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  • Marge

    You summed up this most heinous topic quite eloquently. The thought police puts pressure on the weak to conform.

    • Ben Name

      sounds Right to me.

  • http://batman-news.com patrioticvigilantie

    We need more people like ol Kobe to speak out. the anti White movment has gone way too far out of control.. Im not sure if it is due to the lack of free thinkers in out country, there use to be many, or ignorance. Either way, I cannot ever think of a time that we as a people have been so divided, Washington, FCC or what ever need to step it up and work on spreading the word again of anti Hate. not anti race. But i don’t see it happening under this prez.

    • RockyMtn1776

      America has not been this torn apart since the Civil War, and it was ALL done on purpose ! Many say Obama failed, I think he did exactly what he set out to do. It may have taken a bit longer than planned but he has gone a very good job of destroying America. Marx must be so proud of him.

      • Jim Thornhill

        yes this has been Obama’s and the Democrats plan along but most American can’t see it

        • Ben Name

          especially the blind ones.

    • Lanthanum Khloride

      No way, the last we want is Washington DC and the FCC telling us what expressions are hate speech and therefore inappropriate. I’d rather have hateful speech on the airwaves than government censors cracking down on so-called “hate speech” in churches/mosques/the Internet.

  • fistdeyuma

    I don’t understand the retractions. Perhaps the guy trying to save his job but what could they do to Kobe? I guess it easy for me to stand up to the bullies because there is not much they can do to me. There was a time when I did suffer the consequences of not following the Liberal line and it was harsh. Being hard headed I stood my ground. One stupid lady yelled at me, “Don’t you understand the Constitution is a living document?” Hard to fight that kind of passionate ignorance.
    I just have to wonder where people’s guts are. I have often referred to Republicans as Democrat lite. Every time Liberals being up one of their destructive policies the Republicans jump in with, “Us too but just not as much.”
    It is time for Conservatives to stand up to these clueless hate mongers. Let them get the hot end of the stick for a change. It will take a lot of study because you need the facts to counter the talking points and slogans. The problem as I see it is the inability of Republicans to sell Conservatism. Instead of trying they fall back to the easy, “us too, just not as much”.

  • Paladin

    The System/Courts in this regard worked perfectly. Travon was a thug/thief /druggie. He picked to wrong guy to seek to make his bones and got exactly what he deserved.

    • Ben Name

      Who new that thugs aspired for college. It’s america where anyone can be anything even a gun mad thug on a college scholarship.

  • Chuck

    I respect Kobe for actually thinking for himself,..THEY WILL however make an example of him to demonstrate that you dont dare get off the plantation of the new thought police.

    • Ben Name

      Because “they” are not usually capable of thinking for themselves.


    Bill Maher said he believes there really is a “Gay Mafia.” In a recent episode of Showtime’s “Californication”, David Duchovny’s agent pretends to be gay so he can land a big athlete who recently ‘came out’. When word of the agent’s recent outing gets around Hollywood, he is met with the line, “Welcome to the mafia…”. I’ve known about the Gay Mafia for some time now. When I used to mention them and their power, I’d be met with snickers and the obligatory, “No way!”. Then I’d say how every prominent actor has either played a GLTB character, or played a part sympathetic to the gay movement. (Tom Hanks & Denzel in “Philadelphia” to name just one example. Even John Travolta cross dressed for his role in “Shampoo”.) The fact is, if you don’t kneel and kiss the gay ring, you get nowhere in tinsel town. Their progress has been strong and incremental. It took AIDS in the 80’s to get them mad enough to fight. Do a Google search for “The Gay Manifesto” by Michael Swift. It was penned in 1987 and when you look at our current Homofied society, it looks like Mr. Swift has won. Christians could learn a lesson from the gay movement. They may have their different factions, but when it comes to petitioning Washington D.C. and the courts, the gays speak with one voice. That’s how they get laws and regs passed. Christians are so divided and fighting amongst themselves that they have no potency when it comes to advancing decency and family values. Sadly, many Christian men have been neutralized because they just want to be quite and left alone so they can spend hours clicking on internet porn. God, help us.

  • http://www.knifehaven.com/ SplendidIsolation

    Simple capitalistic response to Mozilla … (there’s more of us than them) …

  • Busdriver Bill

    For one brief moment, I was astoundedly in support of what I believed to be an honest, rational, man of color. Kobe, why did you have to disappoint me? You hit the nail on the head with your first words, but then fell off your pedestal when challenged. Sniff!

    I wonder how we whites would be perceived, were we to cave so easily in racial unity over a similar situation? We’d be SO RACIST it’d smell to high Heaven. (Perhaps we need to have the guts to stand tall regardless of race?).

    • Ben Name

      That scenario would never happen.

  • Jim Thornhill

    I wonder if the gay community will come after me because I believe in a marriage between a man & woman only the rest is disgusting to me. Come after the normal American Vet you sick yoyo’s

    • Ben Name

      Yeah. Just you though. They are only coming for just you.

  • David S.

    Sad to see Bryant become a “turn coat”.

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    You know, blacks can be bigger racist losers than a lot of bigoted whites. They’re the same kind of snakes that their “black leader” and race-baiter buddy Al Sharpton is. I cannot have any respect for these people. In their simple minds, blood is thicker than water. With that kind of thinking they might as well be picking cotton for some Jim dandy master down on the plantation! I’ve never seen such a bunch of sheep. My hat’s off to Kobe. If those teammates of his had any character at all they’d be ashamed of themselves for behaving the way they have, but none of them have shown half the class that Bryant has. Way to go Kobe!

  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

    The signs of the end times are everywhere.

    As we witness such things as the spread of globalism, the building of a one-world church, the increase of wickedness, the breakdown of the traditional family, the destruction of that priceless bastion of liberty called America, the normalization of homosexuality, the callous murder of babies, the filthy pop culture, the breathtaking increase in governmental surveillance, we become fearful, uncertain, frustrated, angry, and discouraged, but this is because our minds and hearts are too focused on things of this world rather than things above. Too often we have the same short view that “conservative” unbelievers have rather than the long view that comes from the light of Bible prophecy.

    The devil is the god of this world, and his handiwork is evident everywhere, but he is not God and he is not in control of the times and the seasons.

    “Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding” (Dan. 2:20-21).

    We should stand in the confidence that the present evil is exceedingly temporary and will soon be cut down.

    Please visit my Bible prophecy website at: itshallcometopass.org

    • monacall

      And this is a bad thing? The second coming? I’m looking forward to it.

      • Guest

        There was nothing in Ray’s post indicating that he thougt it a ‘bad thing’. He simply made the point that many of those prophesies that related to the End Times are currently in play.
        There is no knowing when He will come again, so those who know keep themselves ready for Him. The rest simply gamble with their souls.
        As for “And this is a bad thing?” Yes, it is. For those who are not ready. There are many who, as you put it, are “looking forward to it”. But meanwhile, help all you can to meet Him.

        • monacall

          Oh ok if you so. I love it when I’m lectured for stating a fact. “The only way to enter heaven is through me Jesus Christ”.
          I believe when we die that is our second coming. “Live today like it is your last”. “Be prepared”. Oh me I tell people about Jesus and God all the time. That’s my job.
          Sorry my statement was a rhetorical question “and this is a bad thing”? Meaning ITS A WONDERFUL THING GOING HOME. Lighten up.

  • monacall

    Feel sorry for Kobe. He sold his soul for money. He will forever be troubled. Sad.

  • Guest

    Queers may run many things on Earth, but they’ll only roast in Hell. And they won’t be running the show.

  • John Douglas

    It’s impossible to have the courage of your convictions if you don’t know what they are!


    Deleted Firefox from all three home PCs and the one at work.

  • Oliver Ales

    Here we find a trusty lamp to guide us through the ever-shifting mirage of illusions conjured up by today’s liberals: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Steve Barnett

    Yet strangely the homofacists remain silent when it comes to radical muslims beheading gays on television.

  • Haymitch Abernathy

    Patriots and Citizens: Slice through the illusions conjured up by clowns like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Raj Err

    If we are to develop new and innovative ways of doing things, we must have maximum liberty to make use of as much knowledge as possible.

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