• Milly

    LOL…so funny. I love it. Good way to start my morning.

  • RhondaOR

    This pure racism. It figures Clash Daily would run this trashy bigoted and mean spirited piece. Go a way please. Go a way.

    • John Henry

      Now I am a little confused here, maybe you can clear this up for me.

      Why is it when a Liberal television show has a black man making fun of black people and white people too for that matter is it OK, but if a God fearing Conservative web publication posts this same program its not OK but racist?

      • Jayne Nielsen

        Because, John Henry, Liberals believe they are the “tolerant” peeps of this world and it is their mission to put and keep all the “intolerants” in our place! But quite honestly, there is no logic or common sense to liberal thinking AND they have NO sense of humor unless it’s at the expense of Conservatives….ALL Conservatives.

      • m2

        Liberalism means ALWAYS having to say you’re sorry.

        • WhoHasMyChange

          Liberalism means YOU always having to say you’re sorry, but not them. :)

      • http://mattison0922.wordpress.com/ The Reactionary Researcher

        For the same reason that Barack Obama could get away with not supporting same sex marriage up until it was politically expedient to do so, but if a conservative is against same sex marriage they’re a bigot.

    • Not_in_Denial

      RhondaOR, you’re such a nut! ;-)
      David Alan Grier is a hoot. What a great tongue in cheek piece. I really like Samuel L Jackson. He appears to be a very mature man with a great sense of humor.

      • Barto

        Apparently you haven’t heard some of Jackson’s racist rantings!

        • Not_in_Denial

          I thought that was Danny Glover that did all the racist ranting. I know he and Sean Penn liked to french Hugo Chavez when he was alive. But Grier is still funny.

    • Mekadave

      Which way? I was planning on going This Way later, but maybe I can go That Way instead?

    • John Stratemeyer

      You know what, RhondaOR? Only someone who actually is a mean-spirited, bigoted, racist idiot would ever think to call that piece of pure satirical fun, “racist.”
      Kindly do us all a favor, Bozo. If you can’t, (or, far more likely, won’t) recognize the difference between “racism” and “satire,” then shut up, and crawl back under your rock. When you get there, please have the decency to stay there.

    • C20

      RhondaOR, laughing raises endorphins in the brain and you build your immune system. You must be in bed with a fever.

    • taliesin319

      Take it up with the gentleman schilling for his book. Can’t imagine any white person reading it since most of us have no trouble identifying people we know.
      Moreover any white person buying it would be subjected to every sort of crap.
      The buyers will be overwhelmingly black.

    • Stephen Bennett

      What about Grier who conceived, wrote, filmed, and promoted it to a National TC Host?

      Who’s your racist now?

    • Lawrence Behr

      it’s comedy, you know a joke like you are….well sorry it is funnier than you!

    • MontieR

      If comedy offends you LEAVE.

    • mac12sam12

      Your votes aren’t showing. The video was comedy and not bigoted. Liberals have no sense of humor. If you don’t like it here, take a hike race pimp!


    • Guest


    • margo1942

      you go away you are on the wrong website.

  • jake

    Hilarious! Thanks for running this Doug. I love this site. And for those who so easily take offense; maybe it is they who are the racists. I doubt they would care at all if the colors in the skit were reversed.

    • crankyoldone

      No blacks will be offended . It’s always ok if the words come from a Black man .

      • CensoredSpeech

        Only black men who are still on the liberal plantation. If they are conservative they are considered off the reservation an subject to ridicule and smears.

        • Lawrence Behr

          I wish they would all go back to Africa so the can drop the pretense and just go back to calling them selves AFRICANS

          • militarydad

            If they were, the US collective I.Q. would instantly rise 25 points.

          • margo1942

            the blacks don’t have a clue where africa is.

  • Tommyzax

    Are all black people infected with this virus?

  • The Old Man

    Actually it was somewhat educational, but in reality IT WAS FUNNY !@!!

  • Chubby Freen

    So THAT’S how it’s done…

  • Grayzel

    Funny indeed.

  • monacall

    Yo funny

  • m2

    Man that Denzel dude sure is funny

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    Now how about a book or DVD for black people on how to tell white people apart.

    • jubilee

      you mean ANGLOS? because whites look different to me. Italians and irish look DIFFERENT. Although some WASP types look similar. I’m black and have a face that is common as well….LOL

      • Ricarrdo estavans

        What about a mixture of Italian, Irish, German, Spanish (from Spain) with a little Greek thrown in.

  • http://ClashDaily.com/ Donald Joy

    Love it!!! lmao

  • John Stratemeyer

    I’ll have to read that book.

  • Raymie Connolly

    that was funny.

  • Psychodad

    That was good

  • http://www.myvollara.com/texas Ancoman

    That was barack obama? I thought it was moochel!

  • W.A. Bullard Jr.

    Well ye’ know he’s wrong; and, if you accept the after vote poling as any objective standard, then there is no way to tell “them” apart. After all in the ’12 general “they” voted in the 97th percentile. Only Saddam Hussein ever got that mind of turnout; and, he had to do it with guns and machetes. Soooo, until “YOU” [the other than whites] stop being so damned tribal I’ll just putya’ll in my “Black Box” and there ya’ll stay if and until each and everyone one of you prove yourselves to me. Until then I fear “You”; I don’t want “You” living on my block; I don’t want my grandchildren associating with “You” in any meaningful ways; and, I do not trust “You”. “YOUR” silence over St. Louis Knockout; YOUR silence over the lie of Tawanna Brawley, ‘YOUR” silence over Marion Barry, YOUR willingness to send Jesse Jackson Junior to the Senate, YOUR willingness to reelect Kwammi Fitzpatrick to the Mayoralty of Detroit and other antics too numerous and tiresomely ubiquitous to mention make the case for the rest of “US” [the Whites] to fear “YOU” and be suspicious of “YOU”. So Yes “YOU” all do look alike and PAYBADABMF!!!! Because we’re the ones in the majority [thankfully] and not You; otherwise the USofA would resemble nothing better than Somalia, or Nigeria and we know how those stories run! don’t we? Understand this you PAYBADABMF no majority ever in the existence of any culture or civilization has ever peacefully written itself out of the equation. And, it is not going to happen now no matter what Caesar and Mooch Hell or dirty Harry wants. “We” surround “YOU” remember that; “YOU” have to get along with US. We’re not bad we licked the racial thing along ago; “YOU” are the ones who keep dragging it up.

    • LaQueesha in Chicago

      Great post! I’m an older black woman and I refuse to live near blacks, too. I raised my children in a mostly white neighborhood and they’re raising their children in the same way. Blacks thugs will attack and rob us older women just like they will a lone white person of any age. It was bad enough when I was young, but it’s even worse now because blacks thugs are so much more emboldened now. It sickens me to see our country turned into a black cesspool like Detroit because of democrats and their communist beliefs.

  • Sylvester Jones

    Who cares?

    • Fleur

      I’m with you.

      There are only a handful of black people in the US that I care about and make sense….Dr. Ben Carson and LTC Allen West.

      And these men are LEADERS>

      If all black folk would follow these two, there would be no racism.

  • Backlash Payne

    That was fuuuuunny! If I heard it once growing up, I heard it hundreds of times how “they all looked alike.” What a slap back to reality, just pay attention to what they look like, or anyone else for that matter. What a HOOT!

    • Brad Gilbert

      The hilarious part is that I’ve only heard of a few of the people he mentioned. I was at Mac World a few years ago. One of our group elbowed me while we were walking down some stairs and told me to look over my shoulder. I glanced back and saw Samuel Jackson, who’s one of the most annoying presences that I’ve had the misfortune to endure. If he’s in a movie, I give it a pass. Period. I said, loudly enough for him to hear, “Yeah, that’s Daniel Washington”. “It’s SAMUEL L JACKSON!” my friend hissed. “Well, I can’t tell them apart,” I answered. These arrogant, self important, Hollywood punks need to be taken down a peg or two, whenever possible.

      • NoLibLiz

        SLJ might not have known who you were talking about. Wonder what he would have done if you said ‘that’s Denzel Washington?”

        • David in Dallas

          I don’t know who Daniel Washington is, either. I think I would recognize SLJ.

          • Brad Gilbert

            As did I. I was purposely needling the arrogant, self important buffoon.

        • LaQueesha in Chicago

          Denzel’s an attractive black man but SLJ is strange looking.

        • Brad Gilbert

          I purposely misspoke, just to add a little more contempt to the jab. I have ZERO use for any of these Hollywood punks. They all stink, separately but equally.

  • Tweety58

    I’d like to be able to tell them apart when they “swarm” a store or kick the s**t out of a lone white man or woman.

    I’d just rather shoot them to be honest.

  • AR154U

    Very informative, but everyone is the same in my eyes,.. especially while I’m at the ATM !


    I judge a man by his actions and character, what he does when he is by himself is his problem……and the self deprecating humor in this video trailer makes me laugh..

  • LHTwist

    Pretty funny commentary on a sad dilemma.

  • detroitheat

    My question is, how do i tell a Black Person or in fact a White Person from a Ni&&er, now that is the $100,000 question, they look alike but are a world apart in their actions and the way they live. I was born and raised in Detroit and belive me Ni&&ers come in all colors, i just wish there was a way to tell the difference as a person walked up to you to do you harm, i carry my 1911 .45cal. 24/7 and i’m ready for all Ni&&ers no matter what their skin color is, my bullets do not discriminate and they all bleed red…..

  • DrBobNM

    so why doesn’t Kimmel and Grier get called on the carpet? Racist, plain and simple. Only reason Grier gets a pass is because he is black. Same as rappers are able to get a pass on their hate-filled lyrics. This era is anything but post-racial. Another lie from our failure in chief.

    • disqus_44JbsFzgKV

      But let us PLEASE allow blatant comedy. It’s worth watching when it’s actually funny. I get it, we are literally at war with the Progs except for the bombs and bullets. You want to throw this in their faces. I get it. But let’s pick and chose our battles and just laugh once in a while.

      • DrBobNM

        OK, I see your point. Do you think it would be just as funny and accepted if Grier was white?

        • paulyz

          No different than many blacks saying the same thing; that they cant tell one white from another.

          • DrBobNM

            I feel sorry for them.

          • cambeul41

            “They” as in “all of them” is too inclusive. But I have been called by other peoples names whose only similarity to me is that we are not Black, and I have angered people by not responding to the wrong name.

  • CaptTurbo

    America needs to learn the difference between a black person and a Kenyan Arab.

    • LaQueesha in Chicago

      I was just thinking the same thing b/c most blacks obviously can’t tell them apart, obama being almost as much arab as he is white. Someone said the other day that obama is just a ‘smidgen’ black. It’s true. The Mooch is the one that’s black, ALL black. Her/his gender is the only thing that’s in question.

      • Brad Gilbert

        Naw, she’s definitely femoid. You remember Aunt Esther from ‘Sanford and Son’, don’t you?

  • Wes

    That was hilarious!!!

  • David in Dallas

    Kind of funny, but not helpful.

  • W.A. Bullard Jr.

    Why didn’t a white guy do it? is a dumb question. A white guy didn’t because white guys are smarter than that; they know what will happen right now. The culture is antiwhite antiChristan; look at the movie advertisements: ‘…shut up you white…white don’t fight…” That is the general attitude; this is basically the cultural attitude of many blacks towards white because whites have been culturally trained to respect process and ordered living. The only ordered living in Africa is tribal; a Hausa can live in the same region as a Nubian and the Nubian will kill him because he came from the wrong tribe or wrong village. That cultural attitude was beaten out of northwestern Europeans a very, very long time ago. The Romans did not believe in diversity ” the nail left standing must be driven down”. Didn’t matter if you were Gaul or Jew [Paul was a Jew] if you accepted the government of Rome you could be a Roman citizen; Paul was a Roman citizen. The sad thing is that the single fastest growing segment of middle class America is black. TV Commercials from H/D to Hallmark show that reality; the blacks shown in them are in every way identifiable a middle class; they could just as well be white, they are that well founded. That is so because businesses do not advertise to economically suspect classes of people; they do not represent realistic buying power. These blacks are not the same blacks Caesar Obama and Queen Mooch hell or dirty harry want you to believe in. They want you to believe in the Kool Mo Dees and Sista Soljas. They want you to believe in any lie even a Trayvon Martin slamming another man’s head into concrete pavement was just exercising his civil rights and “getting back” what was his. As long as blacks keep their mouths shut and be tribal, they put at risk all the achievements of the Clarence Thomas’s, Dr. Rice’s, Dr. Thomas Sowells, Walter Williams’s, Dr. Ben Carsons and all of the blood and treasure of anonymous blacks who died in combat. They throw it away; and I am right to distrust them and not want to live around them if and until they do something as a group to engender that trust. That has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the culture of ordered civil living, ordered laws of organized morality, as a decent human being.

  • ort

    What a load. I know the difference between Whoopie Goldberg, etc. etc. ad nauseum.
    I refuse to carry any fictitious white guilt syndrome. Jeez.

    • LaQueesha in Chicago

      Whoopie is one of the strangest looking people on the planet. I’ve always felt sorry for her having to live with that face. If she wasn’t such a lefty she might look a little better somehow.

    • JoJo58

      It’s this thing called a JOKE.

      • ort

        Well, with the idiot from California who didn’t know the difference between Samuel Jackson and Laurence fishburn, I don’t know what the hell to think anymore.

        • Igor

          HELLO! He’s from Kali-forn-ee-yah, were you expecting anything *intelligent* out of his mouth??!!

      • Akbar Smith

        A joke that relies heavily on the assumed “truth” that white people don’t care enough to tell black people apart. So ort’s point is definitely valid.
        And “ad nauseum” is right. A black comedian using a white stereotype for comedy? Hopefully David Allen Grier is the only one still trying to use that tired material. Not to mention how shamelessly hypocritical it is.

  • sovereigntyofone

    What a ” hoot “, now I thought that was funny. As a (white ) guy, I am constantly getting actors names wrong connected to the wrong face (color doesn’t matter). I always get Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster names/faces mixed up. I know if you’d look at them side by side there is no resemblance there. But it just seems that certain peoples correct names are hard to remember/recall. No, I’m not one of these ” they all look alike ” I was just born with a clitch in my facial recognition of some people. But, as usual ” some ” people will scream ” racial ” or play the race card no matter who you mistake identities of if they are black.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    • BohdanUke1

      If anybody asks you,” a penny for your thoughts”, I’d ask for change back.

    • Akbar Smith

      What the hell is a “clitch”? And please tell me that ‘white guys’ don’t use the word “hoot”.
      Also, am I the only one that thinks most of those “quotation” “marks” were unnecessary? Not to mention “”annoying””.
      Sorry for hating sovereign… I’m just in the mood to hate I guess. I hope you can take some ribbing. Peace

      • sovereigntyofone

        It was a misspelled word, it was supposed to be ” glitch ” sorry about the typo. Got a new laptop and still struggling with the layout of the keyboard. The keys are in the right place but they seem to be spaced further apart. Anyway, hope you feel better now. Everyone needs someone to ” vent ” on . And the word hoot, is an old goat term ( which I am an old goat ) it means.. funny. And no I’m not a ” closet bitch ” it was simply a typo ( you’ll find out you do that when you get older and your fingers work like the rest of your body… lol
        PEACE !

        • Akbar Smith

          LOL, wow! I thought for sure I would get a really hateful reply.. I guess that’s why I’m checking the reply 20 days later. Looks like I’m a “closet bitch” a little bit hahaha!
          Anyways.. good show old timer. I’ll tell you what, they don’t make em like you anymore. I’m in my 30’s but believe it or not my dad was born in 1925, WWII vet, so I know “old goats”. But I have little faith in humanity now that he and most of his kind from the “greatest generation” are gone. I hardly see anyone with any class anymore… so thanks for that.

          • sovereigntyofone

            Thank your dad for me for being one of the true hero’s of our nation. We need hero’s not just in word but in action and people like your father have proven themselves time and again. God Bless them all.

    • Brad Gilbert

      I’m worse than that. I still get Gertrude Stein confused with Broderick Crawford.

  • Igor

    Now that’s funny right thar, I don’t care what you say!!

  • Take 2

    Grown Up Talk! With 97% of Black America voting for a 1/2 black Indonesian – east, African phoney – later from a tropical American Island with no verification of reentry or birth “is” difficult to distinguish…

    Sorry – in Dreams from My Father it was verified “they” (Islam) gave me (O’) a singular name (Barrack.) The Islamist name was registered on or in the Island of Zanzibar – Africa.

  • Verity

    LOL…that was hilarious! :-)

  • DocJimmy

    LMAO… Learn to discriminate without discriminating. What a novel idea.

  • BohdanUke1

    Getting a haircut is funnier.

  • Jim

    That was funny!

  • Guest

    Really, is there ANYONE who cares? I can identify the Blacks I know. The rest of them don’t matter to me anyway. At the top of THAT list are Obama (who seems to suffer from color confusion) Mooch (who doesn’t), and Whoopi (who cares!).
    I’ve reached the point that one pile of dung looks like every other one these days. The color of those piles is always the same: Blue. Or at least that’s the appearance I’m getting from DC.

  • miprecinct9

    And racism is perpetuated in the guise of comity one more time. Ha Ha Ha. I can recognize black folks just fine, I can also recognize race baiting BS too.

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