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  • RhondaOR

    Giles is right up there with Cliven Bundy in racism as this column illustrates. You are truly a lost soul.

    • camber1981

      OMG! He’s pointing out that we throw the “race card” whenever we are losing an argument. RACIST!
      And if, God forbid, another black person points it out… UNCLE TOM!!!
      Stop playing “victim”, skin color doesn’t mean anything. We are all the same “race”, HUMAN! Until people start accepting that and move on, we’ll be stuck in the last century forever.

      • mac12sam12

        Stop responding to her. She never defends her position. She’s a troll, FLAG

    • jong

      Poor little shill. I guess reading comprehension is limited.because of your kindergarten education.

    • gladdrial

      You need to go back to school or read a dictionary, look at the meaning of
      racism. The left and a lot of blacks are more racist than most Americans. Don’t
      call anyone a lost soul because you are the definition of that.

    • Russ

      dang Rhonda, looks like you ended up on the wrong discussion. Here’s a thought, if you don’t like Doug Giles don’t subscribe to his news letter. you are obviously a not gonna get much support here with your stupid leftist remarks. Serves you right.

    • JerseyJoe

      When I read your comment – I thought you were kidding but it looks like you aren’t. Fool.

    • giegie

      Your comment clues me in that you have been indoctrinated by being educated in the public school system. All I hear from liberals are racism if things doesn’t go right. Can there be ‘racism’ against whites?Harry Reid called a pioneer Patriotic American Cliven Bundy and his family, ‘Terrorist?’ Yet, you never mentioned that so I guess in your mind that was okay. Dear God, please give these clueless people like Rhonda,a clue.

    • John Stratemeyer

      Hey everybody! Look! It’s RhondaOR, the pure racist again! The woman ought to be a circus side-show, like the Elephant Man! Or at least show up as a frequent guest on the Bill Maher “Show?” RhondaOR’s singular peculiarity, which she believes to be like ESP, only better, is that she imagines racists lurking in every shadow and under every bed. Then again, she sees dead people too.
      If nothing else, she’s proof that the NYT got its “Cliven Bundy/Bundy supporters = racist” message across to the ignorant, uninformed, unwashed, and brain-dead parrots that make up the liberal/socialist/Democrat (LSD) party.

    • mac12sam12

      Do you get ten cents for every reply, troll? FLAG

  • jong

    Actually Bundy said nothing out of place. Some of his history is off but, the message is both true and clear.

    • malocolmX

      took the words right from my mouth;;;;;;;;;;

  • http://batman-news.com Daniel

    Mr. Bundy was exerciseing the free expression of his thoughts, and in doing so does not make him a racist by any stretch of anyone’s imagination.* Much to do about nothing related to Racism whatsoever……

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    It was obvious that Mr. Bundy was not comfortable behind the mike and in front of the cameras, but his comments were not that bad. Any sane person with any common sense got the true gist of them! And, Negro was not a forbidden word in his time or mine.

    • Ms_V

      “Negro” is the term we were raised with and was not considered offensive. The term “black” was more offensive until the 60’s racial protests. Remember “I’m black and I’m proud, sing it out loud”? “Negro” then became a “bad” word, but it is no different than “Caucasian”. Frankly, I think “Negro” is far less offensive than “Black” — no one is actually black or white, just different shades of beige and brown. The whole thing is ridiculous.

  • msVickiFlorida

    Bundy is a realist, not a racist.

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      Whenever these career race-baiters are given an inch of room, they will glom all over it, carrying things much further than deserved. Al Sharpton wouldn’t have an audience if it weren’t for the voracious lies he promulgates, and on his own behalf I might add. The main stream media eats this stuff up! These racist’s are as greedy and self-serving a bunch as you’ll ever see. They’re like a pack of ravaging wolves… or hungry pigs. You choose!

      • msVickiFlorida

        Well written sir, salute

  • Sylvester Jones

    He spoke it like it is, no race is exclusive of God, all equal in His eyes, no racism whatsoever, just fools claiming they are deserving of free stuff because of their being black, or white, or yellow etc.

  • mudguy1

    The comments that Hannity,Kelly and Beck made were premature and showed that that never read or heard his complete statement. They gave the left more fodder than Bundy did. They need to criticized the New York Slime the same way they criticized NBC for n editing what Zimmerman said.

  • 58proudtobe

    We need to stop playing the democRat game. We knew they would try to smear Bundy and we know they will keep on trying to control the trumped up racist narrative.
    There’s plenty of Reid’s organized criminal information out to take him on. We must go on the offensive.

  • Joe

    Bundy did not say anything wrong. It was the leftist media who twisted his words. They made it sound as if he were racist, but if you listen to the whole you see he’s not.

    • fearlesskris

      Dude – there is unaltered tape of him saying these things. Are you kidding me? No editing cuts. And when asked to clarify – because we have to give the old white guys every chance in the world and hold their hand while we do it – he gives MORE on how African Americans might be better off as slaves to the white folk. But…this site really has turned into something close to a white supremacist gathering, so I guess it’s no surprise.

      • Thomas Sharp

        African American?
        America does not recognize dual citizenship. You are either American or you are not.
        Take your liberal ilk somewhere else.

        • fearlesskris

          Not true – you can hold dual citizenship with several different countries. Israel for one – my daughter was looking into that. It’s not “liberal” to take a stand against racism and lawlessness. In all your talk about how the “media” got it all wrong you seem to forget something – this man is a freeloading criminal for more than two decades. The armed insurgents who joined him talked of putting “women up front” so when shots were fired we’d see women being killed. These people kicked the dogs who were on short leashes and in a down command (who the f does that, that’s really cruel). They brought children where weapons were being brandished. And that whole thing with Bundy and the flag? What the heck is that all about? He doesn’t “believe” in the U.S.? What is he, Tinkerbelle?

          • Thomas Sharp

            What country is “Africa”?

          • fearlesskris

            Well, that’s a continent. Unfortunately for quite a few who “immigrated” from Africa, their records were lost or never recorded in the first place. Remember, we stole those lives and brought human beings here in chains. Perhaps we’ll be able to recover all the exact countries that every person who can trace Africa in their heritage will find out their particular country of origin – there’s DNA testing coming from Ancestry.com. But wait – let me guess. You think it’s a conspiracy to invade your privacy and put your DNA on file with the gub’mint, amiright?

          • Thomas Sharp

            You most assuredly are not right.
            We did not steal them.
            Their muslim brothers stole them and then sold them.
            Your assumption is devoid of fact, your opinion is that of a fool.

          • Ms_V

            Mostly, it was the Arabs that raided the African tribes, and the tribal chiefs in many cases were glad to get the loot for selling their people out. The Arabs then sold these people to countries all over the world, and America, unfortunately, bought into it too. Mostly, America was NOT involved with going to Africa to get those people–Middle-eastern slave traders can take that blame.
            Before the Civil War, many escaped slaves were shipped to Liberia by England as well as America, and after the Civil War, all freed slaves that wished to go were transported to Liberia (not too many chose to go).
            After the freed slaves got there, the first thing they did was to enslave the native population.
            Do you really think they want to go back now? Get real. Do they care about their country of origin? I don’t know, but what could they learn about anything that happened in deepest, darkest Africa in the eighteenth century? Mostly savagery, and Africans enslaving other Africans. Please.

          • shamu9

            They won’t go where”it Ain’t No Welfare”! [ebonics] And, The Real Africans WON’t Take/Tolerate them!!

          • Ms_V

            The records of MOST people in America from the seventeenth through early nineteenth centuries are not recorded. I cannot find several relatives I been have looking for. Your point? BTW, Ancestry website is ok, but in many cases wrong due to erroneous info posted by people (I know this from actual interaction with the website). Also, the quicky DNA test offered by this site and others has provided questionable results and cannot be relied upon at this time. We are all of luck there too.

      • 58proudtobe

        You’re delusional. Fact, cnn posted a compressed and edited version of the NY Slimes interview.
        Do your homework, take your meds and call your psychotherapist in the morning.

      • sargeant rock

        Here is the web site with Mr. Bundy’s comments and “exactly” what he said from HIS mouth and not what the liberals have twisted it into. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agXns-W60MI#t=147
        There is no racist comments in it, he compares conditions then and now and his criticism is of government control and infringement on our rights and freedoms, not race… to be exact in the beginning he stated that he does not want the negro or the Mexican to go back into their previous conditions….

        No, Joe is not kidding and neither am I. I suggest you try and listen closely to what he says and what the intent of what he says is, without your liberal hat on…
        And if you feel this site is a gathering of white supremacist because we believe in taking a stand for the Constitution, the Bill or Rights and our freedoms then go and join one of those communist, socialist web sites that will lean more to your way of thinking…

      • Chuck

        Fearless, if you had actually listened to Bundy, rather than just “heard” what he said (assuming that you are actually a spiritually honest person) you would have easily recognized that this is a decent, though inarticulate, human being. Stop lying to yourself. Get a life.

        • fearlesskris

          I did listen. And I don’t usually listen to criminals. And he may believe that he has the “best interests” of this particular community at heart, but that is one of the worst offences of racist ideals – we somehow know “better” than the people themselves. And remember, someone who has knowingly stolen from the people of this country for more than two decades, a person who would encourage armed engagement to help them in their outlaw cause, and a person who feels entitled and above the law of the land is not a decent human being. He is a criminal. Chuck – be honest with yourself. If this was a posse of armed black men who said they were going to put their women up front as human shields for the cameras – what would you be saying? Get a brain.

          • Ms_V

            Oh my, fearlesskriss, your own words are describing obama:

            “And remember, someone who has knowingly stolen from the people of this country . . . a person who would encourage armed engagement to help them in their outlaw cause, and a person who feels entitled and above the law of the land is not a decent human being. He is a criminal.”

            Well put.

          • Slim

            You call it stealing because his cows are eating grass in the middle of nowhere.. That’s open range, anybody can let their cows graze there, I think..

          • Jay Star

            Yes, up to the time when bigshot government officials want it for their own profit and/or favors due!

          • shamu9

            Nothing can help you Dem-O Commie Jackasses. I’m gonna Laugh, when all you White Ali Bama Bots end up in the FEMA Camps with the Rest of us!!

          • fearlesskris

            Not the FEMA Camps!!!! You mean the ones with thousands of plastic coffins??? Noooooooo

          • Jay Star

            “And remember, someone who has knowingly stolen from the people of this country for more than two decades, a person who would encourage armed engagement to help them in their outlaw cause, and a person who feels entitled and above the law of the land is not a decent human being”! You have just described the president, DOJ Holder, Reid, and most of the government of this United States!

          • Ms_V

            Exactly what I stated below. And it is still true.

          • fearlesskris

            Only in your twisted mind Jay – and I mean that in all seriousness, this is not snark. The divisions that racism have set up in this country and dangerous – and it’s completely a lack of education and fear that drives this ugliness. History is going to look back very fondly on our President and AG. You are going to look like the goons who were beating up children in Mississippi in the early days of desegregation. Hope you have a good excuse for your grand kids when they ask how you treated people.

      • Jay Star

        Ive listened to this racist crap till I,m sick of it as well I’m sure others are too. As far as slaves, every race at one time or another have been slaves to some other race. but one particular race cant seem to get over it and move on. They choose to be slaves of the government and its bidding. Even people that have to live off Social Security and I mean Seniors have to be slaves of the government, because the funds that they contributed their whole working life have been stolen by the government and there is nothing they can do about it. So, one word from our leader saying Sorry, no more checks for our seniors and thats that! And others on the government teet, that are physically able to work, would NOT even if somebody offered them work. So lets move on and get this country back on its feet, and headed in the right direction!

  • Michael Wright

    We are approaching the time when we will be forced to play Cowboys and Ni66ers. They are forcing their blackness, gayness, lawlessness, sectarian intolerance onto what has remained a civil and tolerant conservative group. We cannot allow ourselves to continue to be pushed into the corner. The time has come to push back.

  • fearlesskris

    Oh, Mr. Giles. I wouldn’t be worried about being labeled a racist. That ship has already sailed – take a look on any given day at your comments section. You have the power to moderate your stream, yet you allow some of the most filthy racism to be posted on your articles. Today they are all crying that Bundy just spoke the “truth” or that he is a “realist not a racist”. Worry no longer. You’ve well earned the title.

    • TRex

      So you wish freedom of speech to be mitigated? How typical of the Leftist. Do you complain when the loons on the Left make their incessant bigoted remarks via their blogs? I doubt it.

      • fearlesskris

        Not at all. I love free speech. I particularly love it when a person you know is bad comes out with the truth. I just don’t understand the whining and crying when it comes time to suffer (or enjoy) the consequences of that free speech. Say what you want, but don’t act surprised when people react to what you are saying. How typical of a fringe righty to make crap up and try to sell it as a real thought. And good ole Doug says right in the rules section that he doesn’t tolerate violence or racism on this thread. Bahahaha.

        • TRex

          ClashDaily.com has millions of page views each month and 10,000’s of 1000’s of comments. I’m sure some racist idiots do get through just like you did. Would you like to police all the comments for ClashDaily.com you little LibTroll? Bahahaha.

          • TRex

            Correction: that would be 10s of 1000s. I guess I’m an old ignorant rightwing goofball. Right, fearlesskris? Bahahaha.

    • Heather

      Kris and her look-a-like dog love to troll ClashDaily.com. I think she’s crushing on Doug. Ewww.

      • fearlesskris

        Too simple minded to come up with anything to say Heather? No surprise. And I am honored that you think I look like Jaco – he’s the best looking pug in the world! What, are you an animal hater on top of your other hateful qualities?

        • Heather

          The answers would be no and no, you haggard troll. Go surf DailyKos where your type dwells. Your type is strange, very strange and yet, you probably feel as though you’re the most balanced person on the planet.

      • Dave

        Why are you insulting the Pug? Then again, when it is walking away, your comparison is validated. ;)

    • shamu9

      Typical Jackass Commie Response to the Truth!

  • McFerguson

    Bundy really is what Giles said he is: an uneducated, inarticulate hick. And the fact that he’s not only a white hick, but also probably a rich white hick considering all that land he owns, makes him a prime target of the media. Bundy is now the new Chris Christie for MSNBC to kick around 24/7. He’s a hook the media can hang their hats on until Obama’s approval ratings climb or until it appears enough repubs have been splattered with this crap that the dems will keep their grubby hands on the Senate after the 2014 elections.

    • Ms_V

      How true, how sad.

    • shamu9

      Like I Keep Saying- As soon as a few of these Liberal Lying News ‘Reporters’ Editors etc.get the Living Shizzle Kicked out of ‘em, the B/S will SLOW DOWN! I can’t imagine Why, someone they made a Target of, and Ruined his life, hasn’t hired some Muscle to do this!

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    Our federal government has always been good at hiding behind politics when they’ve been shown to be in the wrong. That’s too bad for a guy like Cliven Bundy, an American citizen who’s been wronged by the “govt. gestapo”. With the thin-skinned paranoid regime that’s now in power in DC, and who’s oppressive tactics we now see in full force, it’s likely that Mr. Bundy may never see vindication in his fight with the federalize! If ever a set of circumstances cried out for grassroots help, this is it! Legalities aside, this man deserves justice for the wrongs committed against him, his family and neighbor’s.

  • Chris

    Great article. I laughed all the way through.

  • CapeConservative

    We knew it was simply a matter of time before the media took aim and fired…no matter if the quote was correct or not…it works every time! The example set by those in Washington…just say it often enough and the ignorant will believe whatever you want them to believe. DISGUSTING!

    My advice to Mr. Bundy and to anyone else who happens to find themselves in the limelight momentarily…stay home and discuss nothing other than the subject matter that was the cause of your fifteen minutes of fame. ANY and EVERY thing you say will be used against you and ‘for their cause’. This is just one more example of how quickly they can twist ANY story to defame those they are opposed to.

  • Maggietish

    Whether one disagrees or agrees with what Mr. Bundy said as an American citizen he still has the right to free speech and to say what he thinks just like the rest of us. The media jumped on him and the far left twisted everything but the man said. There have been plenty of black politicians and citizens who have come out saying that Mr. Bundy’s words were twisted. Harry Reid of course led the charge in all this— is anybody surprised? Harry Reid was the one who was negotiating with the Chinese for that land and his son was very much a part of it. The head of the BLM is the ex aide of Harry Reid. Can anybody say corruption? The BLM is now trying to make yet another landgrab in Texas and Oklahoma. This is America or should we just offer our hands up and let all the corrupt politicians continue to run our lives. We need to wake up America. We need to kick the so-called politicians who are only concerned about their own reelections, special interests. and playing partisan politics out of office immediately. 2014 and 2016 elections is when we will have our say and help those in Washington to realize that they work for us. They need a reality check that the people are tired of all this. We need to clean house in Washington and do it quickly.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Bundy is not a racist, he’s just like the rest of us, but with brave honesty and he does not ah ear to political correctness. We’re all fed up with PC, but very few are strong enough to stand up to the 14%. What a bunch of spineless American’s we have become. Let us all now bow to the MSM.

    • shamu9

      P/C really stands for Puzzy Cracker!! Ask any Black Ex-Con!!

  • Thomas Sharp

    All Americans living on the “Gubment” plantation are indeed slaves.
    Ones opinion about the status of their condition as compared to past slavery is still just an opinion, protected by the first amendment.
    When one has no perceived value to society, it is indeed likely that their perception will become a self fulfilling prophecy.

  • dhwilson58

    Dang !!! This must be the Cujo hour LOL

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    I don’t mind being called caucasian (somewhat light skinned) but detest being called white as no one has WHITE skin, and negroes, however dark, do not have BLACK skin. Why is this racism being pushed so virilently to create a malevolence between the races? Could it be for political purposes? (of course)

    • OrlandoRican

      Divide and conquer. That is why.

    • Ms_V

      I completely agree. I raised my daughter to describe people using the terminology light-complexioned or dark-complexioned. No one is white (we are sort of beige) and no one is black (they are a shade of lighter or darker brown.) White and black are mutually exclusive terms and should not be used in our society, IMHO. Great thoughts, Joseph. And, thank you for your service. My step-dad was retired Navy, 20 years.

  • OrlandoRican

    I fully agree with Doug. I tell all my friends (and non-friends) that the biggest enemies the Republicans have are their mouths and the media. And when these two are combined, big trouble is in the horizon. Regardless of what a Republican says to the media they will turn whatever is said against the Republicans. So don’t talk to the media. Don’t answer their questions. Follow Doug’s 8 points.

    • larryincamden

      Conservatives do not need to say anything to be lambasted by the Lame Stream media.
      They have and will make stuff up if needed.

    • Jay Star

      Answer their questions like Obama and Carney do at press conferences. Or just quote a famous presidential hopeful with “What difference does it make now!” Two can play the game.

  • Ms_V

    As I have stated many times, I and most people don’t know the whole Bundy story, who knows how culpable he is, but what I do know is that a president and his minions, basically all criminals in one way or another, most of them traitors to our Constitution, are trying to criminally charge someone whose so-called “crime” can’t hold a candle to the activities of those doing the charging. These government hypocrites and traitors (Obama, Reid, all of them) should be charged as such. Then worry about the Bundy situation (oh wait, without those government criminals there will be no one to charge him with anything.) Well, we can still dream, can’t we.

  • gepops58

    Well here they go again,dirty harry and these moronic crybabies on the left bitching about something this old man said or the way it was said simply because he didn’t get the memo on political correctness these folks really must have nothing better to do but go about trying to correct these uncooth clods in proper grammar…… God how gosh!!!!! Still the point remains that dirty harry does not hold the deed to this property and apparently neither do the Bundy families its my understanding this is public property so how is it dirty harry can profit from something he or his son does not own? I would think that the courts would decide in behalf of Bundy because of the fact of long possession, after all the bundy family have been using the land for over 140 years its quite odd that in this 140+ years dirty harry has not uttered one stinking word about this until now…….he should really use land that actually belongs to him not the people of the USA,and or the state of Nevada

    • shamu9

      I Wonder, How Many Nevadans, want to Whack Harry ‘Horse-Ass’ Reid?? Bundy is not the first person this Evil Hitler Look-A-Like Bastard has Screwed Over!!

  • selahgreene

    Doug, please re-publish this frequently. Excellent guidelines for ANY conservative and ANY Christian if they find themselves in the spotlight. NEVER get off topic. If you were to find yourself wandering into dangerous waters, and yet gave the perfect, blandest, most politically correct inoffensive responses possible, those responses would still be edited, redacted, cut and pasted, until the MSM could create its latest bogeyman. The father of the MSM is the Father of Lies.

    I am surprised that Mr. Bundy hasn’t been questioned yet about his views on gay marriage, the War on Womyn, Islam, and other Progressive hot button topics. Katie Couric would love to interview him.

  • http://foxmuldar-conservative-thinker.blogspot.com/ Foxmuldar

    First let me say I understand what Bundy was saying. But what he got wrong is that blacks remain slaves to the government but now they don’t have to pick cotton to find food on their table. Now they can sit at home watching TV and be sure their welfare check and food stamps will arrive on schedule. Their heating subsidies will be paid on time and the government will continue to provide for the welfare of their children. And those poor slaves long ago never got free cell phones.

    Sadly Bundy was right when it comes to the black family. More black children are born to single parents. More black babies are aborted thanks to our Black president who would be happy to murder more late term babies if he had his way. Blacks are the number one killer of other blacks. Black on Black crime is way higher then white on black crime.

    Black students drop out of school not even learning yet how to read. But they do know how to walk around with their pants hanging below their ass cheeks. They know about the knockout punch thats a big thing in the black community.

    Bundy isn’t the racist, Black ministers and politicians that continue to play the racial game are the real racist. They want to keep blacks dependant on Government. Without the racist game, they wouldn’t have a way to make a living for themselves. So it end with Blacks using blacks to make a profit.

    • Thinking again

      Foxmulder, and, the white racist are those (ministers and politicians) who play the game in expectations of being allowed to keep playing it, Bundy is not and never has been a racist, those pointing fingers at him are the ones who divide by pointing out another’s color!

    • francoamerian

      Foxmuldar, you are soooo right! You hit the nail on the head with your remarks about Bundy and the government. There are race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who have made themselves millionaires by keeping the race issue alive and well. Without the race issue they would have to get a real job. In the meantime the mainstream media such as the New York Times,CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN keep helping to point out any racist remarks even when they don’t really exist.Of course the biggest race hustlers are Eric Holder and his boss.

    • shamu9

      I haven’t heard of ANY White on Black Crime in a LOOOONNNGG Time. AND, The Folks, [Mostly Whites, but not All,- working for the First Three Months of year, to pay the Dem-O- Commie Govt. Taxes, AREN”T SLAVES??

    • colsooonscoorner

      Ya mean like Jessie & Al. Heaven forbid they loose their means of support.

  • 2Shadow2

    There is never a good time to speak to the press on any subject unless you are filming the interview yourself and have a written copy of the Q and A. Otherwise what happened to Bundy will happen to you. The media picks and chooses words and sentences to make their own story and it is usually negative. Sensationalism sells papers. That is why the National Enquirer is the number one selling newspaper in America.

  • frankstclair

    Randy Weaver was an overt racist. That is totally irrelevant to the fact that he was right and the federal government was wrong. You have a right to be racist and not be shot by the government, or have your property taken. Last time I checked, racism was not a crime. Wish it was, we could incarcerate a whole bunch of “civil right” leaders.

    • rivahmitch

      Whether Randy Weaver “was an overt racist” or not was and is totally irrelevant to any other actual or potential issue. living, as he did, an isolated life which imposed his beliefs on no one, he did no one any harm and his beliefs were, quite frankly, on one else’s business.

  • Church Politics

    Saying the word “negro” is worse than the destruction of the black family by the Democrat party.

    • colsooonscoorner

      I had been unsure as to terminology reguarding “people of color”. When I was young it was negro, or colored. Now I’m still not sure black is PC. Political correctness keeps changing the bases. Give ‘em 5-10 years and it’ll be something else.

      • Church Politics

        Ya… maybe it is time we took back the language and a lot of other stuff too, before we revert back to tribalism.

  • francoamerian

    Anyone who thinks that racism real or imagined will ever completely be wiped out is a fool. It is kept alive by the very people who claim to be insulted by it. Clippers basketball team owner Donald Sterling is the most recent victim of the racism game. First of all he was set up by his girlfriend who was already allegedly trying to extort money from him. Being unable to do that, she decided to tape a conversation with him knowing how he feels personally about black people. He was unaware he was being taped which is illegal. She set him up.

    What he said was wrong, but he was entirely entitled to this opinion. He was entitled to an expectation of privacy when he was talking to this ignorant girlfriend of his.

    The best part is that I have recently found out that he was honored in the past by the NAACP for his donations to help poor black children. Of course the race baiters don’t mention this. Now all of the sudden the hypocrites, black and white are coming out of the woodwork to condemn this man. As I said, what he said was wrong. He has a record of being prejudiced so this is nothing new about his personal feelings about blacks. But he has given the race purveyors of hatred to condemn him as if this something new in his comments said in what he thought was a private conversation.
    As I mentioned he has given money to the black community to help them. As a matter of fact, I understand he was due to receive another award from the NAACP this coming May.
    It will be interesting to see how the NBA handles this.
    One last thing. Suppose the show was on the other foot and a prominent black person were to be recorded saying such things about white people. Do you think that it would be as a big deal in that case? I doubt it.

    • Ms_V

      Let’s not forget Jesse Jackson’s “hymietown” comment . . .

    • violater1

      Good write franco!

  • 48vince

    Much of the public today are slavering Pavlovian dogs who bark and whimper at the utterance of certain forbidden words, caring nothing about their real meaning or content or the context in which they’re used. This brainwashing began in the late 60’s and has reached a stage of complete and total submission to reactionary non-thinking and non-reason.

  • rivahmitch

    Upon my return from Vietnam I began the practice of a celebratory drink whenever a member of the Lame Stream media was killed or injured. That remains an enjoyable and appropriate custom to the present day.

    • 48vince

      Especially after Tet ’68 I could no longer stomach those SOB’s, and still cannot stomach them today.

      • violater1

        Next form of lowlifes below bad bully cops are media turdheads distorting and out and lying for hype sake! It is all about sales of stories and kissing political asses!

  • barto

    Bundy’s remarks should pale in comparison to Jesse Jackson’s use of the real baddie “N” word when referring to Obama when he didn’t realize he had an open Microphone. The Liberal media will jump on anything a non-liberal says and even, like the NYT, edit a man’s words to suit their obvious bias needs. I do believe the word “Negro” is in the dictionary with it’s definition AND what is wrong with the “picking cotton” part of his comments for many of WE White American Citizens did partake in this labor during our youth and are somewhat proud of it for what it taught us about honest work AND it made a lot of us realize we wanted to do something else in life or at least find a better way of doing it. If his words offend some people all I have to say is that they are awfully “thin-skinned” much like our current President and they really need to grow up and stop listening to the so-called “main-stream media” for what they really are is the “main-stream propaganda”, make no mistake about that…..an old adage comes to mind which is “you can take that to the bank”.

    • violater1

      Amen barto!

  • Jay Star

    I think Bundy supporters had a lot of patience. With snipers shooting the mans cattle and costing him tons of money. Why didnt they just round them up and herd them back on his ranch property with warnings! They are just power crazy and dont care…

    • violater1

      You got it! Their attitude in all cases is we will show this Son of a Bitch who is in control! Believe me the cops leaders hype them up with trumped up action speeches to get the lazy donut filled asses fired up! when they are finished with their briefings there cause is so distorted that you would believe that they were getting Clyde & Bonnie Darrow! Most Bully cops are pea brained power crazed fools and they exhibit it with their over reactions all too often!

    • jjkrjw

      First of all, Bundy’s grazing fees are a civil issue, not a criminal one, so for the BLM to show up armed to the hilt is a gross injustice.

      • Randy

        It is also illegal…So how do we LET THEM get away with this injustice…It is hard for me to believe that they will probably get away with criminal activity…The BLM should be taken to court and sued for what they did. And the news media responsible for the edit of the interview should also be sued to the max…Take them both to court and tear them a new bottom end….Tear them up…

  • colsooonscoorner

    The author’s advice is right. The media picked and chose which parts of the video to show. They are a trustworthy group. I think Bundy needs to stay away from media as they are only after his scalp. The whole video had a completly different flavor.

    • violater1

      Yes it did didn’t it! At first report I was so pissed at Bundy I got on facebook and gave him a verbal whoopin for his big dumb mouth! Then to my chagrins I saw rhe real truth! I believe strongly in the 1st amendment but when the media intentional edits or distorts the truth to be deceitful and dishonest theat is when I feel the media should be held liable and after a good strong suet ass whoopin for many millions they would stop that crap or financial taken to ruin!

      • jjkrjw

        The MSM is in on this gig. Never believe them. If anything, Bundy should sue them for editing his words. George Zimmerman sued, and he won.

    • KayDeeBeau

      Yes – we should all avoid speaking out or confronting anything – ever – unless we consult a PC speech writer and run it by the left (and the cowards on the “right”) for approval to make sure we aren’t using offensive words or conveying difficult ideas.

      That way we won’t have to contend with the fall out invented and promoted by the leftist. That strategy will certainly make sure our speech and thoughts remain free

      • colsooonscoorner

        LOL I don’t have a PC dictionary. Plus the fact it’s probably changed so many times you’d need one at least annually.

    • David in Dallas

      “They are a trustworthy group”? I think there must be some negative words missing in that.

      • colsooonscoorner

        Yes I was being sarcastic. LOL

  • Onteo

    3 words still in use and approved of today. United Negro College. Go figure

    • paulrph1

      I bet they will soon change that moniker.

    • jjkrjw

      And the NAACP still uses “Colored People” in their name.

  • AZ Cowboy

    I agree…it is BEYOND me why the hell Conservatives ignorantly choose to speak to the liberal Media. You would have thought Bundy would have learned this from a recent fiasco endured by Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson. The same goes with Republican’s trying to get elected…seem entranced with the idea somehow…they are going to win the liberal media over with their brilliance or something? Or is it that they are so starved for attention…they can’t help themselves. Wise up…take a few lessons from the Liberals…refuse to work with them…or control as Odumbo does…make certain everything is scripted. Are you blooming idiots. Tell you what…the next time you decide to do something like that…pull out your 45 and just put it to your head…because you might as well get it over with quickly and painlessly…geez

    • paulrph1

      I gave you an up vote for the first part and after reading the second I am having second thoughts. What Bundy, awkward or not, was to open the worlds view of a problem that is getting worse instead of better. Sometimes we need a kick in the head or a shake to wake us up.

  • Bteri

    Bundy’s words were terrible But given the minorities that know him that are standing by him that the poorly chosen words do not reflect his actions and how he treats them. So shouldnt Bundy be treated no worse that Alec Baldwin? .

    AND – this by no means takes away from the glaring example of Obama’s BLM overreach and bullying in the grazing bill dispute. 100’s of Feds with snipers and guns blazing??? I dont care if it was a Klansman at that ranch — the govt just taking land, in some cases the serious majority of a states acreage is just dead wrong, especially when much of the current actions all lead back to green energy Democrat donors wanting that land.

    • jjkrjw

      States MUST take back their rights. Looks like Gov. Rick Perry is the only one so far who is willing to do that. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say the federal gov’t can own land. All land belongs to each individual state.

      • David in Dallas

        And the next Texas Governor (I pray) is also standing firm.

    • paulrph1

      While Bundy’s word were not politically correct they do reflect his age and perhaps his solitude. Please do not misinterpret what Bundy said as the PC crowd has done. PC was invented by the Communist to make people conform by the way.

    • KayDeeBeau

      What about what he said is so terrible?

      • paw

        Exactly! Did he speak any untruths? People didn’t really listen to what he was saying and what he was saying is true all across America….except they don’t grow cotton here in the north. The government just doesn’t want it brought to the forefront when they are in a land grab. People heard the word Negro and that was all they heard…..couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

  • omega2


  • akoby

    Actually, what really upsets me is all the Republicans and Conservatives that couldn’t act fast enough to throw Bundy under the proverbial bus. Dems stick up for their people no matter how egregious the offense. They are successful because they NEVER break ranks and they own the press. Whne a black talks true trash about whites, we hear that they are not racist, they are talking to their people; they are talking their culture and other B.S. Blacks can say the N word, but whites can’t. The Fox News Analysts who jumped all over Bundy should have stuck to the issue (government overreach) and ignored the Bundy comment. Or maybe they should have heard ALL of what he said, which wasn’t racist, but a reflection of his background and his worldview, just like we’re supposed to understand that the comments of Black Activists are the product of their background and worldview.
    Also, did anyone stop to consider that it was just a matter of time until the Left found a way to “distract” the conversation away from the BLM and Harry Reids involvement. The Bundy family doesn’t just need the Oath Keepers and Militias to watch out for them, they also need a media savvy watchdog to guard them as well. WHen harry Reid said this wasn’t over, everyone thought that he was going to have the BLM do another raid on the ranch, but that didn’t go over well. He had to find another means to do that. Enter the NYT interview. The main stream media has always been the Lefts’ stooge.

  • paulrph1

    Bundy did not give them a reason. They stole the reason by misinterpretation and the stupid conservatives rolled over and went along. No wonder they are winning. Political correctness is their game and racism is their shame. They shame everything good with a twist. The word negro is still alive and well and is still used by the blacks. I do not use it myself out of respect but nonetheless.

  • AG Dot Com!

    As this whole affair demonstrated, it does not matter what Bundy said or how right he is. What matters is just how purchased the media is, and how willing the public is to chase the Straw Man. Unfortunately, it would not matter what Cliven said. He could have said “I am marrying my eldest daughter off to a very fine Negro boy” and the press would have instantly ripped him to shreds. Anything to get the public off the real issue – fascist government tactics, illegal federal government land acquisitions, and an increasingly militarized police state mentality.

    We are much further into the cycle than I originally thought. We are somewhere around Germany 1936, not 1932.

  • Bill Johnson

    I am 74 years old.
    I went to an integrated elementary school in Detroit, about 30% of the students were “negro.” Back in those days if I would have never used the word “black” to describe a “negro,” it would probably lead to a fight. Twenty years later when I was a student at California State University at Los Angeles Black was the “correct” word and “negro” was an insult.
    Bundy is probably older that me and no doubt grew up in an environment where “negro” or “colored” was acceptable and ‘black” was an insult.

    • David in Dallas

      Yep. I’m 76 and also attended grade and high school in Detroit. “Negro” and “Colored People” were the terms used back then and no one seemed to care. I think the change to “Black” occurred because some of that race decided that the earlier terms were what “White” people had used to call their group and they wanted to be in charge of what they were called. It didn’t matter that the terms (unlike “Ni66er”) did not of themselves have a negative connotation–all that counted was that “Whites” had come up with them. And then, when “White” people got used to using “Black”, some decided to use “African-American”. My take on this is that whatever they want to be called, it will always be something other than what “White” people are currently accustomed to using.

  • jjkrjw

    There is nothing wrong with the word Negro. It describes race, but it is not derogatory except in the deranged minds of leftists. The word many Negros use to describe each other is nig*er, and that IS derogatory, but Mr. Bundy never used that word.

  • P Marz

    I agree with the title of this article.Regardless of what the man’s personal feelings are or are not the REAL problem is out of control government and politicians using a government agency as their personal army.i.e. Harry”it’s not over”Reid and the BLM.

    • RockyMtn1776

      The REAL problem, are the American citizens who allow our government to get away with these unlawful actions !
      This should have been stopped long ago.

  • Azsteve53

    The government and the BLM are out of control. The personal feelings of Bundy about anyone or anything, or Negroes are irrelevant to 200 plus fascists armed with machine guns, attack dogs and armored vehicles who try and steal your property.

    I see the Clippers owner is now in the cross hairs of the race piimps for daring to say what he felt.

  • Geo

    I would like to know; if:#1 United NEGRO college fund, Is still acceptable, #2 is the NEGRO baseball League still acceptable and #3 why can’t I have WET just like we have BET? Is there something wrong with this picture? I have more respect for the term NEGRO than a hyphenated name for people who have never set foot in Africa and probably couldn’t find it on the globe!

  • leroy

    There is only one way that the federal government can own land within the sovereign states. The U.S. Constitution Article 1 Section 8 limits federal ownership of land in the sovereign states: “to exercise exclusive legislation in all cases what soever, over such district (not exceeding ten miles square) as may; by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of congress, became the seat of the government of the United States, and to exercise like authority overall places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be, for the erecting of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-yards, and other needful buildings.” It looks like, according to our Constitution, we American citizens have a federal government illegally owning a lot of land that it cannot legally own! Wow… wonder what our founding fathers would tell us that the solution is. Anyone for some “tea”!

  • barb patton

    Desperate radical news dogs will grasp at any trivial remark to addle the brains of the sheeple…. To be politically corrct has become a farce and the rest of the world continue to laugh at America because we have a wimp in our Outhouse – we have a lesbian trying to get into the Outhouse after the wimp, King Krinkle Kut has done as much damage as his handlers tell him to do,, and, last but not leas,t we have WE THE PEOPLE who are sick to death of the whole damn lot. All we have got to look forward to is poverty, fema and death… Enough said. My hat and respect to Mr Bundy. Well said Sir.

  • runing


  • sfcpete

    And I don’t donate to the United NEGRO college fund because they use that “n” word

    Evidently the word is OK when your makin’ money with it.

  • foxxybey

    History repeats itself since man never learned form history and in the Nazi school system kids learn brown shirt dung. running, I grew up in a black neighborhood and called a Niger every day and never took offense, as all my brothers were black so why the up roar now, it fits the Nazi agenda to split the nation, people who can’t see that would have voted for Hitler the biggest racist of all, hated the blacks, hated the Jews and a demonic idiot from hell, now we have one in the White House and one in the DOJ and you can’t figure it out. Wow, I guess the blind love being blind.

  • Mindy Robinson

    Doug, many in the media allowed themselves to be manipulated into taking the focus off from tyranny , using the worn out card, racisim. Thank you for seeing what the liars and the corrupt are up too, keep writing about the real issue Doug, the real issue, the issue that is a danger to all Americans, Negro, white and brown. tyranny.

  • AFSarge

    Has anybody seen the unedited video of what Bundy said? Okay he did use the word negro. Back in the 70’s when I was in high school that is what Blacks wanted to be called. I had a Black history teacher that was upset with that word and he told us that the NAACP came up with that word. He felt that the “N” word was better as that meant that you were from Nicaragua but Negro meant you were from no place at all.
    First it was the NY Times that edited the video to help out this administration’s agenda. Remember when they have nothing left they always use the race card, unfortunately being an old school boy he used the negro word.
    The best thing though, is what is putting the hurt on lame stream news, this administration and putting a spot light on the lies they are crafting. It is the alternate news on the web and the ones of color that are siding with Bundy. Black and Right on YouTube was one of the first to put the unedited video on the net. Then you have a Black Marine standing beside Bundy saying he would take a bullet for this man and that he is not raciest.
    The problem is that right after that NY Times video hit the air a lot of so called Conservatives, like Hannity started to back paddle before they did their homework. The liberals are even getting to them! All they have to do is put out a small clip of a video hinting of racism and they start to run! On talk radio where I’m at has a Black Conservative, James T. Harris who said it was a set up the first day and refused to back away from Bundy. On Friday’s show he was the one who stated that the alternate news of Color that was standing by Bundy and posting the full unedited video! That is a real thorn in this administration’s side and is killing the lame stream news networks! The networks know that they no longer control the news and they know the hand writing is on the wall for them. They are losing power and they can’t handle it! Another reason that they are pushing for the US to relinquish the over site of the internet!
    Bundy never said anything racial, he may have used words that a conniving liberal yellow journalist that wants to see this country divided and destroyed, that could make it look like he was raciest, even though he is not. But the big picture is that they did this to help the BLM, this administration and epically help good old Whore House Harry Reid and cover up his dealing with a Chinese solar scam that they wanted the land for. It came just days after it was found that the BLM had it’s eyes on over 90,000 acres of Texas land on the Red River. These days we can no longer trust the lame stream media, they will do anything to cover for this administration, their friends and their lies. It is the alternate news you have to look to to get the real news. In fact if you have been following that source, you will know that many of the Democrats in DC are meeting with a big think tank to ensure that they can avoid any charges and jail time after this administration is voted out of office. That is how scared they are and they will stop at nothing to cover up what they have been doing. They also will through anyone under the bus if it will take the spot light off them. Don’t be surprised if Hillery is one they through under that bus!

    • JoJo58

      They were using “negro” since the Spanish slave trading days. Then it was “colored”, then “negro” during the ’50’s and early 60’s, then the more militant “black”, during the latter ’60’s especially after the Olympics and the famous fist salute. Then the 80’s brought us “African American” and the OJ trial brought us the “N” word. It’s all a bunch of crap. I’m waiting for the day when the “black community” wakes the hell up and realize that they’re AMERICANS. To put “black”, “negro”, “colored” is redundant. As for African American, I know plenty of white people with ancestry from South Africa. They should start using the term too.

    • bob gilbert

      Well your teacher was totally wrong and has (had) no business teaching. The NAACP certainly did not “come up with” the word Negro, it has always been a proper [scientific] word for that division of the human race, just as “Caucasian” applies to the “white” division, and is no more offensive or inappropriate to use than Caucasian, which NO ONE has a problem with.

  • Everett

    Has anyone bothered to watch the full interview rather than blindly following the edited account that the less than honest NYT broadcast? One does not expect much from the Obummer press, but would it be too much to expect others to take the time to seek out the truth, but the answer is obviously no, not surprising when one realizes the amount of koolaid drinkers in our society. Cannot cure stupid.

  • I’m ready when you all are

    Dirty harry used the same language about Obama and said he was sorry to black leaders and Obama, then the issue was over. Double standard ? Yes. The comment harry made was about Obama being elected and said because he didn’t speak negro unless he wanted to, something like that. It was in a book.

  • Mindy Robinson
  • bet1125

    Separated at birth?

  • thompsoj

    I find it amazing how the media got the story to be race vs the real story of government overreach. Bundy was is his own worse enemy. He should have stuck to what he knows…….cattle and ranching. Everyone is entitled to his personal opinions and he is no different but the press had to change the story and it became Bundy’s beliefs vs the real story of our government becoming all powerful and taking what it wants inspite of the constitution.

  • allanholtz

    Not saying it is right, just that it is how things work – one blunder wipes out ten atta-boys. When asked about forgiving someone who has wronged you, Jesus turned prevailing anti-forgiveness thinking on its ear, by supporting a huge increase in willingness to forgive. Don’t see much forgiveness, or the requisite repentance today…

  • bob gilbert

    Bundy did not say anything that was “wrong”, although possibly not particularly articulate (which in itself is hazardous because the liberal media will twist it), he just spoke his mind honestly, and spoke “truth”. There can be no doubt that slavery is wrong (and it still goes on today, primarily in dark-skinned regions of the world!), but in many ways, the Negro (a fully proper and acceptable word, as I explained to Sarge) population truly is worse off than before the “welfare state”. It has caused the break-down of the family, encouraged out-of-wedlock pregnancy, created a dis-incentive to work and accomplish, and instead has just made them even more so dependent upon Big Brother. This is not “racism”, it is realism.

  • Jay Va

    In part, escapist fantasies regarding the utopian lifestyle of the mythical noble savage motivate people to chase illusions such as socialism, communism, and the welfare state.

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