POWERFUL: A Drill Sergeant Confronts a Troubled Boy and The Unexpected Happens

In an episode of Jenny Jones titled “Boot Camp My Pre-Teen,” a young boy melts the heart of a drill instructor sent to teach the boy some respect and discipline.

  • Thomas Sharp

    Ooh Rah

  • Marge

    He had enough class to take him off stage to finish that conversation. Good for that sergeant. I hope he follows up.

    • rs1123

      While you can’t make out with the DS was saying to the boy as they left the stage, toward the end it sounded like the DS was getting choked up. So was I.

  • disqus_44JbsFzgKV

    I see a Big Brother situation happening here.

    • rs1123

      I seriously hope so. Sorry, people, but a mom does not have the ‘tools’ in her female psyche to rear a boy to become a man. Period.

      • TexasJester

        Not all women are ruled by emotion. My mom, for example, is ruled by logic, and can’t really stand being around a lot of other women, because she doesn’t think like them.

        Mom raised my brother and I back in the 70s as a single mom, after divorcing my dad. I was lucky — she worked for a great boss, who also wound up being our father figure and male role model, who helped mom mold us into the gentlemen we are today.

        Thanks, Mom and Bill….

  • Rattlerjake

    This shows what America has become through the socialist agenda, a fatherless nation; and even the children feel it!

    • rs1123

      Democrat social programs have destroyed the family and fed the lie that marriage is outmoded and the two parent family is unnecessary. That boy just wants the guidance, security and discipline of a father. That is all he needs.

      • Obama_Lies

        They destroyed black families the most. Gary, Indiana use to be the most beautiful place in Indiana back in the 40’s and 50’s. Black families were in their hay day back then. You can see old photos of a ball room filled with black people in Tuxedo’s and gowns, and when you go take a picture of that same building today all you will see are ghettos. Unfortunately, Blacks are not taught about that part of their history! If they knew how great their ancestors were back then, and compared to now, they would never vote Democrat again.

      • TexasJester

        A reporter at the Olympics was interviewing a 23-year-old man who had just won ahold medal, and commented on his “alternative lifestyle” — he’s married to a woman and has a child!!

    • Mi

      Very sad state of affairs. It seems that we have gone from hero to zero.

  • mike in concan


    • rs1123

      Every once in a great while, something good comes from daytime TV. You’re right, this is a powerful video.

  • Barbara Winters

    Drill Sargents aren’t that tuff after all. They do have a heart.

    • Snoopy

      Some of them do!! Catch one in the field when one of his men has been hit. Ya might be amazed at the lengths he will go to in order to get his man to safety!

  • rs1123

    Mommy + government programs does not equal mommy and daddy.

  • TheWalkingDon

    I’ve seen this video a lot and I always wondered what the outcome of all of it was.

  • Snoopy

    There may be hope for this country yet! Get rid of SFB and lets take our country back… Back from moral decay; Back from absurd indebtedness; Back from “Peaceful Religions”; and BACK from a government that wants to RULE instead of govern!!!

  • DAY8293A

    Single moms that have never been married, should be outlawed, unless they have a good job and can take care of their children on their own. Bringing children into the world that you cannot take care of should be considered child abuse. If you made a hundred grand a year, and blew it all at the dog track, and did not provide food and clothing for your kids, you would be charged for child abuse. Why should welfare hos and their welfare rats be treated any different? Society has no responsibility to support welfare hos and welfare rats. If a spouse dies and the surviving spouse and children need help, that is different. But this ‘single mom’ welfare hos society has to stop!!! It is nothing more than vote buying and destroying the moral base of society. And, while we are at it,,, get rid of the stinking illegal aliens, starting with the illegal alien mooslim trash in the white house….

    • Marilynn Reeves

      Amen. Welfare is the down fall of our country. Everyone is allowed on mistake and help but when 2 comes along no help for that one. For the baby factorys I think society has the right to sterlize.

      • DAY8293A

        Love it!! Since the libturds like abortion so much,, let’s just take all democrats and preform ‘pre abortions’ on them,,, abort all their egg sacks now!

        • Marilynn Reeves

          Better to do that than to kill a child.

        • Frontier Neighbor

          Wow you repubs are truly freaks. It will be a good day when you people are only found in old folks homes.

          • DAY8293A

            You libturds, who like to kill unborn babies, have the audacity to call someone else a freak? Your IQ is 3 below rock..

  • CharlieFromMass

    Sometimes, kids need a dad, not a drill sergeant. Sometimes, they need someone that can be both.

    Perhaps this young man needed someone who can wear two hats. Whatever the outcome, I hope it was a positive one.

  • http://americaisboiling.com/ frog-out-of-kettle

    Wow, how can you not cry when a kid says I have no daddy. I’ll bet the drill sergeant never saw that one coming.

    • Ben

      Hell no, did you see the look on his face? He was floored dumbstruck. I would have been to.

  • Obama_Lies

    As a woman that has been divorce, married twice, I knew that I couldn’t have children in the 1st marriage. I was stuck in an abusive and hate-filled relationship for 7 yrs, but when I stopped beating myself up that divorce was a sin I left and found a man that I knew would be a great father. I’m not in a great marriage, with 2 great kids, that we receive compliments on from total strangers. I still beat myself up for making a stupid choice on the 1st marriage, but I thank god that I was mature enough to know that I shouldn’t bring any children into it.

    Women just don’t think about whether their relationship is one that is going to be the best for their child. Some idiotic woman trick their boyfriends or husbands into having children before they are ready to be a father. They often think that having a baby will make a man change, or make him stop sleeping around, or beating them up. Then, after bring a child into that type of bad relationship, they realize their “Motherly Instinct” after it’s too late! Women (girls) have to be taught by their parents that they are not ready to be a mother until they put their future children’s needs before their own. You remind them of this constantly, otherwise they will not have it instilled within them when they are a teenager and 20-something girl. Only until they are putting their future families needs above their own, are they able to begin a family. Heck, even Both sexes want to jump right into having kids, without thinking about how their significant other is with filling and meeting their own needs. If their partner isn’t the greatest to them, then they sure the heck aren’t going to change with a kid.

    This Libtard Baby-Producing Reward Program (aka government handouts) is also to blame for this! I’m sure this mom is taking some form of government handout. I’ve never received a dime, and I will never accept a dime. GIRLS should not be rewarded for spitting out more and more kids, PERIOD! It’s one thing to help them out for a couple months, but if they spit out a 2nd, 3rd or 5th kid while on the government dole, then their handouts should end. Instead, our libtard politicians reward them with more money. I think that the “Jackpot” number is 3 kids, or 5 in some states. That is why just last week some young black mom claimed that she lost her baby after someone found it in a ditch. As long as the government knew she spit the 3rd kid out, she was not worried about the handout ending.

  • mossbergman

    He got a Daddy not ,maybe not on paper

  • mike

    WOW!!! This spiritually speaks of what every troubled kid needs. Hey feminist! A DADDY!!! In your face; this is why we have so many kids on the rampage on the streets. Raised by their mommy’s.

    • Frontier Neighbor

      Do you really think most single mothers are that way by choice?

  • y.a.

    That just ripped my heart out

  • Mys77

    Every kid deserves to have a fathers love and discipline to grow up to have self esteem and respect for themselves and others.

  • Ben

    Show me a Drill Sergeant who can be a hard ass after hearing that. Never going to happen.

  • Alfred-King of Wessex

    The inner realization burns within every human heart, that “Love” is the aspect which we seek. This young man, like far to many children, is growing up without the love and guidance of the strong paternal force necessary in the life of all growing children. As young as he is….he knows that. Too many who bear children go into it without giving any thought or having the least bit of understanding that being a parent is a serious obligation…and providing a Moral Compass by parents to children is absolutely necessary when bring new lifestreams into the world. And providing that Love ….that same Love that the “Great Lord” brought forth 2000 years ago is part of the obligation.

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    A typical Modern American family. No daddies. Its ten times worse for the inner city urban yutes. Look how screwed up the Obamster is.

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    Obammy had no daddy. Look how screwed up he is.

    • St Bernard

      Good ‘un!lollol

    • nate forrest

      Oh, he’s got a daddy alright. Likely Frank Marshall Davis or some other cretin who just happened to slip a “tadpole” someplace the sun don’t shine…. Makes me wish birth control could be retroactive…..

  • Oldchopper

    This has been around a while but still stirs one’s heart for justice towards our children of all the world. The Soul is in all people and will only cry out for someone to love and to care for others if they would allow sin to depart the heart allowing the Savior Jesus Christ within.

  • David Andrews

    How do we find out what happened with that young Boy and the Drill Sargent ? I would like to know.. Hoping it was a happy ending and the young boy grew up to be like the Sgt.

    • Tomyironmane

      If he’s a Sgt, why is he wearing the rank insignia of a full-bird colonel?

      • Dale H Brown

        Tomyironmane–I had to go back and look at that video and sure enough he had Eagles on his collar–the cover strap is just a single one also –usually the cover has a leather strap around the head band part and then another leather strap that hooks to the headband strap to drop down to go to the back of the head–for enlisted –for officers, as you say it is a red and gold braided type of cord with what looks like acorns on the end of it –of course the red and gold are Marine Corps colors , so the Army would be a different color–his utility uniform looks to be the Army camouflage type and he has a patch on his left shoulder that I could not tell what it indicated the outfit he was from –it is possible that he was at one time a Drill Instructor but for this program he was acting out the role and his uniforrn was more of Hollywood’s stuff.But it does make me curious–

        • Mi

          You all don’t actually think that a real drill sarge was on there to confront the boy do you? If anything he is just from some youth camp.

        • Ritchwatch

          More than likely he was from a Juvenile Detention Center that has a Youth Oriented Boot Camp with militaristic designations for their ranks.

  • usmc1063

    That’s the sad part a lot of young men don’t have a daddy to show the right road to travel. Young Boys need fathers in their lives. Especially in the urban communities where a woman will have six kids all to different dads and the only time a man is in the house is for a meal and a bootie call.

  • robocop33

    The child needs discipline and at least he knows it! I hope that someone steps up. The mother needs to put her son in the big brother program and take parenting lessons herself as she does not know how to be a parent. Does not mean she does not love him,l it just means she doesn’t know how to be a parent herself.

    • felix1999

      Big Brother accepts GAYS a long time ago. Want this kid molested – then hand him over to Big Brother. Mom needs to understand she can’t play “dad”. She is a MOM. She can dot the role of MOM but NOT DAD! She needs someone at CHURCH to get a helping hand from a MALE that is STRAIGHT and a DAD or a GRANDFATHER. Till then, she is NOT an “EFFECTIVE PARENT”.

      • ConnieJ

        Being gay does NOT mean the person is a child molester. Most gay men are responsible adults, not out looking for a child to molest.

        • Sam

          I wouldn’t trust one to mentor my son. Sorry, that’s just how I feel. There are plenty of married men who are homosexuals and prey on children. I have been told a lot of stories in my field and child molestation is an epidemic in my opinion.

          • ConnieJ

            Then, obviously, sexual orientation has nothing to do with your distrust of ALL men. You’re right that molesters come in all places. The main thing is to thoroughly investigate before allowing your child to participate; and NO man should EVER be alone with a vulnerable child. Molesters are very crafty when it comes to little children.

          • http://www.mattrowleyguitars.com MattStratt

            I have to agree with Sam on this. There is something inherently wrong with a gay persons’ sexuality. Whether psychological or physical, it is not natural. That would be enough of a reason to keep a gay person at arms length from my kids. I may not be the worlds greatest dad, but at least I don’t have a sexual identity crisis overruling my thought processes. I just feel that I wouldn’t want my little ones subjected to it.

    • http://www.mattrowleyguitars.com MattStratt

      Even better – send him to a Military School.

  • Al

    Problem is we live in a culture where the single mother is touted as the highest form of parenting. Fathers are denigrated and disappear. Guys take responsibility for that which you sow. Women don’t let them off the hook for what has happened. You did not get pregnant by masturbating. Kids need the discipline and love that only a 2 parent household can bring.

    • http://www.mattrowleyguitars.com MattStratt

      Well said – you can’t get pregnant by wind pollination.

  • felix1999

    WHY do you think,if you DO think, BLACKS and anchor baby Hispanics are the LOWEST performers academically and the segment MOST in trouble with crime? DADS are NOT present and “single moms” are raising them. They NEED STRAIGHT DADS in their lives – same with young girls!

    • http://www.mattrowleyguitars.com MattStratt

      I made an interesting observation whilst living in Dublin, Ireland. the government there passed a law, stating that any child born in Ireland, even those born to an illegal alien, would automatically be an Irish citizen, and subsequently the mother would have to be on also, in order for the child to benefit from the citizenship. Within 4 months, I saw a massive explosion in the number of aliens, especially North Africans, who were either pushing strollers or heavily pregnant. The Irish government realized their mistake and changed the law again, but only after the population was suddenly increased by thousands of new arrivals. This is an illustration of how damaging a welfare state can be. I have seen it in England too, as well as South Africa, where I live. People on welfare need to be badgered into becoming self-reliant, and that will never happen as long as the Lefties are screaming “human rights” from the steeples. (Interestingly, many of my friends have emigrated to Australia – to escape the violence in S. Africa, and the corruption of the ruling party, the Marxist ANC, and they all say that Oz is the most “nanny state” country they have ever experienced). Who would have thought..?

  • Annette Rose Giesbrecht

    Poor little boy. It is bad enough when the father dies, and the mother is left a widow or when the parents get divorced, but when a woman chooses not to marry, but uses a total stranger or a man who is wild or sperm donation to have a child, the child suffers. I hope his mother took note of what the drill sergeant was saying and starts looking for a decent man to marry and be a father to her son.

  • kyrunner

    Until we start humiliating and not rewarding unwed mothers will America ever get a handle of the severity of the problem. Kids need a lot of discipline in their lives.

    • Frontier Neighbor

      How about humiliating the men who leave these kids with no father? Takes two honey.

  • sovereigntyofone

    That little boy isn’t a bad kid. He needs the guidance of a father or father figure.
    What’s wrong with this world today when children are born into a family without a father.
    Oh, I know the liberals will tell you ” it takes a village to raise a child “. All I can say to that is ” shut up Hillary Clinton “. When it comes to little boys, it is a must to have a father around to teach them how to grow up to be a good and decent man. I don’t normally get a lump in my throat watching videos, but when it came to this one, I got one as big as the state of Texas. This little guy needs a daddy, and in my opinion the mom needs to find a decent spouse (father) for this little boy. I don’t understand why the men of her family such as an uncle, brother or anyone hasn’t stepped forward to help guide this little boy. I wish the best for this child, he’s not a bad kid, he spoke the truth about what was a BIG part missing in his life. As a stepdad I know first hand what a divorce does to children. I had 3 (instant family ) step daughters that hated me when I first married their mother. Happy to say right now, those three girls have grown up and think of me as their 2nd real dad. :o)
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    • Dominic De Falco

      “What’s wrong with this world today”… 2 words in two statements;

      “Family Courts”
      “Selfish Women”

  • Tomyironmane

    I find it strange to see a fellow wearing the rank insignia of a full-bird colonel and a campaign cover with no cord. Is the regulation about that different in the Army? I just know in the USMC that officers and warrant officers who were authorized to wear a campaign cover had a gold and red cord wrapped around the hat band.

  • Mario

    That is so cool! This kid needs a daddy – that’s all.

  • Dominic De Falco

    I feel for him!

    • DrSique

      And the many millions just like him. I grew up without a father and understand the challenges well. No question that it is adding to the social decay our country is suffering.

      • Dominic De Falco

        Every female parent I know that has a child with behavioral problems at home either is divorced, or separated and wants to be their child’s friend instead of their parent. Every father I know that has split custody has minor problems while the mothers have major problems with their child. There is definitely a pattern!

  • USAgent

    I saw that episode many years ago it was very touching.

  • Winniezpoo

    My children’s father is nothing but a sperm donor. He sneaked out of Virginia when my daughter was only six or seven and never looked back. No Christmas cards, birthday cards, no gifts, no contact. What a waste of human flesh. Recently he decided that paying child-support was optional and quit his job. Kudos to that sargeant!

    • Sam

      I had the same problem. I divorced my two boys’ daddy and he took off so he wouldn’t have to pay child support. Never gave them a card, a gift or anything. Then he comes back when they are grown and used them. I went to court 7 times to get child support but they wouldn’t do anything about him. The courts only go after people who work. Otherwise, they don’t want to be bothered.

      • Winniezpoo

        Disgusting! It gets worse…his own mother is helping him HIDE! Yup, the narcissists are working together to scam his kids and her grandkids. How do they look in the mirror or sleep at night?

      • Jeffrey Murray

        You are so 100% correct I work and pay my Child Support and they send me letters saying Im behind. If they spent more time going after deadbeats instead of trying to extort more money from people that pay.

      • MichaelCrackMonkey

        Perhaps you should have made a better choice before you jumped into bed. Like so many other stupid young women you screw some guy, get pregnant and then don’t understand why he’s not a good father. You chose the guy it’s YOUR FAULT for having children with him. You could have chosen a better man but you didn’t. Try having some self respect and accepting responsibility for your own actions.

    • MichaelCrackMonkey

      Who’s fault is it that you choose a scumbag to father your children. Far too many women blame the scumbag they took to bed for leaving when they got pregnant. Perhaps you should have chosen a good honest man instead of the badboy you thought was so hot. Did you even bother to get married before getting pregnant?

      • Winniezpoo

        Indeed I did. And for the first year, everything seemed to be fine. The problem was that his mother covered up all the problems that he had lied about to me. I just thought he was a good man. He purported to be Christian and was employed the entire time I dated him prior to marrying him. After marriage, he never did find his niche yet he was employed the entire time we were married. The problem was his, lying and that he was an accomplished con man.

  • miprecinct9


  • Wes

    The importance of a father in a young boy’s life, on display right there.

  • larrygrant876

    In a nutshell this is what the wonderful, compassionate liberal democrats did for the newly enslaved black family, they encouraged the males to leave the home so the mother could become dependent on them for everything, and as you can see it did not turn out well. Well like these butch dyke libs like to say, “Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle”.

  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    Every child NEEDS a loving Father and a loving Mother. Children will ALWAYS Suffer if they don’t have both. Children of Divorced parents often suffer even more because young children don’t understand why their parents don’t love each other and it destroys their world. If the father is not involved in the child’s life the child will feel unwanted and unworthy. My parents divorced when I was about 8. My father was gone most of my life. I grew up thinking that my father left because I was worthless. 45 years later I still feel the same pain despite knowing the truth. Once that injury is inflicted the pain never leaves. Everyone handles the pain differently. For some they become criminals for others they try to prove they can be better than their parents. In the Black Community it has become common place for children to not know who their parents are. They have lost morality and dignity. They are brought up expecting someone else to do the hard work and they blame everyone else for their failure to achieve. This is due almost entirely on the Democrats so called war on poverty. Since it began the poverty rate has only increased and more and more Black young men wind up in jails and prison.

  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    I am amazed at how many women complain about the scumbag father’s they chose for their children and then get all upset when he leaves. Perhaps you should have made better decisions and NOT Jumped into bed with him before you married him. You had all the power. You chose him to be the father of your children. Next time take responsibility for your own choices and do the right thing like not jumping into bed with someone you’re not married to. And even for those few who actually waited to get married first you still knew what he was like before you married him. Men don’t just change over night. They show you exactly what they are. It’s women who think they can change a guy. They think oh I’ll give him what he wants and he’ll love me. Well it doesn’t work that way. Have some self respect so these children don’t have to suffer because of your bad choices.

  • sreynolds

    That’s one of coolest video’s I’ve ever seen. My heart melted for the little kid.

  • Bundle Up

    Those of us who recognize that civilization’s natural order is the result of forces beyond our control also tend to understand Socrates’ observation that the recognition of ignorance is the beginning of wisdom.

  • Jane18

    So touching! Since this show is no longer on, and had to be made some time back, I would really love to know what happened to this boy…man, today… I don’t care what any organization says, every boy, and girl, needs a Daddy!!

  • Aristophanes

    This is very touching. I think the drill seargent took the boy offstage so the audience would not see how this boy got to him. Sounds like a good kid to me.

  • http://www.mattrowleyguitars.com MattStratt

    That is a really cool video. I remember my drill Sarge and he was nothing like this guy! I think drill instructors go to a special college where they learn how to insult you with a thousand words per minute! HAHA!

  • Ruger S Redhawk

    The composition of the audience is very telling.
    Many mindless robots; and I’m not just talking about the blacks. huh!?

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