• RhondaOR

    This pure evil and should not be on a website that says it has christian values. Unbelievable filth.

    • Akbar Smith

      Pure evil.. ?!? Seriously? So if your baby did something like that I guess you would stone him huh? Where do you get that kind of hypersensitivity, westboro baptist?

      On second thought they probably should take it down. Americans today can’t handle the slightest thing and get offended. I guess it’s like 1 Corinthians 8:7 to about 13. Sad that we have to be so humorless and of weak conscience in the church still these days though

    • jong

      Pure evil from a innocent??? silly shill.

    • jlbs

      This is as evil as the moose limes charging a 9-month-old with murder. Oh, wait, no it isn’t.

    • bigdoc13

      I guess you have a problem with the Bible and language. The ONLY restriction God puts on language is that you not take His name in vain.

    • Don’t Even Try It!

      Oh Grow Up!

  • Leo2Leo

    The posting policy says no tolerance for profanity yet you post this?
    Plus this child’s water is yellow. Ick.

    • Jake

      Do you realize how much urine it would take to make the water yellow? Have you ever taken a picture of bath water, it comes out that color, not pristine blue or clear! It might be lowbrow humor but we need a break from time to time from the dismal state of affairs in this world!

      • Leo2Leo

        Read my reply to maddog2008.

    • jong

      Does the child understand what it says?? of course not. It is adults like you spewing forth defecation that know or should know that are the problem

      • Leo2Leo

        Read my reply to maddaog2008.

    • jubilee

      the dad probably just put him in the water because he had a bad diaper, and it would be easier to do this instead of washing all of the ‘caca’ off the kid..
      If that was the case, he should have waited until he had a fresh bath.

  • Akbar Smith

    That’s funny! And innocent. Lighten up people. Don’t act like you are too fragile and innocent to watch a baby mispronounce like that… any of you have hbo.. our go to the movies ever

  • maddog2008

    @ Leo2Leo & RhondaOP, Grow up, you progressive P/C loons aren’t only two faced, but don’t have any sense of humor. I’ll bet a dollar to a dime both of you have a mouth of a truck driver when ticked off, right? Do either of you have a problem with the anti-Christian sitting in the White House? How about complaining about the Muslims that are taking over our country, or are you too P/C to say anything because you might hurt their feelings? This video is a little kid not some far left loon ranting and raving swearing their heads off, again grow up. I’m sure there are plenty of good “Christian” websites you two can cruise, bye-bye.

    • Leo2Leo

      I’m a registered Constitutional Conservative. My comments where
      meant to be sarcastic, dry humor. a diversion from the first poster,
      RhondaOR. Wow, people are off their rockers in this country on
      both ends of the spectrum.

      • jong

        Nope. We have just heard just about every thing from the dark side. Your comments would have been exactly what the left would and have put out.

  • http://yahoo.com/ peter kirk

    lol,,i say that to liberals everyday!

  • Wayne Ogilvy

    Leo & Rhonda, You two have a problem with a toddler mispronouncing words. But I bet you would not have a problem with watching an abortion or a beheading by muslims or maybe your own son’s tongue kissing another male would you ? Clean up your own house before bitching about others you liberal holier than thou bitches !!

    • Leo2Leo

      Read my reply to maddog2008.

      • Wayne Ogilvy

        OK I read it but I am still not sure what to think. Either I am to stupid to understand your humor or you did not make yourself clear to my small mind. Could you please clarify for us inbreads please ? We be awful stupid ifn yous nows wut I meens !

  • Chuck

    When my nephew was that age, i gave him a DUMPTRUCK, My name is Chuck,..
    so he told his parents that “Uncle Truck gave me a DUM***ck”

  • Idadho

    The dad is only reinforcing this bad pronunciation. He could help his son by saying Tank you. The toddler could likely enunciate Tank you. Otherwise, he will have a hard time training a proper pronunciation of Thank you into this toddlers brain as his brain is already indexing this pronunciation as legitimate.
    I wonder how his mom responds to her little man’s pronunciation.
    In my view, this is an example of poor parenting. A perverted sense of “Isn’t he cute ?” does not justify this.
    Train up a child…………….

  • jong

    Cute. And a nice change from all the nonsense that is going on. Of course there are posters here that would rather see a abortion.

    • Panors77

      Yes…..a “post birth” abortion.

  • Truth or Vanity

    Really! You think this is cute or even ok. That’s sad. Obviously he(the baby) was taught/trained to say that when he heard the words thank you. Sad really sad!

  • AR154U

    So when is the state coming for this obviously mistreated child? They take babies like this all the time, but never from a inner city drug gang family,.. hmmm. PHAKU !

    • jubilee

      well,,,,the ‘TH’ sound is VERY HARD to pronounce (most kids use a ‘D’ sound)..and the only thing that is in the ENGLISH language.. although i hope the toddler wasn’t coached from his father…to cuss….sigh..

  • ToCareOrNot

    Very cute, albeit a bit perverse. I’m willing to bet Mom doesn’t approve. lol

    To those saying bad parenting: The kid will figure it out eventually, like he will with the rest of his vocabulary. I used to call breakfast “brefkust” as a child because I couldn’t handle the real word, but hey, guess what? I figured it out. Let’s not make this a special case just because it’s a taboo word.

    • dan prater

      I called my third grade teacher, Mrs blich, Mrs bitch completely not intended, but I caught hell anyways.

  • deborah21

    Oh jeeze, lighten up everyone. The little guy is cute. It’s not the end of the world.

  • Charles Bill L.

    Kids will be kids now want they?

  • jeepdude911


  • John C. Edwards

    Or as my college roommates and I used to say to each other “F*** you very much!”

  • Evergreen Fields

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