IOWA STUDENTS ABOUT TO MEET HILLARY: She’s A ‘Control Freak’ and a ‘Sh-t Talker’

I don’t think the kiddos like her.

When Hillary Clinton steps off her road-trip van on Tuesday at a rural Iowa community college, she might not be greeted by cheering throngs.

Daily Mail Online spoke to students at Kirkwood Community College’s regional center in Jones County, where the former secretary of state will hold her first low-key campaign event.

The outlook isn’t sunny for the kickoff of her ‘listening tour’: Of the ten students interviewed in the school’s public lounge, only two would speak kindly of Mrs. Clinton.

‘She’s going to push some emotional thing on us,’ predicted student Hallie Corum in between classes. ‘What else is she supposed to do?’

‘She’s going to be, like, talking s**t.’

Corum declined to be photographed, flashing an impish grin.

Corey Jones, a graphic design student, is among those chosen to question Mrs. Clinton in a roundtable setting on Tuesday.

He said his teachers chose him to join a group of ‘from 6 to 8’ students whowill participate because, ‘I pay attention to politics,’ something his friends around a table agreed with.

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