THE RACE BAITING ILLUSION: 5 Types of Synthetic Racism

by Kenn Daily
Clash Daily Conributor
Michelle Obama launched into a racist tirade in which she stereotyped white people as bigots who don’t want black kids hanging out at museums.
Obama injected the hate speech while delivering the keynote address at the dedication of Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City last week. She even borrowed the “for someone who looks like me” quip from her racist husband.
Mrs. Obama is partially correct. Museums are generally not accommodating to brawling mobs of black teens. The dozen or so mall brawls that marred after-Christmas shopping should have given Mrs. O a clue.
Some people, it turns out, are clueless.
Towing the cultural Marxism mythical line, Michelle insinuated that white racism is a barrier that denies access to life’s fineries to black children. No wonder they ran riot in Baltimore and Ferguson. They weren’t given free passes to the Museum.
Let’s roll back the clock a few weeks.
It was March of this year that the St. Louis Zoo closed it’s doors early when brawling mobs of black teens turned a delightful Sunday afternoon into a frightful, fightful day of terror. The St. Louis press referred to the brawling mobs as “fight teams.”
It wasn’t white racism that closed the zoo’s gates. It was ratchet behavior.
So, what’s up with Michelle’s hate speech? It’s just one more example of synthetic racism; that is, finding racism where none exists.
I’ve identified five types of synthetic racism. There are, no doubt, many more.
1. White privilege
In a televised interview, Morgan Freeman was directly asked by a black interviewer if racial prejudice remained a deterrent to professional success in America. Freeman pointed to himself and the inquiring newsman as evidence that the barricades were gone.
The income disparity that exist between blacks and whites is not the effect of social injustice. Rather, it is the expected reflection of a disparity in intelligence. Those with the skill sets and ambition to realize the American dream have an effective free pass to do so. White privilege is no barrier. The fact that there are an estimated 35,000 black millionaires in our nation testifies to that reality.
White privilege is a cultural Marxist neologism purposefully perpetuated to intoxicate our minds with the false notion that white people are unjustly given an edge over non-whites in America. The United States Census Bureau, however, reveals that East Asians earn more per household than whites.
In a free-market economy, smart people will — on an average — earn more than those less gifted intellectually. Hence, East Asians earn more than their white countrymen because Asians tend to possess higher intellects.
2. Microaggressions
The economic advantage East Asians enjoy over whites does not exempt them from playing the race card.
A case in point can be found at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts.
It was there that The Asian American Students Association determined to attack microaggressions by printing examples and littering the campus with them.
Samples of microaggressions, according the Asian students, include white people saying:
“You’re like the perfect Asian!”
“I totally have an Asian fetish”
“Why are you playing the race card?”
Ironically, the association then issued an apology to Asian students who complained that the display offended them. There was no apology to white students for attacking them with implied false accusations of racism.
Cultural Marxism concedes that overt racism is rare. Crosses no longer burn in cornfields, nor do hooded horsemen ride through the mist on starless nights in search of innocent Negroes to lynch. The advent of cross burning was not as common as the Marxists contend and, even then, the symbolism wasn’t nearly as radical as we are led to believe. The second notion — that white thugs routinely ravaged the countryside in search of innocents to dangle — is simply made of whole cloth.
How, then, can cultural Marxism convince non-whites that they are victims of white racism when such is not evident? They invent hypotheticals, sometimes called “counter factuals”, in which racism prevails but is undetectable to inconsiderate white bigots who cause the offenses.
If white people hold a hostile attitude towards blacks, for example, that hostility may be consciously detected by black victims but not by the white perpetrators. 
Sound silly? It is silly.
It’s akin to the bogeyman hiding under the bed at night. Only five-year-olds know he is there.
Michelle Obama believes in the bogeyman. Failure to detect his presence and that of microaggressions is evidence they exist. If that seems to smack of circulus in probando (circular reasoning) it’s because it is circulus in probando!
Note there is no White American Students Association. That leads us to the next example of synthetic racism.
3. Critical race theory
If ever there were a nonsensical neologism, this is it.
The shallowness of this precept is that it is fails to be objective. The intent is not to examine racial issues through critical considerations. Rather, it intends to validate a foregone conclusion: Whites are villains and non-whites are victims.
Critical race theory never allows itself to consider the overwhelming evidence that whites are the perennial victims of black crime and violence. It’s akin to calling fouls on all white players before the basketball game begins.
White people who create affinity groups such as all-white country clubs are, of course, considered blatant racists. Black people who form affinity groups — such as The National Conference of Black Lawyers or the National Black Police Association — are exempt from accusations of racism.
The hypocrisy is maddening. Where’s critical race theory when needed?

To Be Continued …


Kenn DailyKenn Daily is the publisher of Now 62 years old, Kenn formed his conservative views at the age of 14 and was an early member of Young Americans for Freedom. He is a vociferous anti-racist but sets himself apart from most conservatives by refusing to be bullied into silence regarding racial issue. Violent black crime is a signature issue of his website. Kenn is a semi-retired business owner. He lives in Indiana with his wife of 39 years. He has two grown children — a daughter and son — four grandchildren, and two granddogs.

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