• Fred

    This idea might be a bridge too far. If they already have a propensity to breaking the law…we just might make are military one that turns on their own country for a price.

  • Phil Becker

    This was attempted before and it simply did not work, either in the Civil War or in WW II.

    • Dave

      They need to fashion such a program after Hitler’s Strafbattalion. Send them straight to the front………..

  • cvxxx

    It did work for many younger people. I know of several who are holder of PHD degrees who got into trouble and were saved by joining the military which gave them structure for their intelligence. if caught early enought many show the abilities in a structured enviornment to succeed. Yes, there are people who are not suited to military life but make good spies and asymmetrical warfare specialists. But they do need to be turned early not late.

  • fliteking

    Convicted felons are opportunists and will readily follow morally indifferent orders for a small bonus of any variety. Time off, a slight cash stipend, favoritism.

    Many are sociopaths too.

    Semper Paratus

  • rick0857

    If you’re going to do this then any pay and allowances they recieve must be cross checked against every States welfare rolls. If any of these felons are someone’s baby daddy, confiscate what ever pay and allowances are made to off set the welfare payments. Now that would REALLY put A DENT IN THE SYSTEM

  • RLC

    And when they find the opportunity and jump off the trail would they be UA/AWOL or escaped felons?

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Wow…military service sure is becoming the cesspool of the ages. We have politicians who want to use it for amnesty babies to get their citizenship, spoiled punks like Rachel Canning posting on her Facebook page, “… that, if Canning’s parents don’t foot her education bills, she’ll have no future unless she joins the armed forces,” and now suggestions that we empty the prisons of Felons to go straight to the Frontlines (What frontlines…terrorism is everywhere)? Of course, everyone knows that only poor white southern trash, urban ghetto blacks and other such disadvantaged diaspora have only joined the military because they had no other choice in life (sic) . Here is a better idea…pass a law that requires “EVERYONE,” regardless of physical status, educational status or yes, even prisoner status (they would go back to jail/prison after military drills/duty), to report to their local “STATE MILITIA” office (formerly known as the National Guard) at the age of 18 for mandatory militia service (patterned after the National Guard, but more stringent) until the age of 62…all of this, once again, “MANDATORY” and without pay, unless they were activated for war. Just imagine the change in attitude over time towards one’s country…we might even start to have some honest to goodness national pride and actually start to get along as one nation under you-know-who…

  • Sweet, Innocent, and Lovable

    I hate to tell people but I’ve known several felons that were in the Marines. They told me when they were in court the judge gave them the choice of the Marines of prison. They were escorted out buy the Marine Recruiter. They made pretty good troops. That was when we were in Nam.

    • AG Dot Com!

      I would argue that may have been a different era. There was still a sense of honor then, even amongst criminals.

      • RLC

        I believe I would agree with you..I heard all those stories too before I went in. I doubt very many of all those were classified as felons either.
        Get real. You can’t cut funding for the military, dwindle it down to barebones minimum required personnel numbers and then pour criminals in there. People sit around and come up with these ideas and
        think that just because they came up with it, it’s a good idea. Hello, coming out of the 80’s into the 90s when the numbers were dropped down the standards were raised in order to compensate for not having
        so many people. Part of that being, the people being accepted would not be the type that needed prison guards. You want to do something with the prisoners? Black and white striped suits, chain gangs and put ‘em to work under guards. Turn the prison back into a prison instead of taxpayer funded livelihood that just happens to have bars.

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    If they turn on their own country, they can be shot for disobeying orders on the battlefield, or for treason.

  • master of sinanju

    GEEZ! You sir, are a real moron! CONVICTED FELONS!? I see a small chance it could work, but what about when the conflict is over? How do you keep the 8 tray crips from killing the skyline bloods? What about them stealing military weapons, etc.!? This is not some movie like the dirty dozen, this is real life. Oh yeah Fort Hood shooter major a$$hole, our military did a bang up job with that p.o.s. right?

    • TeaParty Patriot

      the fort hood shooter was the owebomb playing muzzie politics nothing more nothing less. and he is still providing cover for the baaaassstard.

  • petsnpeopletoo

    It is a good idea except they would have to watched from going AWOL. I had an uncle back in the 30’s/40’s that got in trouble and was going to face prison time. They gave him a choice of prison or military. He chose military and ended up making it a career move and spent over 20 years in it….Turned out to be a good move for him and he was happy he got the alternative…

  • Geo

    Same would apply for illegals! You want to be a citizen, prove it!

  • Guest

    Why not? Most of them probably already own their own AR15s, right?
    But I’d suggest not giving them anything bigger, they already out-gun most law-abiding citizens from whom that same government wants to disarm.
    On the positive side, they’ve already acclimated to living and satisfying themselves with other men, something the CIC obviously wants in HIS “new” military.

    • Charles sloan

      Military boot camp has a wonderful way of turning thugs into soldiers. It channels that natural aggression into something positive. But if the felons can’t complete boot camp, then back to the slammer they go. Once the war is over and if they have survived front-line combat then the marine corps can decide what to do with them.

    • Doc

      You seem to have an unusual perspective. Few criminals have ARs and if they do they are stolen. Criminals are NOT smart and likely don’t know how to use or maintain these weapons. The preferred weapon of criminals is dark; because they are cowards. When they do need a gun it is almost always a handgun, or the occasional shotgun. The best way to deal with (Stop) a bad man with a gun is to for good men to have guns. p.s. Join the NRA and help fight the bad guys.

      • robert

        Felons who have served there time should no longer be punished.

  • AG Dot Com!

    Holy crap is this stupid. Bub, you must not have served very long or had a combat-related MOS, because it ain’t about the killing. NO soldier WANTS to kill. Not any professional soldier anyway. “Put the killers on the front line” – moron.

  • Oldmonkey

    Seems many don’t know squat about French Foreign Legion. Many other countries have done the same in various situations, and it would depend on what type of servicemen or women are needed, and for what skills. Many countries have agreements to take foreign nationals meeting entry requirements. Gurkha are still recruited by UK, much as the US used to recruit Philippinos. There was even an agreement allowing Canadians to fight in Vietnam keeping their Canadian citizenship.

  • Saltporkdoc

    “The Dirty Dozen” meets the death penalty…interesting!

  • Doc

    I can’t think of a dumber idea. How about trust and responsibility? Would any of you want a pack of liars and thieves holding your flank, or being a reliable reserve? I’m sure this is tongue-in-cheek, but you can’t put ideas like this in front of liberals; they would likely use such a program to get all their relatives out of jail.

    • geneww1938

      Rather a patriotic felon, liar and thief than a sodomite.

  • Doc

    Would someone correct me if I’m wrong? I am under the impression no one with a criminal record is allowed to enlist. If that changed does anyone know when?

    • ONTIME

      In WWII felons ran for the military hoping to find a hiding place…

    • Mr Nobody

      Well i do believe win “A” Illegal can joined that should answer that.


    I can remember as I grew up hearing about dozens of the kids I knew being given the choice of jail or the military, some grew up to be extraordinary citizens, some gave the ultimate price but all found that the disciplines of real life were the same just exercised in different ways….the military is a exposure to more points of view than one can imagine and experience that far outweighs any other institution….

  • TeaParty Patriot

    Sounds like a good Idea to me. And yes, during the 50’s and 60s when there was a draft there were many who were given a choice by a judge join the military or go to prison. Those that reformed an complied with the rules were promoted and gained respect, those who rebelled were retained in rank and were the ground pounders, troops that bore the brunt of the attacks. At least they served some purpose as decoys for the fighting troops.

  • Oldchopper

    May as well let them continue their Democrat leanings and let them vote. It’s the Clinton model. By gosh, we should let them also run for political office! Wait. I forgot. Their already doing that and winning. You punish criminal behavior not teach them to kill and then hand over to them automatic weapons. This idea’s loony and as Clinton as anything I’ve ever heard or read.

  • Mr Nobody

    Dam good Idea but I’d give them a Choice the Slammer or Serve your Country .

  • David Gray

    The military already recruits gang bangers and teaches them the finer points of using an M-4 so when they return to civilian life they can implement their training on the street against anyone that gets in their way… i.e.- law enforcement and law abiding citizens. Obama’s private army that he is creating to terrorize society will require the prerequisite of serving time as a felon and wear pants that on the ground that show underwear.

  • bhudda

    This is an old concept , The government during the jungle war sent law breakers to the jungle . They were used as moving targets for the Vietcong .

  • BeriBeri99

    Says the fox to the farmer . . . “Please let me guard your hen house, I promise not to eat any of your chickens.”

  • jdbixii

    “The Dirty Dozen” and multiples of it? From an American perspective, historically, the purpose of the use of the military was the restoration of the “rule of law.” Can that really be accomplished by unleashing a force of people who can’t or won’t obey the law? Remember, it is not the gun that kills, it is the person who pulls the trigger. If righteousness is not justified, what is?

  • goyaathle

    I think all those on death row should be sent to Mars to start a colony.

  • chvietvet

    This is just another slap in the face to our servicemen and veterans. Which patriotic soldier would want some criminal with an assault rifle behind him supposedly giving him cover? All of the hippies during the Vietnam War tried their best to defame those who were serving in the armed forces by calling them criminals. Their mindset dictated that military service had to be avoided at all cost, and anyone who served in the armed forces was just too stupid to know how to get to Canada. My opinion of Ronald Reagan and his helpers is greatly diminished when I think of his dodging the draft during World War II. During Reagan’s administration, Jimmy Carter’s policy of discrimination against veterans in hiring by federal agencies was continued without change. Maybe this is the reason the author thinks that criminals can perform satisfactorily on the battlefield at locations other than Hollywood.

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