Like ISIS, African Terrorists In Baltimo-gadishu Just Need Jobs, You Heartless Racist

Last year, I had to make the quick trip from D.C. up to Baltimore on three occasions, to do protective work in not-so-good parts of the inner city.  One detail was due to a client with an employee, a rather pale-faced Nicaraguan national, who fell victim to “the knockout game” played on him by adolescent African street terrorists let loose from a nearby school.  The employee’s job required him to be out on the street all day, and I had to stick by his side for several days, ready to thwart any and all further attacks from Obama’s many sons in the immediate area.

This week, the governor of Maryland finally got the request from the mayor of Baltimore to send National Guard troops into that mostly African hell-hole of poverty, chaos, and violence.  It was at least a day too late.

I have a coworker, a retired U.S. Marine, who was deployed to Mogadishu, Somalia, back in the early 1990s.  Lately, to him and I, Somalia doesn’t seem so far away as before when our government sent in armed troops to thwart African terrorist thugs.

Yet it must be the fault of the evil, racist Baltimore police — the remaining white male stragglers among them, that is — and of republicans, of course, that black democrats have a stranglehold on the Baltimore political machine.  It has to be due to nefarious white cops and heartless republicans that the democrat party overall has arranged things so that black females are mainly just unmarried, government-paid breeders of feral legions of fatherless, criminal thugs and terrorists occupying our nation’s cities.

Why are white male cops and republicans(as Obama says) to blame?  Well, we can’t blame the numerous black cops, or the vast majority African democrat power-structure, or the wildly copulating out-of-wedlock fornicators, or the criminal black terrorists themselves, can we?  Of course not.  And never mind the fact that the riot ringleader, Baltimore mayor Stephanie “dindu nuffins” Rawlings-Blake, also happens to be the Secretary of the Democratic National Committee.

Forget just Baltimore for a minute; our country has an African President, an African Attorney General, African Director of Homeland Security, a black this, black that, everywhere you look.  It’s virtual black supremacy, and you don’t dare make a peep about it.

We must instead put the blame squarely where it belongs:  Good-old-boy crackers with guns who swagger around abusing and murdering any black person who’s just innocently selling dangerous street drugs for the umpteenth time, innocently attacking shopkeepers, innocently pulling guns on cops, and so forth.

For crying out loud, if these racist, murdering white cops would simply leave Jaquan alone, he and Obama’s millions of other sons wouldn’t be forced to attack, rape, rob, and murder each other and everyone else, nor riot, loot, and burn down entire city blocks!

Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself here — just leaving Jaquan alone is not the answer.  Like his half-brother Mohammed Allahu-Akbar over there with ISIS beheading little Christian girls and their relatives in the Levant, Jaquan in Baltimo-gadishu needs a job.

“Jobs for Jaquans” — that’s the ticket!  Just forget that Jaquan, if he ever does show up for work, robs the place blind, can’t read, write, or do basic arithmetic, stumbles around reeking of various intoxicants, starts fights with coworkers and supervisors, wrecks equipment, and attacks customers.  Regardless, you’d better open a factory, supermarket, or some other operation in the middle of a crime-infested urban war zone, and pay Jaquan whatever $ he demands per hour to sink your company, you privileged white capitalist oppressor!!

So it’s not only the fault of the murdering, racist white police, it’s also the fault of the racist white oppressors/employers who fail to somehow maintain a presence in the midsts of all the democrat hell-hole Mogadishus all across America.

Whitey is oppressing Jaquan by not exploiting him.  Got it?

Of course, we can also easily trace the solid line of culpability throughout our country’s history, whenever and wherever white devils have done their usual evils upon their innocent minority victims, along with all of the residual effects present today.  Right?

Um, I think not.  For one thing, in the slavery-reparations debate, heretics point out that any given black person on these shores today is probably more likely to have some ancestors who profited from the African slave trade than is any given white person living here.  Talk about upsetting the usual narrative apple cart!  Now, before you go scoffing at that as an absurd crackpot theory, consider that mass immigration to the United States from all parts of the globe (especially after emancipation) along with increasing miscegenation, has created a situation wherein a black person’s lineage is more readily traced, or surmised connected to slavers on whatever continent, than that of the bulk of the more modern Caucasian arrivals & their descendants.

The proliferation of media in our lives is often crafted and distorted by powerful interests with agendas — depicting imaginary situations, i.e. a supposed epidemic of white police abusing blacks, which have little to do with reality.

The epidemic is that of urban black illegitimacy, criminality, violence, and terrorism, all of it propelled along by decades of liberals bankrupting our country while making themselves feel good about supposedly “helping the poor” with their horribly disastrous, community-destroying social welfare programs — programs, incidentally, which in the macro-economic scheme of things actually help kill the same would-be jobs demanded by them.

Even the far-fetched scenario depicting Baltimore cops brutally murdering Freddie Gray would be an isolated occurrence, not an example of some sort of pattern. Blacks are not killed by police or otherwise dealt with by our criminal justice system to any extent greater than an honest, reasonable person would expect, based on all relevant factors.

Furthermore, the rioting by blacks in our cities is not really about institutional injustice; it’s about the insane nexus of liberal democrat policies, leftist propaganda, and criminal terrorism borne of inferior character, immediate gratification, thrill-seeking, and wanton maliciousness.

Traditional Christian morality has been driven almost completely from the public sphere in America, and especially from the hearts of American cities like Baltimore.  To borrow the from a song by an old British new-wave band, it’s nearly Africa.

Speaking of jobs (and justice), from what I hear, The City of Baltimore should be hiring.  They really need a new mayor.  Stephanie “Dindu Nuffins” Rawlings-Blake needs to go to prison for her ordering the police to stand back and allow the looting, rioting, and terrorism, and for her brazen lying about it all.

About the author: Donald Joy

Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.

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