CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Watch Thug Rob Gun Store, Can You Help Find This B@stard?

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On April 3rd at 3:58 am, a faceless thug broke into Liberty Guns, a small family-owned business in Acworth, Georgia.

Liberty Guns opened it’s doors in January 2014 and firmly believes in upholding the constitution and helping law-abiding citizens to exercise their 2nd amendment rights.

Unfortunately, this is a case where we can see what would happen with stricter gun control laws. The criminals would still be criminals, stealing guns and selling them on the black market to their other thug friends. While law-abiding citizens are left in danger and vulnerable.

This cowardly thug, who can be seen in the video surveillance footage, stole 36 guns, all worth about $25,000 dollars.

Thankfully no one’s life was endangered, although the costly damages have put the small business into a $25,000 hole, as their Insurance company is refusing to cover their losses.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the Liberty loving business to recover from the damage that has been done. According to their page:

“We are repairing, updating and picking ourselves up off the ground. We thought this act of cruelty and its repercussions would be short lived and we could move forward quickly. That was until we discovered that due to a “technicality” our insurance company is refusing to cover our losses, putting us in a $25,000+ hole.

Please consider making a donation to help this Liberty loving business to get back on their feet. Share this post and their GoFundMe page with your other freedom and second amendment loving friends to help spread the word. There’s no telling what can happen when patriots come together to help one another out.

Click here to visit their GoFundMe page.

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Liberty Guns has also given a list of the guns that were stolen, asking that anyone buying one of the makes and models listed would check the serial number to ensure it isn’t stolen:

Make                                     Model                                SN
Regent                            R200 1911                               13Y00119
SAR                                            B6                        T110213UA02942
Taurus            M66 357Mag DA 4in Blued               GX842247
Ruger                                    SR40 SS                           342-72494
Taurus                24/7 Gen2 Com DA SS                  SGW74839
Taurus            24/7 Gen2 9mm COMP DA              TGT33548
SA                                     XDM 40 4.5                         MG313744
Sig Sauer                    P226 9mm E2                         47A028703
Sig Sauer                  P226 40S&W NS                      47A018614
SA                                            XD 45                              US692952
Kahr                                        CW9                                   EJ8764
Remington                 1911 R1 Carry                           RH89281A
Ruger                             LC380 Purple                         325-31237
FN                                         FNX-40                          FX2U031003
Ruger                     GP100 38SPL 3In SS                    176-64727
FN                                       Forty-nine                        517NN2809
S&W                     642 38SPL 5rd DAO NL                CXS5565
Ruger                                  LCR 22LR                         548-80253
Sig Sauer                   P239 w/ LaserGrips               56A003947
Kimber       Ultra Carry II w/ Crimson Trace         KU236646
Ruger                                    P95 DC                            313-54902
Ruger                                    P95 DC                            314-43924
Head Down             Custom Glock 17                          KTL824
North American Arms   22mag 1.13                            E302513
Sig Sauer                 P238 Engraved ESB                 27B121193
Ruger                            SR 22 Threaded                    364-42462
Walther                   PPX M1 SD 9mm TB                  FAS8871
Colt                              Mustang XSP 380                   MP10148
Kahr                                PM40 w/ Laser                       JA7662
Ruger                                   LCR 9mm                         549-54387
Kel-Tec               PF9 Blued w/ Black Frame               SU734
Sig Sauer            P238 380ACP Black Grips            27B117305
H&K                                     USP 9TB                           24-102347
Rock Island               9mm/22Tcm 1911                  TCM014529
Sig Sauer                        P938 Scorpion                    52B093731
Ruger                                     9E 9mm                          335-63260

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