WTF – ATF: ATF Ignores Restaining Order, Raids Ares Armor, Confiscates Customer List

This is one of those stories that leaves one with that sick and sinking feeling. If it has not already been made clear, the federal government just sent another message to gun owners. They will get our information, and eventually confiscate our guns, by whatever means necessary. If that means ignoring a restraining order or violating 4th amendment rights, they are not above doing that.

On Saturday, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives raided Ares Armor in an effort to obtain customer lists that were protected by a restraining order. Ares Armor manufactures components such as the lowers that people use to build their own AR-15. It has always been perfectly legal to do so and through an ongoing struggle Ares actually obtained a restraining order to protect the privacy of their customer database. They did however agree to turn over components to the ATF. That was not enough. On Saturday it ceased to matter.

BizPacReview reports:

When Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents expressed interest in a Southern California gun part and accessory store, it sought the protection of a federal district court. But on Saturday, agents raided the store anyway.

Ares Armor sells what are called “80% lower receivers” to allow a buyer to make his own AR-15 rifle. According to federal law,”The term ‘firearm'” includes “the frame or receiver of” a weapon, but one that is only 80 percent complete does not fall under that category.

When ATF agents began nosing around Ares Armor and started asking questions, the store obtained a temporary restraining order prohibiting the agency from seizing its product line and customer list. A hearing was scheduled for March 20 to litigate the issue.

However, on Saturday, ATF agents raided Ares pursuant to an ex parte order — an order obtained without notice to the other party, in this case Ares — and did just what Ares feared, according to the amateur video below.

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  • Matthew Dec

    What do you mean – “WTF?” What’s this, the new slogan each time the Federal Gov’t. throws a cup of piss in your face saying, “Watcha gonna do poochie?”
    Well, once again, you have shown them just what you’ll do…

  • Freddy Neat Shee

    I think it’s time to start a tree-watering service. Just have a really huge van that looks like the most obvious “We’re really the government spying on you” sort of van you can see from any movie, and have “Jefferson’s Tree Watering Service” on the side, and a couple of people in disguises (a little more advanced than mine) sitting in the front in full view of the local ATF office. Maybe park at the Home Bank of California parking lot right next door to the ATF Office. Keep tabs on who goes into and out of the building. Occasionally, when one leaves for lunch or something, have the van follow them. Keep detailed notes. Post it online. Always be friendly when talking with them.

    Meanwhile, have another, less-obvious car have a computer inside that will get into their network and pull all their pending raid information, and post it online. Hey, if they can steal records, so can Jefferson’s Tree Watering Service.

  • Pissed Off American

    Isn’t Ares Arms a gun manufacturer? I’m sure they had RTF arms readily available all around the place. With the restraining order, it would have been a self defense issue if they had dropped those communist bassturds as soon as they walked through the door. Unfortunately it seems that this is what Americans are going to have to start doing when our rights are infringed upon by this tyrantical government.



  • Dave

    Ex parte orders should be abolished. To hell with keeping customer lists and records, now that the Fourth Amendment has been effectively abolished.

  • knight2

    The ATF was very good at murdering innocent unarmed children at Waco, Texas. These people are traitors. One day soon, the worm will turn. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Always remember who is really in control, and put your faith in HIM!

  • anarchyst

    Obtain and publicize the names and addresses of these “agents” and “pay them a visit”. Make sure that the addresses, names and ages of their spouses and children are publicized.
    “Shunning” can be an effective tool. When these agents and their families have to go out-of-town to shop because people in their locality will not do business with them, maybe they will learn something . . .

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