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  • 19gundog43

    Indeed! This sick chick appears to be a publicly whore. If on the off
    chance this video is real she is lower that ant nutts. A truly soulless

  • Deborah G

    I don’t want her “showing” anything I don’t need proof she is disgusting acting or not. Let God decide her fate.

  • wanda faye allen

    she is a slutty hoe if she did to it and she is seriously Mentally ILL

  • Proud2BHis

    I don’t want anything from this person! She does not deserve any more publicity than she already been given. I never watched the video to say one way or the other if she was acting. It’s disgusting to think anybody thinks of abortion as “cool”.

  • curious

    I think it’s “cool” that it is the lefty progressives that are choosing to kill their own.That saves me ammo.That way,I won’t have to defend myself or my family against a lefty-raised progeny.Also,by rooting out their own spawn,they will eventually self-extinct.Sooo…..let ‘em do it.Stop wasting political capital and energy on these fools.We have better things to do.

  • Angi Bryan

    I agree that she is a sick individual either way.. whether she faked it or not. I do however see a reason to prove she was pregnant in the first place. She’s influencing young ladies, some of whom may be pregnant, scared and vulnerable. If they think that there are no emotional scars from going through this experience, they are in for a rude awakening if this video convinces them otherwise. They may be on the brink of deciding one way or another whether to have an abortion then see this freak’s video and decide “it might not be as bad as I think” and go through with it. Sure we say, not my daughter, or not my friend.. but there are countless girls out there with no real role models or mother or fathers to guide them. People who do what this women did should be held accountable and should have to verify validity before publishing something that is a matter of life and death for all the world to see.

  • http://theobservatorium.blogspot.com/ Nate

    ‘Emily tells Cosmo that she has been a “professional actress for years”, and after not liking acting because of the way she saw herself, she decided to become a trained “abortion doula”.’ An interesting term, ‘doula’. All you need to do is add the letter ‘s’ to the end and you have ‘doulas’ – Greek for ‘slave’.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sstephaniew stephanie wilson

    oh great, another leftist stikes again! i shared it everywhere to show how nuts the pro abortionists are getting! nice to know i just got fooled! not!

  • Lynx Eye

    Doug, let’s leave the propaganda terms alone. Committed members of the Commiecrat/RINO axis are NOT “pro-choice,” but pro-abortion, and pro-murder as well, as the sorry saga of Gosnell makes crystal-clear. We shouldn’t be using terms the Commiecrat/RINO axis uses to mislead the gullible. It’s as simple as that.

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    After reading the article about the Letts abortion, I said it was not true, that she fabricated the entire scenario. Too glib, too serene, etc. for something as horrific as the suction abortion to be taking place .

  • JesusIsFictional

    She is either a liar or a soulless baby killing whore…and we wonder why there are less conservative women year after year.

  • JET

    I was under the impression you can’t have a surgical abortion under 7 weeks, because the baby is too small for the abortionist to target and can miss it altogether.

  • Hank

    Doug old buddy, you got it all wrong!
    If the pagans want to youtube their abortions then we should help them celebrate their “rights” publicly by setting up some live webcams outside of abortion clinics. On private property of course. From what I’ve heard the democrats, progressives, liberals and other pagans are proud of their abortion record. And since it might help them identify future voters the democrat party might even fund the effort!

  • rking111

    I say to anybody that believes in abortion, its to bad your mother didn’t.

  • Jeffersonian

    I said the same thing, after watching about 60 seconds of it. I waved the BS flag, and pushed the stop button. I don’t believe anyone would act so damnn stupid, and it just looked theatrical.

    It reminded me of how the Sandy Hooker parents acted. Not real emotions to the situation that they claimed to have been through. The same thing ran thru my mind when Robbie Parker came out laughing, smiling, and then forced himself to hyper-ventilate in order to try to muster a watery eye. It didn’t work, and everyone that watched the unedited press conference also heard him try to plug his facebook page to garner donations. Most of MSM outlets chopped that part off because even they believed it was too stupid and tacky. They knew Americans would be pissed off that he was at home creating facebook and donation pages instead of picking up the pieces of his other 2 girls and mother. There is no way that any father could have walked out to that press conference in less than 24 hours of their 6 yr old kid dying, smiling, laughing, and ready to ask for money. Don’t tell me that it’s because all people greive differently. There is no way in H, E, double “L” that any parent could have done that! A normal family would have a spokesperson if they felt it was necessary. It was just as unrealistic as this 20-something bimbo that never showed anything to prove she was pregnant or actually had an abortion.

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