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  • Bill Kozel

    Here’s an example…here in NYS we have a glut of dangerous black bears. The reason? Our state is very poor on control of the population. When bears overpopulate they spread out into areas where it is not their traditional wild habitat. The move into your backyard where they are dangerous. Then the state comes in and kills the animal or occasionally tranquizes the animal, ships it away, then another takes his place because there is a void. Bears do not allow another bear in their marked off territory they have assumed. What is required is to have 5 to 600 bears taken and utilized (food and fur) every season before they den. What WAS needed here was for 2 permits on bears and a spring hunt which would have controlled the population, but our state is sadly lacking in guts or knowledge to do that. So we have bears showing up in town and our backyards far from their normal range. This is also what happens with deer overpopulating, getting splattered all over our roads (not to mention car damage expense $$$$) because no one wants the hunter on their property but complain to the state when the deer eat all their shrubs and flowers, DUH! When animals like skunks, foxes etc. are not harvested, they develop rabies and the mange, a horribly painful way to control a population. An education in reality is like a bucket of ice water in the face on a frigid day. You cannot make sense when you offer NONsense.

    • seldom seen smith

      Interesting…the person you started a conversation with by calling a fool is not very far away from you Billy.

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