BALTIMORE RIOTS: Incompetence, Malfeasance, Stupidity, Propaganda … Democrats!

The question has been asked repeatedly, was Baltimore allowed to burn?

Of course it was. Just ask anyone living in Ferguson. The moment people started gathering in the streets was the moment the National Guard should have been brought in. Since they weren’t, I can only assume the mayor wanted the rioting. I mean it is the best way to frighten “the man” into submission, kind of the way Isis works.

If she didn’t think Freddie’s death would lead to all the looting and craziness wouldn’t that go against the claim of police brutality? I mean if people were really so angry and scared of the police, wouldn’t you expect the looting? This woman is too stupid to be mayor McCheese!

Mayor what’s her name says the rioters were “misguided young people who need support” – read we need more money.

Try telling that to 61 year old Richard Fletcher who went outside his home to intervene when he saw two girls fighting. Ask him, if he can ever remember, how many misguided youth swarmed then beat him so badly he has been placed in a medically induced coma.

They were mostly high school kids who just wanted to get in on the fun. Their parents should be in jail, not the six police officers.

Yesterday CNN’s Mark Lamont Hill said “we should be strategic in how we riot!” Who’s “we”, Mark? Americans? Or black Americans? You mean we should divide the country along racial lines? I thought it was only the right that did that?

I think Mark that we should maybe be strategic in how “we” fill out job applications and the taking of responsibility, I mean those people are gonna look kinda silly stealing Depends at 65.

Then of course Michael (Jaba) Moore decided we needed his .two cents (I think that’s how much Bowling for Columbine is going for these days); he thinks all police should be disarmed. I would gladly agree to that if Michael would agree to move to Baltimore.

Oh, and now Morgan Freeman is speaking out because so many black men have been killed lately, it’s an epidemic.

Oh, and Morgan, just because the media decided Freddie, Trayvon and Michael Brown’s deaths were more important than the hundreds who have been hurt and killed in the Knockout Games, doesn’t make it an epidemic. On the contrary the epidemic is black violence. I mean the crime rate in Baltimore was a huge problem even before Freddie Gray’s death. Baltimore ranks 5th in the national murder rate, 90% of which were blacks and 99% of the perpetrators were other blacks not police!

Speaking of which I read somewhere that most of the crime robbing, looting etc. is happening in Democratically controlled cities and towns. They’re like the Taliban: they swoop in, destroy and move on to the next location, pockets full.

I think Elijah Cummings should have been more concerned with his constituents and less concerned with glob

Rioting shouldn’t be outlawed, Democrats should.

And I understand the mayor was called out for calling the rioters “thugs” and she was made to apologize because it was considered racist. Really? Do you think anyone who had their businesses looted or burned or anyone who was beaten or had garbage thrown at them will get any type of apology? Does anyone think Major Rawlings or Elijah Cummings will be downtown with a broom helping with the clean up? Only for a photo op. Do you think anyone will force the rioters to help with the clean up? Nope, the real victims will get nothing because those people are a necessary sacrifice to the progressive narrative. “Let them loot, its only property,” and remember, you didn’t build that.

I think most of America isn’t fooled for one minute about all the rioting. Most know it’s because you’re greedy, lazy and too stupid to get out of your own way. And it doesn’t help that the media and the left is constantly telling you you’re oppressed. They need you as victims and you must continue to believe whites are oppressing you, otherwise they’re out of a job. Your cities are run by the very people who need to keep you down, Democrats!

The real tragedy here is that justice may never be served, we’ve been told by many, including States Attorney Marilyn Mosby, that she heard the rioters and she was going to get justice, for them. The six officers involved will always be guilty to some, just like officer Wilson in Ferguson. Hillary Clinton was right about one thing, that the justice system is out of balance. She’s just not right about how and for whom.

It seems Democratic leaders and these serial looters never seem to be held accountable for their crimes, right Hillary?

So there will be no consequences, no punishment for the beatings and looting. No teaching moments, no lessons learned. Your Democratic parents are pretty much like your biological parents. It will always be a fist in the air not a pencil until someone says, enough!
I have three things to say, thugs, thugs and thugs.

Oh, and no apology.


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Noreen O'Brien

Noreen O'Brien is a college grad. with a degree in psychology. Noreen worked for years with troubled teens and their families until the revolving door of liberalism made success for these families impossible. She grew up on cape cod Ma., Sweden, France and England and now makes Maine her home.

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