BALTIMORE RIOT STORY THE MSM DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE: Rioters ‘Took Everything’ From Disabled Child

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Here is how black lives are actually affected by thugs rioting and burning down buildings.

Black soot covers the two-story house like a dark shadow. The roof has collapsed, and a bright red sign proclaims the home has been condemned.

Until a few weeks ago, when the riots roiled Baltimore, this house at Hilton Street and Piedmont Avenue was home for Laporsha Lawson and her severely disabled son, Khai’Lee Sampson.

The liquor store adjacent to Lawson’s home started burning about 1 a.m. on April 28. Lawson awoke, raced up the stairs to grab Khai’Lee and rushed him to her parents’ home about a block away, moments before flames engulfed the house.

“They took everything from my child,” said Lawson, 28.

The wheelchair customized for Khai’Lee’s small body, the back brace that helps him sit upright, the machine that pumps oxygen into his lungs when he stops breathing at night — all were destroyed. So were the supplies for his feeding tube, his clothes, even his new swing.

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