‘FERGUSON EFFECT’: Thugs Are Feeling Empowered As Cops Back Off, So … Have A Nice Summer

When thugs take over cities and police back down, this is what happens.

Crime is surging throughout major American cities thanks to anti-police protesters who have made law enforcement reluctant to confront criminals, it has been claimed.

Murders and violent crimes in New York City, Baltimore, St Louis, Chicago and Los Angeles have all spiked in recent months, according to police statistics.

And according to a political commentator and police expert, the increased lawlessness is a direct response to the Black Lives Matters protest movement.

In St Louis the effect appears to have manifested itself in a 47 per cent rise in homicides, and an 82 per cent increase in robberies compared to the previous year.

Figures in Baltimore show a 60 per cent spike in gun violence compared to the previous year, while murders in Atlanta, Georgia, had increased 32 per cent.

Shootings in Chicago are up 24 per cent, with a similar spike in Los Angeles. In New York City murder rates increased by 13 per cent.

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