Heads Up! How Progressives Have Conned America

by Jerry Novick
Clash Daily Contributor

I grew up at the knee of one of America’s most mediocre con-men. My father had tried to be a legitimate businessman, but circumstances, bad luck, and a need to feed his family turned him into a “salesman” who was always dancing on the line of both morality and the law. That’s what made him mediocre as a con-man: ultimately, he refused to cross the line.

But he did keep us fed, and he taught me some valuable lessons along the way. One is to never trust anybody who says they have a simple way to make my life better. Another is to think twice before acting once. But perhaps the most valuable lesson is this: There is no such thing as a sure thing.

To teach me those things, my father used the example of gambling, apropos as we lived in Las Vegas. He walked me through how to bluff and get bluffed at cards and life, the way odds are rigged so that the House always wins, and how even when you think you control the game, you will still lose your shirt.

America at large could stand to learn those lessons. Every day, people are being swindled by the two biggest con artists of all: the media and politicians.

Oh sure, people swear they know that they cannot trust the news. They pretend to know that Hollywood has an agenda that goes beyond entertainment and profit. And of course, nobody ever trusts any politician ever. Yet, they turn on the same single news channel every night and take what is said as the gospel truth. They constantly mistake the trash that is churned out on TV and in theaters as historically accurate and a keen molder of culture. And they vote for the same incumbents year after year after year.

Why is that?

Well, it’s because too many people are so convinced that while everybody else can be bluffed, they themselves are too savvy to be swindled.

This extreme cognitive dissonance has given the Progressives a huge opening in America. They use it as the hole through which to feed their lies to people via the evening news and mainstream entertainment. And people eat it up because they are too busy with their lives to dig deeper, to seek out the truth, and to burrow down to original sources to get the facts. They live inside an echo chamber that breeds preconceived notions and feeds the beast a steady diet of “this is what you’re supposed to think.”

And yes, Dear Liberal Trolls – people who rely on Fox News as their sole source of information are guilty of this also. So you can hold off on flooding the comments with your “Fox Lies” memes.

Liberals also use the education system to perpetuate their con. They feed malleable young minds with the union-approved propaganda that streams from the unholy alliance between text book publishers and the Federal government. Common Core and Universal Pre-K are their latest salvos in the fight for young minds, but really, the Progressive strategy to capture the votes of future generations started with Jimmy Carter and the Department of Education. That’s really when America’s version of the Hitler Youth got its major boost, albeit with a lot more subtlety than Germany mustered in the 1930s. At least somebody learned something from history…

Another Progressive con tactic is Misdirection. It’s both the magician’s and the swindler’s most powerful weapon. Simply put, if you can make somebody look where you want them to look, and not where they need to look, you can pick their pockets.

Perhaps the most prevalent Misdirection in use these days is The Race Card. It is, after all, rather convenient, what with a Black man in the White House (excuse me, half-black). In cahoots with the Useful Idiots in the media, Progressives lay this wild card on the table and claim immediate victory in the war of ideas. But the convenient truth is, they keep changing the definition of racism (changing definitions is one of the Progressives’ favorite con-man tactics).

The Race Card is used to change the subject whenever Conservatives are winning. It turns Federal land grabs into an issue of Southern White Bigotry. It keeps us from focusing on Obama’s failed foreign policy when a rich White Basketball team owner acts like The Lord of the Manor. It transforms a young thug into an urban hero. And of course, it’s why Obama’s policies don’t succeed.

But here’s my #1 response to The Race Card: Al Sharpton. As long as the Dems and the media give this supreme race-baiter any sort of platform and air of legitimacy, anything they say about racism is moot.

So there you have it, three of the main ways that Progressives con America: by controlling the flow of information, by controlling education, and by Misdirection – which essentially controls where you look.

Hmmm… Now that I look at it, one theme runs through all of this: control.

So, I guess the question for you is: are you in control or being controlled? Answer that honestly and you will free your mind, and with it this nation.

Jerry NovickJerry Novick lives in a Liberal-Progressive, high-tax Blue State where he dreams of the day when his hard work and judicious savings program allows him and his family to head off to more Conservative climes. Jerry’s resume as a professional writer spans nearly 30 years and pretty much every genre and form you can think of. When not contributing to ClashDaily, he writes political commentary at TheWriteAmerica.com.

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