ANTI-HUNTERS ARE INSANE: “Aborted Babies Could Have Become Hunters, Good Riddance”

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Pictured: Left, an anti-hunting liberal troll/commenter. Middle, James Hetfield. Right, Doug Giles, with the Brown Bear he hunted in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

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On May 24th I ran a news piece about Metallica’s front man, James Hetfield, being slated to narrate a bear hunting show on Kodiak Island for The History Channel. Here’s the original post: HEAVY METAL & BIG BEARS: Metallica’s James Hetfield to Narrate Kodiak Bear Hunt Doc

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Since we posted that column, we have been inundated with anti-hunters breathing out death threats and vile comments to those of us who hunt. We decided to compile a short list our their ravings so you can see how unhinged they truly are. Check ‘em out. And feel free to go respond to some of their comments:

Aaron Ishityou Nott tazz14 hours ago

I could be pro abortion because there are too many humans on this planet destroying native animals…. some of those aborted babies may have become hunters, good riddance :-p

Cristiano Amaral18 hours ago

Hey hetfield, when your daughter fell down with a cancer, when you must to bury her….you will feel the same pain the some of people that love animals, I hope you suffer more than is….maybe it’s time to you pull the trigger and blow you coward mind…probably if you had no weapon, you would never have had the guts to kill animals without weapons you’re a little girl…metallica never more…you suck.
I really wish you lost your wife, your daughter and your son tragically, but you must to keep alive, to suffer alone, maybe you can made a trophy with your daughter head….


Dr Núria Querol MD5 hours ago

Shame on you, subhuman, for breaking into their home and slaughtering them. Leave them alone and read a book instead


Luis • 14 hours ago

Why he don’t kill and eat his mother and sisters ??

Narda • 16 hours ago

Trophy hunting = pure idiotic evil. Hope the arrogant humans get eaten!

Sebastian Sainza day ago


richo • a day ago

I’d happily watch a TV show where a large bear stalks an unarmed Hetfield in his house.

Markus • a day ago

Sadistic a**hole he is!!! What a shame, what a deep fall Mr.Hetfield or whatever his mame is!

Lefty Blitzera day ago

What a piece-of-shit scumbag. “People” like that should be removed from the planet.


Mare Luisa Denis2 days ago

humans are the most pathetic animal ever to evolve….we also are the only animal that will be directly resposible for our own extinction….too bad we’ll drag millions with us to their deaths leaving behind a burning polluted world. idiots.

sue Mare Luisa Denis2 days ago

I agree with your comment, humans are the worse animals on the planet


Mare Luisa Denis reply to Scott Pam2 days ago

hobby….fuck off doucebag! wish the bear tore his guts out while he watched on….piece of garbage … killing for a ‘hobby’ scum!

Henrique Ayres Zanon Reply to Mi2 days ago

Shut up stupid… pray the lord you are under human law’s side otherwise you would be in a plate for someone to devour you… as they say irrational animals must die for meat consumption… your IQ must be less than 1 digit… enough to become food as what they say…


Mi Mark G2 days ago

I would rather have a fresh slice of animal.

Henrique Ayres Zanon Mi2 days ago

You would rather have a stick in your ass motherfuc**


Mark P. Don11 days ago

Too bad they wont hunt Hetfield. I have met him in person. POS is too good a description. He will never be a Terrible Ted, or even a human being.

hhallste a few seconds ago

he should have been aborted, as Ginger would say,..and Ginger was right on the drummer already


Denver Kitty • 11 days ago

I’ve personally seen the hide, claws, and skull of one of these bears…truly frightening…but so is the story behind the kill. A friend of mine and his two buddies went to Kodiak Island. After 3 days there without seeing a Kodiak bear, they were back at their corrugated iron shack. Two of the guys set their guns against the interior wall by the door. My friend placed his in back of him at the opposite end of the “room”. There was no warning when that bear walked up (outside), reared up, and literally flattened that corrugated shack. With the other two guys trapped underneath the flattened structure, the only one who could reach his weapon was my friend. I’m telling you now that I saw photos of the demolished shack, and the dead bear. Jan had the skin as a wall decoration, and it was HUGE and awesome. I will never forget it. From what Jan (my friend) told me, he will NEVER go back to Kodiak Island again. None of the 3 hunters did anything to cause the bear to attack, nor had they left any food to bait the bear. These things are just top predators, and we are “meat on the hoof”.

Mare Luisa Denis Denver Kitty2 days ago

they went to the bear’s island…they did do something…invade the space of a massive carnivore…idiots. kill kill kill yay for blood lust!


anon anon11 days ago

Now only 3499 brown bear on Kodiak Island left, down by one, hey Gil, lose that high powered rifle, get a compound bow, and that S&W 500 in the truck, or in your case the plane… then post a picture of your big bad boy self.

Any man can draw bead at 500 yards with a 30 ot 6. the bear never even had a chance. try taking one with the compound bow, or if you want to really impress me and your readers, a recurve bow. I challenge you.

Mare Luisa Denis anon2 days ago

too bad he didn’t kill himself after killing his own kids and wife…..a dozen less humans like him on earth would be a good thing!

kirk reply to Mi8 days ago

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  • RhondaOR

    Hunters are the worsed people on the planet.

    • fedupinky

      And you’re the “worsed” speller.

    • grumpy3625

      I’ll tell you who’s worse: people who can’t spell correctly. Bwaaaaahahahahhah. Idiot.

    • chamuiel

      are you illiterate?

    • rjrsinc2006

      Maybe he meant Wurst. As in Brat-wurst. Tasty

    • Jay Star

      Not even close!

      • Mi

        How did I miss this article?

  • Chijo

    Although I don’t agree with killing animals saying Hunters are the worst people on the planet is pretty stupid. For thousands of years hunters provided food. Also trophy killing is pretty awful, kinda like this page. Cause one person says some thing stupid doesn’t mean “anti-hunters are insane” that’s just as stupid as saying “some of those aborted babies may have become hunters, good riddance” But really its messed up if you just kill an animal for fun.

    • Homer

      Ya know Lot`s of organized “Trophy” hunt`s take place where he/she who is hunting the animal gets a photo op after and that`s pretty much all they get…
      That dead animal on the other hand IS to be given to a tribe/local community out there to eat.

      Big ole Lion could feed a tribe for many days!

      If not for these wild animals those people who have lived in the woods/jungles all their lives would starve and die. The hides also go to help the local`s to.

      So just because it says trophy hunt, people shouldn’t jump to conclusion`s thinking its just for a thrill and maybe a hide.

      There are permit`s people have to obtain to hunt and people are Only allowed a certain number including Fishermen. The game and wildlife people regulate the number`s to help control numbers for the most part.

      If they didn’t allow hunter`s to bag what they do, in a few years those wild Meat eating animals would be increasing in number`s to where they had to venture into your own backyards or home hunting food to survive.

      I personally do not hunt, but i understand the need and why people do it and in a time of need i would have No problem hunting for food!

    • chamuiel

      look at the comments above. those people are insane.

  • Welderchick

    I have no problems with hunting since the majority of hunters either eat their kill or donate it to soup kitchens/homeless shelters. To just kill the animal and leave it to rot, no, I think that’s wrong. God put the animals here for our sustenance. To just leave them is wasting God’s provision. I’m taking steps to learn how to hunt in order to help my family make ends meet. Rather hunt than take any soul-killing government dole! (And I’m glad to see that the front man for my favorite band isn’t some wimpy liberal!)

    • Chijo

      You issues of your own.

      • You Didit

        Spoken like a Leech on the Government tit.

      • Roberto Enrique Benitez

        What issues are you speaking about? If you want to discuss mental issues honestly then let’s discuss the issues many anti-hunters, abortion supporters, and voluntary welfare recipients have.

    • oldtimer

      I’ve hunted for 50yrs and I know of no one who lets something just ‘rot’.

      • WelderChick

        Good! I’m glad to hear its one of those liberal urban (or should I say woodsy) legends.

      • Roberto Enrique Benitez

        A friend of mine in Alaska hunted only for trophy hunting. So he ONLY did so after he hired native guides and made provisions for the meat and bones to be transported to native communities. And he even paid them. Otherwise if he couldn’t he wouldn’t go hunting.

        Oh, he did hunt once for meat. He got a Dall sheep and brought the meat to Shemya AB for all the rest of us crewmembers to eat during our alert stay there. On occasions some crewmembers bought rabbit, moose, elk, wild salmon and other fish, and even bear meat.

  • William Jones

    How about these wacko’s think about this, one of those innocent aborted babies could have been the person who solved all the worlds problems and created peace and equality through out the world. Guess you will never know since you just chuck them in the trash like your left-over tax-payer food.

    • straykitten


      • grumpy3625


      • Roberto Enrique Benitez

        Do you think that all those aborted would’ve been undesirables? Are you a liberal/progressive who agrees with the late founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger who wanted a eugenics program to rid the undesirables of her day, blacks?

        While I don’t think some aborted child would’ve been the “promised one” to bring world peace, many might have been scientists who cured some diseases or teachers who advanced the education of our children. Many might have been inventors and entrepreneurs who advanced our life and economy. Yet you find alluding to such as lunacy?

        Why? If so, are you that enamored of the culture of death? Do you believe like Marie Luisa Denis above that humanity is a plague on Mother Earth?

      • William Jones

        yea, im the lunatic. You just proved my point sheep, thank you.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    As usual, the usual suspects live in a kumbaya world, in which the lion lays down with the lamb, because at the moment there are other hors d’ouvres. Man is a part of nature. He kills to eat, he raises animals for that purpose, and sometimes animals eat him. Such is the real world. All of us spend our lives looking for something to eat, while avoiding being eaten.

    Something wants to kill my sheep or cattle, I will look after my herds. Yes, I will kill wolves, and bears. If I need meat, I will take a deer, and personally skin and gut it, and dress it out, and eat it. You can’t deal with it?

    Go back to your turnips.

    • grumpy3625

      Well said.

  • jong

    How about we make this “fair”. We equip their side with the same weapons and we hunt each other. These scum could no more take care of themselves in the outdoors than they do indoors. Most will probably either shoot themselves not knowing the business end of a gun or become a meal for a bear. In that case everybody is happy.

    • Roberto Enrique Benitez


      Humans for as long as we know have used weapons, i.e., tools, to secure food and clothing in order to survive. Today we usually have others do it for us.

      I’ve yet to meet a hunter “scum” who didn’t know the business end of a gun and the vast majority know how to survive outdoors. HOWEVER, I’ve known a lot of liberals who don’t how to do either. I’ve also heard a lot of liberals who don’t know the difference from a machine gun, machine pistol, automatic assault rifle, semi-automatic rifle, semi-automatic pistol, revolver, or toy air gun, including a LOT of liberal/progressive politicians.

      So how about this for a “fair” deal? Let’s ban guns for everyone, INCLUDING the politicians AND police. Then for every rapist and murderer caught using a gun if convicted let’s execute (by hanging, beheading, or stoning?) them AND their apologist pettifoggers AND a politicians who advocated or voted for the gun ban. Would that make you happy?

      By the way, since you advocate arming each “side” equally to make things fair, would you consider allowing the people to have a civilian security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded as the military or a Civilian National Security Force? You know, something like a well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State?


      • jong

        The scum I was referring to are liberals. Not hunters.

        • Roberto Enrique Benitez

          Thank you for the clarification. I can accept your reference easily.


  • Ronnie

    Amazing!!!! Some of these nut jobs have the nerve to use my god in their posts. God put plants and animals on this earth for us, go look it up. We humans are omnivores, we eat plant and meat. The animals are not defenseless at all, that statement shows how little these non contributing members of society actually know. They know how to survive in the wild, they have amazing eyesight, hearing and smell. Do these wackos know that each ecosystem has a carrying capacity that will only support so many creatures, so nature balances it out with predator and prey. Bears have evolved a sense of smell, claws, strong fast muscles, etc. We have developed guns. The animals still have the advantage. Get a grip people. Someone mentioned read a book…they should take their own advice. Read one on wildlife management, I majored in that. Then talk to me. Better yet, come talk to me while I am in my tree stand, bet they don’t have the balls to do that!!

  • grumpyolguy

    What a pleasure to view such a cogent and well reasoned debate of an issue. I feel great about our country knowing that the anti-hunting people are guardians of our mores.

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      Thankfully there are more of us than there are them.

  • jerrycollie

    If they did not want us to eat animals, why did they make them out of meat?

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      My question is this… why do they read this stuff if it get’s them so worked up? It’s almost as if they enjoy getting pissed off. What a bunch of dodo’s.

      • Roberto Enrique Benitez

        They do so as the liberal/progressive/socialist/communists have become more aggressive at drowning out opposing voices holding an contrary views to their socialist welfare cradle (maybe) to grave (early) nanny one-party authoritarian fascist/socialist state. They’ll use the police and courts to force others to acquiesce, will get students and faculty removed from schools and universities, get people fired, and even encourage physical assaults against those who dare to refuse to toe their ideological plantation line.

        Not only are they seeking to force their views in all forms of media, some here are trolls, and some paid ones at that.

        • Eric Haulenbeek

          Ditto Roberto. Isn’t it telling how the Left doesn’t even have the common courtesy to listen to those on the Right before they proceed to attack them personally, probably because their ideas simply cannot stand on themselves!

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez

            It’s quite telling. They’ll attack us as domestic terrorists, traitors, and racists without once stating why they disagree with our positions.

            They’ll claim holding cogent discussions is beneath their dignity. They fear letting others hearing a different view.

            Make no mistake about it, they WILL use the police and the courts to try to shut us up. If that doesn’t work they’ll send out their goon squads.

            It’s all according to the Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Piven communist plans.

          • Eric Haulenbeek

            This mentality starts at a young age too, and this is where the Left has been so skillful. Knowing they couldn’t easily take over the American family they went after the kids first, using the public school system as a means of thought control. First they teach the kids not to think for themselves, and then they build in the message that they want them to grow up with, and it’s reinforced year after year after year. Messing with a kids head is really pretty easy unless the parents are really tuned into what the school is teaching their kids! Isn’t it unfortunate how most parents trust their local schools?

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez

            Very true. We tried to home school our children as long as possible and then sent them to christian schools we were familiar with.

          • Eric Haulenbeek

            We put them right into Christian schools. They got an education that wouldn’t have been available to them in a public school.

      • jerrycollie


  • Fred

    Some might have become hunters. On the other hand some might have become another Albert Einstein, or Jonas Salk. Sociopath revisionists like these loons are a dime a dozen. Bears hunt and kill, too. Maybe we should take up a collection to send these idiots to Grizzly country for a first-hand view, instead of the typical liberal arm-chair safari nearly all of them take.

    • Roberto Enrique Benitez

      Are you a lunatic? You post such a heretically logical comment. ;-)

      Thanks for a pertinent post!

  • jerrycollie

    I talked to Satan. He said he did some bad things in his life, but he did not want to have his name dirtied by association with abortion.

  • chamuiel

    Let’s face it. There are many mentally ill people in this country. The people above prove it. They would have us all eating grass and bugs.

    • usmadgirl

      No, chamuiel! They wouldn’t let us eat bugs! Don’t you know, they’re living & breathing & MUCH more important than unborn babies who might grow up to kill a fly! Poor little bugs! Yeah, right! We’ve killed about 50 nasty, disgusting flies on our front porch today! So they can sue me! Thought the 2 week long freeze we had here in the South might get rid of a few…didn’t happen!

  • Jay Star

    And they wonder why America is going down the tubes. If these people attended college, they should ask for their money back, or get off the drugs!

  • Barbaree

    What is that thing in the left picture next to the Hetfield picture?! Is it human?!

  • Rham

    I am a hunter, but only kill what I can eat. Partridge, ducks doves and deer. I am not too keen in this trophy hunting thing unless thinning of animals is needed in order to avoid famine due to excess population of animals.

    • MuzzyFan

      Have you ever seen what too many bears do to moose populations? Question, who manages the apex predators? Coyotes?

      • SATCitizen

        Even more of a question. . .who manages the liberals/progressives/marxists/socialists/communists? That’s a population that definitely needs to be thinned.

        • Rham

          Bingo! Unfortunately our citizenry is becoming more stupid by the day. Just go check the college campuses. These are the idiots and Obamas of tomorrow. If ALL opposition voter would get of their fat asses next time, perhaps we can begin to reverse this mess. Last time they did not think Romney was good enough but the imbeciles failed to notice that what we have here is to destroy the fabric of this nation and a retarded oyster would have been better for president than what we have now.

          • SATCitizen

            And the stupidity of the citizenry is such that they can’t even recognize that they are nothing more than pawns from the pond. I just keep reminding those sitting on their fat asses that they are turning their children into government serfs. . .they don’t like hearing that and I won’t let up. At least a retarded oyster could still develop a pearl. . .what we have in office is a swine.

      • Eric Haulenbeek

        These dopes are clueless Muzzy. They have no idea what you’re talking about. They’ve been taught from a young age how to respond to something they don’t understand and this is the behavior that was part of the training.

  • ZZMike

    “Insane” is too gentle a word for those board-certified morons.

  • SATCitizen

    These nimrods are such blind moonbats. . .these aborted babies could have also turned out to be indoctrinated in the public school system

  • willowa

    Mare, Sue, et al. If you believe humans are the worst, there is one way to make a small difference, a solution well within your reach. Do us a favor.

    • J_in_TX

      My thoughts exactly. They could do us all a favor by ridding the planet of a few vile humans by just ridding it of themselves.

  • willowa

    I had the abortion argument with a guy, via comments like these. His contention was that most, if not all, aborted children (43 million in the past decade or two), had they survived, would have ended up on welfare. My response was, ‘Do I hear a ‘Sig Heil’ in the background? And for that matter how do know we haven’t aborted another Einstein, Madam Curie or Booker T Washington?’ People who talk like this, fools and idiots all!

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    These liberal freaks must’ve been oxygen deprived at birth. They’re just nuts… only barely able to contain their rage. What miserable people!

  • ActualConundrum

    What a bunch of mentally ill people. Why don’t they really commit to their strange ideals. Why haven’t they done their part. Instead of complaining about others. They could commit suicide and lessen the human footprint on the earth. Why expect others to do what they won’t ? That hypocrisy.

  • Landshark

    I would love to see the day when there is an open season on Pro-Choice baby killers and PETA pukes. It is a shame there isn’t! One point of interest for these murders of fruits and vegetables: Bears in Alaska kill or maul many people every frickin’ year. And most of the people they kill and maul are scientists or tourists. So, all you Vegan pukes can ESAD!

  • colsooonscoorner

    Gad. How ridiculous. Guess they’re vegetarians.

    • bet1125

      Most of the women are vagitarians.

  • Teachertooinpa

    They could have become sisters, brothers, moms, dads, best friends, doctors, firefighters, teachers, anthropologists, artists, chemical engineers, construction workers, chefs, nurses, social workers, hotel managers, or even Democrat presidents who believe that humans growing in the womb (as they themselves once did) have no right to live. But we will never know, will we?

  • Claude M. Dionne

    I am a Canadian Republican who is both a vocal anti-hunting and pro-life endorser. I believe to a large extent that most/all trappers are the most knowledgeable hunters compared to many holidaying “animal-chasers”. I also believe in the sanctity of life to a degree, even though I agree that there already too many homo ‘sapiens’ already con- suming their large part of natural resources, including food! If you must kill wildlife, then shoot all snakes and alligators. I definitely do not care about these two species! ‘Nuff said!!

    • PatHenry

      You must be one of those French Canadians LOL

  • higgy01

    Since Roe v Wade there have been over 56,000,000 potential citizens murdered before they had a chance to protest. Yet, the same people protesting a bear hunt also get incensed when a perverted killer is put on death row. I have no use for such people and would like to have all of these buffoons deported.

    • usmadgirl

      AMEN, higgy!!!

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    Looks like a nice meal and a warm rug to me.. Also thank you for culling and harvesting excess bears. Its good for a healthy population to thrive. Oh, Im sure millions of liberal fascists were also aborted.

  • TexasJester

    II don’t hunt. I have no moral objection, just not my thing. I’m like Ron White — it’s too early in the morning, and it’s too cold. I drive a flatbed truck – I spend all winter out in the cold tarping, chaining, and working in the cold — why would I go out into the cold and hunt an animal I don’t like the taste of (deer)???

    Hunters are the biggest advocate of animal rights, and animal health. They have put forth more effort to maintain the wilds than ALL of the enviroturds and libtards COMBINED.

    God made us master of the animals and plants (read Genesis). If He didn’t want us to eat animals, He shouldn’t have made them so TASTY!

  • Gilberto R. Lopez

    There’s not a chance that an aborted baby could have become a hunter — real women do not abort their children, only hippy-dippy liberals do. Of course, abortion is the single, most cowardly form of murder there is.
    Then again, who knows?, these libs might abort themselves out of existence. Hunters make the best environmentalists, as they truly know how nature works . GOD gave us this planet to populate, use and care for it. I myself really love animals — some I keep as pets, some I eat, and the rest I leave alone in the wild, if I have no other use for them.

  • Charles

    To all Anti hunters —– did you know that your mother could have aborted you…. wait a sec, let me be more politically polite — your mother screwed up, she should have aborted you (just joking or am I)….

    • jondarmes

      You may be?? I agree.

  • Wes

    Those idiotic comments prove that the anti-hunters tend to be unhinged.

  • mozziem

    Love guns, but I’m not a hunter – just not my thing and never got a taste for wild game. (I probably don’t know how to fix it properly!!) I do believe hunting is necessary and good to keep populations of species in check. A quick, clean kill is much better than starvation due to overpopulation. I do have to say I am against trapping, but I admire the skills of a good hunter.

    • jondarmes

      You maybe should check out the skills of a good trapper sometime, if you can find one

      • mozziem

        Perhaps you are right, but it seems there are too many ‘bad’ ones out there and that tends to give them all a ‘bad’ rep! But I shouldn’t lump them all in one category

        • jondarmes

          There are bad people in every walk of life, unlike bad politicians though, a bad trapper won’t stay in business long. Bad trappers either can’t catch anything or screw up the pelts. He/she will starve.

  • G. Fisher

    Aborted babies would more likely have become liberals, but I still defend their right to live.

  • Joken Joe

    Hmmmm bear steaks. Oh yeah, got to get some.

  • Ovomit1

    Everyone of these pathological Ovomit worshipping inbred welfare freeloaders…would slobber all over a baby murdering abortionist while licking the tofu off his bloody fingers

  • garyamusic .

    These animals have feelings for animal life but not for human life. Most of them will claim to be atheists which makes them, well (according to them)………….animals. Animals don’t have feelings, now does that make sense?

    But really, when has a libtard made any sense………………………..

  • RummRunner

    Actually the odds are better that the aborted fetus would have been an ignorant liberal. Really, how many conservative Christians get abortions? So the truth is they abort the next generation of useful idiots. Thanks for that.

  • Frederick Fargher

    Mare Louisa Denis, you say humans are the most pathetic animal to ever evolve on this planet & will probably be responsible for our own extinction when referring to hunters, but are you pro-abortion? If you are, since 1973, over 56 million unborn innocents have been violently MURDERED in their own mother’s wombs for being “inconvenient”. THAT is being responsible for our own extinction! Also, why don’t people that speak out against the inhuman slaughter of animals speak out against Islamic terrorists who are MURDERING millions of innocent “infidels” all over the world with the same disgust & anger? Isn’t all of the killing that they do in the name of “Allah” also being responsible for our own extinction? Funny how liberals completely avoid those two issues, isn’t it? I rest my freakin’ case.

  • lisarichards124

    Okay, this is a holy smoke moment! Wow! Doug Giles, I, a fur-wearing, meat-eating girl is impressed!

    I notice that pro-abortion people have a fit over hunting animals but not killing unborn babies.

    Kill a Deer and OMG!!!!!!!!!! Shoot Quail and OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Shoot wild Turkey and OMG!!!!!!!!!!

    What would these leftists do about born babies being sacrificed…for Christmas? What about Easter? We can call it those sacrificed children sacrificial lamb.

    How many left-wingers just passed out over that remark?

    How many bother to think in that context to question your own morals and where they stand and who and what you put first in life?

    I love animals, I rescued all my pets, my family has always rescued every dog and cat we have. And I treat my pets so well; everyone tells me I have spoiled rotten dogs and cats. Yes, they are spoiled rotten little kings and queens who get whatever they want. But hunting wild animals is not wrong, it’s not immoral, it’s food, it’s also warmth–clothing.

    Oh and let me point out to the animal rights activistas who do not like what I just said in the above paragraph: God is the original clothing designer who fashioned the very first articles of clothing out of animals skins for Adam and Eve.

    Yes, God is the original furrier!

    Let me ask this no-doubt very upsetting question again to all the anti-hunting cry babies: Would you be against child sacrifice? I ask this only because you PETA-philes support having children murdered in the womb; you call abortion of
    unborn babies a “noble sacrifice,” and a woman’s right to her body, and you claim women should be able to get rid of what you refer to as an unwanted hindrance–but women should not keep their legs closed.

    Maybe abortion is the Left-wing women’s ultimate sexual experience, they certainly do both often enough!

    Ah, but hunting is bad, it’s vile, it’s murder, it’s inhumane; but aborting unborn children, or, inducing labor on poor black women, 7-9 months pregnant, in the Philadelphia “House of Horrors” abortion clinic run by a Jack the Ripper abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who used scissors to cut born babies spinal cords, stab their necks, and more, as the nurse said at the hearing, as well as stating that these born babies screeched in pain until Kermit Gosnell finally got them to die, that’s okay.

    Neither Gosnell nor “Tiller the Baby Killer” is the bad guy, Doug Giles is because, OMG Doug killed a bear and he hunts other wild animals! And he taught his kids to hunt! The madman!

    Who do you think loves and adores his wife and children more: Doug Giles or the
    PETA-phile who promotes and supports murderers like Kermit Gosnell? Who do you
    think loves his wife and kids more: Doug Giles or Kermit Gosnell?

    Gosnell’s okay, but Doug hunting animals, that are not pets, for food is the most vile form of terrorism and we must stop this before human babies are crawling loose and populating this country and the world instead of baby animals!

    So, question again to all you anti-hunting, pro-abortion-of human-babies, foaming-at-the-mouth activistas: If I line up ten pregnant human mothers and ten pregnant dogs and I tell you all that I’m going to shoot to death one of the groups, which group do all of you out there think the PETA-philes, the progressives, the leftists, and the man-hating anti-war activistas who supposedly hate death but side with Islamic terrorists–Code Pink, will hurl their bodies atop to protect the pregnant females and their unborn from murder?

    If you think human mothers, you have to be kidding yourselves.

    Sadly, too many people care more about the life of animals than human beings,
    especially unborn human beings, because too many people are humanists, the see
    human life and taking human life as relative.

    Now who and what are insane!

    • usmadgirl

      lisa richards,
      WOW! You get a million UP VOTES from me & should have a million from others as well. Guess too many of us have ADD! You couldn’t have expressed MY thoughts any better if you’d taken them out of my head!

      • lisarichards124

        TY! It’s baffling how anyone can get angry over Doug hunting, yet this guy is a loyal-to-his-wife happily married man who adores his wife and kids, but he’s oh so bad because he hunts wild animals for food.

        Lions and Tigers oh my!

  • mjmaf

    Do the math. These cereberally deficient idiots are worried about those deer hunters who could have culled overpopulated deer in an area which could reduce the chance of getting a deer hoof in the chest or destroying your car and you while driving through. How many of those aborted babies could have grown up to cure cancer, heart disease, hunger, or bring about …… wait for it … World Peace.

    • jondarmes

      On the other hand, since I’m sure that Obama loving liberal subhuman scum are far more apt to get an abortion than conservatives, the odds are that they would have grown up, or reasonably close to it, as liberal squeeling welfare sucking subhuman scum, so the same applies about GOOD RIDDANCE. Sometimes you just have to play the odds.

    • jzandensky

      Microcerebelliumniacs i like to call these very dum-dum people.
      Very sad and self serving.

  • bet1125

    Yep, these are the people that are canceling your vote..

  • HuntersRule

    Whoa! Anti-hunters are now trying to ban Metallica from festival. I thought hippies liked freedom?

  • John Stratemeyer

    Respond to them? Why waste your time? Their comments are all pretty much the same. The insults not very original or particularly clever or remotely injurious. Yet, they see themselves as intellectuals! How funny is that? Just think: These are the bozos who will enforce President Obozo’s martial law whenever he tries to impose it. They haven’t a clue which end of the barrel that the round exits.

  • bobbylang

    This, “Mare something (on the bike)”, is certainly on a short string, intellectually! She is vitriolic and passionate, but stuck on “stupid”!

    It’s obvious also that she is tenacious, if not knowledgeable, so I hope I don’t incur her voluminous wrath!!!

    Sadly I know nothing else about her other than she has no clue what hunting is about, or hunting Kodiak Brown Bears in particular! That’s one heck of a legacy to feel warranted to make such public observations and comments!

    I wonder why riding her bike, isn’t sufficiently satisfying for her to mind her own business, ride in her own lane, look out for passing (surely) traffic, have her own life and let others chose to live theirs! What prompts HER to feel so valued, that she would enter such scorn and animus on strangers??

  • Aaron Ishityou Nott

    Heeey.. yeah nice one dude, my comment that you quoted above was nothing more than a snarky and sarcastic reply to someone elses stupid comment on that original article… way to take it out of context to help flame the pro hunting people!!!

    • Elizabeth

      Ouch! Hey, Doug? We’re having a hard enough time as it is, how about doing just a little bit better job picking out the loonies?

      AAron, Ishityounot, I’m glad to see you’re one of the good guys! =)

  • jzandensky

    The anti hunting loons are hypocritically pathetic. I suggest they be made to squat defense-less with a nice group of bears which they would spare, the bears wouldn’t be so stupid. They would rid then selves of tastie but otherwise worthless vermin.

  • Mary Brown

    Ahh liberal intolerance and violence… where would we be without that mentally insane part of humanity? Hunting keeps wild animal populations in check. Kodiak Island can only support X number of bears, pass that number and bears starve because all their food is gone. Plus every trophy hunter I know donates the meat to a food shelf so the poor can eat. Bear is very nutritious and tasty.

  • jzandensky

    Its so much more convenient to facilitate your own extinction by “capture and destruction” of human kind while they are most vulnerable, inside their protective cocoons, inside their mothers.
    ..before they get away, and breed their evil deeds.
    Furiously disgusting.

  • AFSarge

    If a conservative is a vegetarian, he doesn’t eat meat .. if a liberal is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone. This was on a bumper sticker I saw today but they should have added “and liberals will kill anyone that dose not conform to their thought process”.

    As to the liberals here that feel/demand their views are the only ones that count and to Aaron Ishityounott Tazz and to the many that think on the same wave length, here is my take. I could be pro abortion because too many humans become infected with cranial/annul syndrome causing them to become liberals talking out their ass about something they know very little about and demanding all opposition be silenced. I just wish that their mothers had the wisdom to have had that abortion when they were carrying them. That way less animals would abused or starve to death, urban sprawl would be in check and there would be no mass murder of humans on ethnic and religious grounds and there would be no slavery in this world.

    But then again when fools like these gain power they always turn on themselves and wind up killing anyone they don’t like, mostly other liberals, on a mass scale. Much like a tiger eating their young!

    • genmar


      • AFSarge

        I believe it is I-shit-you-not taz. I am familiar with ISTYOUNOT. I have a few Uncles in the Navy. But thanks for reminding me of them and their slang.

  • karpenter

    OORR, Those Aborted ‘Tissues’ Could Have Been More Left Voting Wet Blanket Douche Bags.

  • A_Sound_Bite

    Yes, those people ARE insane. And they probably feed nothing but organic veggies and fruit to their cats.

    My big question, though, is: How is it that so many of those quoted anti-hunters are of “Hispanic” (or whatever the PC terminology is) origin?

    • doloreseilerts


  • genmar


  • genmar


  • doloreseilerts


  • Yourdissapointedmother

    yeah I think all you “pro” hunters posting comments are just proving the other sides point with your angry, sometimes racist and nonsensical rebuttals.
    Hunting an animal from afar with a gun isn’t brave it’s cowardly.. you admit you wouldn’t dare take these on alone.. so naturally you are a weaker species.. you’re not an “intellectual” either onto of the food chain.. cause you didn’t invent and probably couldn’t make any of these tools to kill yourself either. You’re a bored consumer wrapped in vanity of entitlement.. a toddler could kill any of us with a loaded hand gun.

  • Yourdissapointedmother

    yeah I think all you “pro” hunters posting comments are just proving the other sides point with your angry, sometimes racist and nonsensical rebuttals.

    Hunting an animal from afar with a gun isn’t brave it’s cowardly.. you admit you wouldn’t dare take these on alone.. so naturally you are a weaker species.. you’re not an “intellectual” on top of the food chain.. because you didn’t invent and probably couldn’t make any of these tools to kill yourself either. You’re a bored consumer wrapped in vanity of entitlement.. a toddler could kill any of us with a loaded hand gun.

    • Hortance

      Trashing people on the internet isn’t brave either.
      The rest of your post seems to be that bears have evolved to a superior position over humans, or something. You’re an idiot.

  • Ben Name

    ha ha ha. Your readers are stupid if they think those are real comments by real people. I scrolled through 56 comments on the linked article an not one was made by any of those people quoted above.

    Folks, do you enjoy being lied too?

    • Hortance

      You’re a liar.

      • Ben Name

        If you say so. But, just look at the other post where these comments came from. You will see that I am not the only liar then.

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