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  • 19gundog43

    Doug is right on! If I were a criminal I would be overjoyed someone invented the cell phone. I cannot believe the clueless numb nutts with their entire attention on that little screen no matter where they are at. I could walk up and strip them naked and they would continue to be clueless. Rule1 when out put the freaking phone away. Rule 2- scan your immediate area. Rule 3-PACK. Doug is right. No matter where you’re at go armed with something. It’s not rocket science. Assume responsibility for your own safety.

    • Ben Name

      I carry a pretty big gun in my little running shorts. he he he he he.

  • Dukhooker

    If anyone doesn’t understand that we are in the middle of a one-way race war, they are equally to blame for the state of our nation as the perpetrator.

    • Ben Name

      blaming will not resolve anything.

  • foxxybey

    Thug medicine is a 9mm with a 13 round clip and a good aim, so one takes out one thug and many left for the others.

    • Ben Name

      I love me some good killing.

    • warpsix

      Why did you shoot him 13 times, Because on the 14th try it went click.

      • foxxybey

        I guess you can’t read either, I only need one shot to take out one person and have the rest left for the others. Outside at 50 feet can put 13 holes in the heart or the head and cover them with a half dollar. Want to give it a try?

        • warpsix

          My God man that was a Joke and an old joke at that. I deleted it because until today i Liked 99% of everything you have posted. I guess all those thumbs up offended you.

          • You Didit

            I thought it was funny

          • dagnabit

            the joke should begin with “The Cop asked why you shot…” but foxxbey was being a dick

          • foxxybey

            Didn’t sound like humor to me, sorry bud, misunderstood, hope your forgiving?

  • willowa

    I think the young mother to be should not be too forgiving. By that I mean, the talk show host was right, what’s wrong with the system? Sue the justice system at whatever point/level is needed. Had someone done their job and not worried about what the Al Sharptons or BHO’s would say, her husband would be alive today. I’m not one for filing lawsuits particularly, but money talks and we have to get their attention!

    • Ben Name

      You sound like a libtard!

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    It would appear that the victim’s wife is a bleeding heart Liberal. “Path to forgiveness?” The only path the 16 year old kid needs it a bullet to the head!

    • Ben Name

      yeah!!!! Kill Kill Kill. that’s the solution!

      • Douglas W. Rodrigues

        Why not? Would you want to be the next victim of this punk kid? Without a doubt, this killer will be released early, and continue his criminal activity. Some people don’t deserve to live. He fits that catagory.

        • Ben Name

          who are you to decide who lives or dies? That makes you just as bad as this guy. Would you want your neighbors using your logic to decide your fate?

          • Douglas W. Rodrigues

            You wound’t be sounding so “liberal” if it were you or a close family member of yours was his next victim. I had to deal with criminal idiots like this kid for many, many years. They never change. re: neighbors deciding my fate? First of all, I don’t victimize people. If I did, then I’d deserve the punishment. Of course, with enough bleeding hearts around, I’d get off easy.

          • Ben Name

            Blah Blah Blah. The usual post about victimization. Why don’t you think for yourself for once rather than being told what to think and say by the rightwing talking heads.

            There are real victims in this world who are actually suffering. You are marginalizing people who actually have a hard life.

          • Douglas W. Rodrigues

            You are so ignorant as to be stupid. What would you know about “real victims?” I had a past career working with victims and the criminals who victimized them. Your naive “feelings” about a subject that you know little about except for Hollywood movies and the propaganda from your political party used to manipulate people like you is laughable.

  • Lee Culpepper

    A DG Reality Check. Good Stuff.

  • Bud Green

    The only language the bums understand, other than EBT and other handouts, is violence in the form of self defense. Staring down the barrel of the intended victims weapon should be the last thing they see; the 16 year old thug deserves no less than death.

  • On Guard!

    Ironically, those advocating a fleeting majority’s unlimited power also tend to claim that we must trust appointed “experts” for direction.

  • http://nyctalking.com/ Angel Rodriguez

    Me and Doug are on the same page when it comes to this topic.

  • Benjamin Dover

    Here we find a trusty lamp to guide us through the ever-shifting mirage of illusions conjured up by today’s liberals: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

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