MRS. PALIN: Did Sarah Predict Russia Invading Ukraine If Obama Got Elected?

Sarah Palin, who is “usually not one to Told-Ya-So,” is on social media to remind the world that she predicted that Obama would let Russia invade the Ukraine. About that:

  1. She sort of predicted what’s happening now.
  2. She is usually one to Told-Ya-So.

At Facebook, Palin makes her case.

Yes, I could see this one from Alaska. I’m usually not one to Told-Ya-So, but I did, despite my accurate prediction being derided as “an extremely far-fetched scenario” by the “high-brow” Foreign Policy magazine. Here’s what this “stupid” “insipid woman” predicted back in 2008: “After the Russian Army invaded the nation of Georgia, Senator Obama’s reaction was one of indecision and moral equivalence, the kind of response that would only encourage Russia’s Putin to invade Ukraine next.”

Then she links to two posts which are basically the same, including one at Breitbart that’s getting a lot of attention. That site’s Tony Lee also dismisses then-Foreign Policy writer Blake Hounshell’s critique of Palin’s claims as a “far-fetched scenario.”

In fact, Palin makes four claims about crises that would result from the election of Barack Obama (which was about two weeks away from the moment that Palin was speaking).

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  • mountaine

    Told-Ya-So, Told-Ya-So, Told-Ya-So, !!!!!!! All I can say is that, everyone who didn’t like Mrs. Palin, was because they knew she was smarter than them. All of these kind of people who didn’t “like” her, didn’t even take the time to find out all the good she did in Alaska. The same of the people who didn’t “vet” the a$$h0lewe have in there now !!
    There is NOTHING is this world that is free…..and now our AIR AND WATER WON’T EVEN BE FREE when he gets done !!!! I CAN ONLY HOPE SOMEONE STEPS UP TO HELP US !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lawrence Behr

      there is a rally in Washington may 16th called American Spring look into it…

  • mule man

    All you brilliant commies wanted obama to do these things — happy now ?—I love Sarah

    • Lawrence Behr

      Obama did say he would fundamentally change America and the libs said …oh yeah the great messiah has come to save us…..FROM WHAT?
      Sarah Palin and John McCain would clearly been better that the coward potus and idiot vpotus we have now…i’m thinkin the chains over the change would have had a better outcome.

  • Paul Broussard

    Sarah’s right again?
    Don’t look for this on CNN!

    • HongryHawg

      Sarah Palin is right about so many things. That’s why the liberals hate her. They like their leaders ignorant of facts and rolling in the socialist fantasy. Look at their leader. Before the pretender, there was Clinton. And before that, Carter, etc.


    One more step toward the “emergency” that Obama needs to complete his plan for martial law. The ships off our coast Will wait for the signal to lob one of their derelict missiles on the US. Russia is now providing the mis direction that the president needs to start the ball rolling. I thought it would be closer to the election. I think I see the date. for the muslim likes special dated that give meaning to the events they have planned. We have one on the Jewish Passover. It is called the blood moon. Fitting for these people to use I think.

  • Al Chemist

    All you know-it-all liberal/progressive/commies were wrong and the woman you love to hate was right. How does it feel to be a thousand times more stupid than the woman you so love to call stupid?

    • EL

      I LOVE I!T!! You’ve said it all!

  • Lgbpop

    Ditch the grudging attitude. She was right…and she’s no rocket scientist. (She’s hotter than a branding iron and very competent, but no genius. I don’t care about that, either…she has common sense.)

    My point is, anyone with a smidgen of common sense would have seen this coming. I’m not so impressed by Governor Palin’s foretelling an obvious future as I am astounded by the Democrats’ complete inability to see this coming. HELLO!!!

  • b glad

    Once a politician, always a politician. Politicians and talk show hosts always say “I told you so”, even if that is not what they actually said.

  • John b

    sarah would make a better pres. than many – obamma and hillery combined!!!

    • roy207a

      ONUMNUTS and Hitlery each have 2 brains,1 is lost and the other is out looking for it.

  • labman57

    Had Palin and McCain had their way back in 2008, the United States would have declared war on Russia, North Korea, Iran, and the country of Africa (Sarah’s personal pick).

    • MJUdall

      Yeah hindsight is as usual 20/20. I’m sure now you’d like to have McCain as president since Obama has become a total failure and you long for the days when the democrats were underdogs “fighting the man” and the “power”. But in reality, Obama is president, he’s the man and the power and it has been your failed president Obama who, under his leadership, urged for military action against Syria, and while he skips out on his Nat Sec meetings most likely because of a hangover, his foreign policy goes up in an inferno of flames–Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Iraq and Egypt–he looks increasingly inept and weak.
      This ain’t the antidote to Bush’s adventurism that Americans wanted. Its also highly unlikely Mrs. Palin would be for this sort of interventionism if she were president.

  • Americans against TeaBillies

    Anyone who could see Russia from their trailer home door step could certainty have the skills and worldly experience this would happen. hahaha

    • Andy

      HaHaHa, she never said that, it was Tina Fey on S,N.L.

      • Dan S.

        Guess he should have actually checked for facts before that last post. lol

        • Shears_of_Atropos

          Why check facts? Facts are irrelevant and, in most cases, spoil the snarky insult! When you’re ragging a conservative, the last thing you want is a bunch of facts getting in the way.

    • Guest

      She said you can see Russia from Alaska, not from her door step, and she is absolutely correct. Ever heard of the Diomede Islands genius? Big(Russia) and Little(USA) Diomede sit approximately 2 miles apart in the Bering Strait, you can see from one to the other even on a cloudy day, and from mainland to mainland on a clear one. Don’t despair, we wouldn’t expect anyone who gets their ‘news’ from SNL, CNN, MSLSD to know much of anything. I’d encourage you to get your facts straight before you open your mouth to insert your foot, but I know you libs and facts are rarely on speaking terms.

  • Americans against TeaBillies

    Failin Palin. The only white woman in Alaska with all of her teeth. If you thought Kentucky was hillbillie you should see how they look up there.

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      I absolutely dare you to say that to one of them to their face – thweety.

    • roy207a

      You are such an A– wipe.A true demonrat if there was one.Totally afraid of Mrs.Palin cause she speaks the truth which you cant stand or understand.Go back to kissing ONUMNUTS butt.

  • Ralph

    Sarah’s the girl… shoulda paid more attention to her! She would have made a fine vp! More guts than the girly men in the senate!

    • Americans against TeaBillies

      She would quit as soon as bus tour with a ghost written book was offered. She is such a fake – no wonder you minions follow her pussy scent.

      • Ralph

        That’s real classy of you to say so… or maybe girly men are more in line with you…

        • batlcrewzer

          Do I see another t-bagger trolling for a date?

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    In 2012, as a tongue in cheek effort to point out “Progressive” hypocrisy, I proposed, “Bachman-Palin Overdrive” and “2012, The Year Of Real Women”, but, alas, to no avail. Now, there are people trying to get Mrs. Palin to run for the US Senate in Alaska. Presumably to possibly follow the Hillary route to a presidential run as an option. We all know the Democrats and their MSM propaganda arm would leap on the “Quitter” parade immediately, despite the Arkansas Carpet Bagger, Mrs. Clinton’s use of the very same political path in 2008. So, what’s to do?

    It’s obvious that Tina Fey holds more sway with what are now known as “The Low Information Voters” than any amount of facts or truth ever will, to wit: “I can see Russia from my house” was Miss Fey, not Mrs. Palin. Not that the media ever actually tried to correct the misimpression. They all, in fact, gleefully went along with the “Joke” like little children being bad and knowing they could get away with it. As for having some experience in foreign relations, I would point out that the governors of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and et cetera, all the way to Washington State, have no more than she does, and I never hear the political establishment nor the press belittle any presidential candidate from any other border state as they do Mrs. Plain.

    Regarding Mrs. Palin’s qualifications, Unabashed Patriotism, Enthusiasm, American Can-Doism and plain old “Common Sense”, which are qualities I found lacking in almost all of the presidential candidates the Republican Elite, and definitely the Democrat Party, have given us since Renaldus Magnus ended his second term. Albert Einstein noted: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” He is also reputed to have observed, “I don’t have to know everything. I just have to know what questions to ask and where to find the answers.” I would add that Mrs. Palin has the imagination of an “America First”, “America is the greatest nation on God’s green earth” and an “America has an obligation to give a hand up (not a hand out) to those in need” leader. Not an “America is what’s wrong with the world and I’m going to change it after I apologize for it” so-called “Leader” such as we have now. She’s certainly bright enough to be able to know that she doesn’t know everything and not so egotistical that she would refuse to seek the council and advice of those who do know answers to the knotty questions of not only our time, but for America’s best possible future as well. Plus, she’s already proven that she has the grit to take on the establishment of both parties and big business as well. What the Hell else do you want in a leader, “Gravitas”?

    On the question of Sarah Palin’s effect on the political dialog of today: It is her heartfelt belief in the basic goodness and greatness of our nation and it’s people and her manner of articulation in a simple, straight forward way that express’s this belief, that connects with a far greater number of Americans that the Progressives would ever care to admit exist. The working class, blue collar Americans and blue collar entrepreneurial class of Americans who now own the bootstraps they pulled themselves up with. Those are the people who will stand tall and take up defense of our nation, her history, traditions and way of life.

    Someone recently lamented: “I doubt I’ll live long enough to see what we need; another Ronald Reagan.” I say we already have. That’s why the “Progressive’s, the R.I.N.O.’s and the media’s constantly trying to tear her down even when she’s not running for political office. They are very afraid of her and what she stands for and, most especially, what she won’t.

    About her “Foreign Policy Credentials”: It has been recently noted that: “The governor of Alaska has the highest security clearance of any governor because Alaska would be the first strike for Russia if they ever decide to invade. Russian planes fly over Alaskan air space often just to let us know they can, although they are immediately escorted back out again. This state of affairs does make the governor more aware of what’s going on with Russia.” [I would add that that includes what is going on anywhere in the world that the goals and policies of Russia and the US are at powder keg variance. The Middle East leaps immediately to mind.]

    “The Diomede Islands is where you can see Russia from Alaska: The Big Diomede Island is owned by Russia, the Little Diomede Island is owned by the USA. They are less than three miles apart and both have a military presence.”

  • Americans against TeaBillies

    She is such a fake – no wonder you minions follow her pussy scent.

    • batlcrewzer

      I could not have said it, (and wish I had), better myself. I think the ecessive whiskey is starting to dry that up as well.

  • Americans against TeaBillies

    Go watch the only indepth interview Failin Palin did .. Katie Couric. Oh. goosh. such hard gotcha hitting questions. ” what magazines do you read ” .

    • batlcrewzer

      I like the cut of your gibb, sir. (haha*)

      *$$arah and her former luv

      • LifeisSoGood

        Yes, let’s put it in perspective shall we?

        • batlcrewzer

          Got it! A two bit “b” grade actor who sold arms and cocaine to Iran and the contras respectively, a drug adled lying moron that cost us 4,000 dead soldiers and 38,000 wounded, and the current Pres. trying to bury the stink of the above. Too easy! (haha)

          • LifeisSoGood

            And yet we STILL had a very VIBRANT economy! We miss him too.
            Unlike today with the street hustler who’s best friends with a terrorist, coke head, pot smoking, liar who’s cowardice cost the lives of over 15,000 soldiers, allowed our Ambassador and 3 others be murdered, has himself murdered Americans and is a traitor to America by arming our enemies with weapons and funds. Who demands to be the food stamp king and for all to bow to him when he is the one who bows to foreign leaders.
            Has single handedly destroyed America’s economy with the lowest job participation rate since the Great Depression and poverty rate even higher.
            Yes, we also long for that ‘two bit B-class actor’. We miss him, and his great economy, too.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    When the USSR cratered and Crimea was ceded to Ukraine, Crimea became “low hanging fruit”, and a perfect excuse for adventurism.

    With Uncle Adolph, it was the Sudetenland, Danzig and the Ruhr Valley, which it ceded after WW-1. The first things Hitler did before WW-2 was invade Czechosolvakia and regain the Sudetenland, and occupy the Ruhr valley, without a murmur from the French. Retaking of Danzig (Gdansk) required isolation of the (Free City of Danzig) by the KriegsMarine and invasion of Poland by land, which started WW-2.

    Sevastopol and the Russian warships there are the present-day Danzig. Doesn’t take a genius to see the parallels. Those who learn nothing from history, are condemned…

    • LifeisSoGood

      It does feel like the late ’70’s all over again, doesn’t it?

  • batlcrewzer

    $$arah Palin is the 21st Century Norma Desmond. She is stuck in the past and dreaming of comeback that will never happen. Thank God this grifting fraud was exposed in ’08 left only to shoot from her rapidly aging hips.
    “So long, see you sucker, bon voyage, arrivederci, later loser, goodbye, good riddance, peace out, let the door nob hit ya where the good Lord split ya, don’t come back around here no more, hasta la vista baby, kick rocks & get the hell out”

    • LifeisSoGood

      Translation: “I’m so mad that Palin was right and that doofus I love is wrong in so many ways. All I can do is try to spout insults and try to show how angry I am. My messiah is badly failing not only America but the world! Back to the insults I go since that’s all I have against someone who saw years ago what the failure in office doesn’t see today. Palin’s intelligence shines brightly while the world sees obama for the idiot he is.”

  • mony1

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