HEY, THUGS: Michael Moore’s Just Solved Baltimore for You

Baltimore fear no more. The ambulance chaser of activists Michael “the-human-cow” Moore has arrived on scene! He isn’t the first of course but he fits in nicely with the slip and fall activism crowd. The Sainted Al of Sharpton, City Councilman Nick Mosby, Malik Shabazz, they are all there.

A top Bill Clinton aide once quipped that you could drag a $100 bill through a trailer park and attract all sorts of gutter rabble. Use progressive policies to destroy urban black neighborhoods then host a riot and look at the rot gut it attracts.

Moore has gone on the record with his list of “demands”. Yes. He’s made demands. So very progressive of him. Like a toddler engaged in a tantrum or a terrorist holding hostages Michael Moore has made demands. These demands include: release of all those incarcerated for drug or non-violent offenses and disarmament of the police. Do what Moore demands, and inner city America will become a utopian heaven on earth.

That’s right. Open the prisons and closing the precincts is somehow going to alleviate what afflicts urban communities. What, all those ex-cons are going to go back home and open businesses that will employ their neighbors? Using that logic, Michael Moore is essentially saying the inner city’s best and brightest are currently jailed — why they were committing criminal offenses instead of running businesses in the first place is of course too racist a question to ask.

It isn’t racist to ask Michael Moore why he hasn’t brought anything more than his considerable girth to bear on Baltimore. Moore is incredibly wealthy. And he has a level of access that most one percenters would envy. Has he filmed entirely on location in Freddie Gray’s neighborhood, employing local residents to staff the hundreds of behind the scenes positions necessary to make a movie? The median income in Maryland is around $75,000 per year. In Baltimore it’s around $33,000. In the neighborhood Freddie Gray came from it’s barely $22,000 per year. Surely Moore could help out. Why hasn’t he?

Moore could go beyond shooting a movie in the inner city. He could donate money. He could invest. He could take the most blighted part of town and construct a movie studio, production company, and then partner with local schools to offer internships. A young person could go to school, intern working on set construction at Moore’s studio, earn a union card, graduate and then be employable in either the film or carpentry trades.

Moore could do those things. It’s easier though to engage in armchair activism — the current version fixated on using social media to whine about any perceived grievance. Truly, we’ve reached the age in which a stubbed toe requires fourteen comments on Twitter to connects dots linking the afflicted toe to racism, income inequality, micro-aggression, and the Koch brothers.

While Moore shuffles around a residence bigger than the CVS Baltimore’s thugs burned, he does so well protected by both armed police and a personal protective detail. Were the prison nearest his estate opened Moore would dial 911 at the first suggestion of a released inmate attempting to come through his front gate to share his wealth.

As if there were a prison anywhere near Michael Moore. He’s a progressive. He can’t be bothered by living anywhere near the downtrodden he pretends to champion – whether their prison is a correctional institution or a neighborhood his ideology has destroyed.

Image: http://mojoey.blogspot.com/2005_02_01_archive.html

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Andrew Allen

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