia, have taken truly tragic and difficult problems and made them worse. You also made decent Americans turn from you when you utter those words, just to protect our own sanity. That’s quite the accomplishment.

Image: Courtesy of: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nayukim/5275183790/

elmarDeborah Elmar is a Christian, wife and mother. She blogs at Collecting Quotes and occasionally posts at Return of Queens. She is a Canadian who lives with her family in America and loves both countries.

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