The Black Lives Matter crowd is going to hate this guy. He speaks the truth about what really went down in McKinney, Texas.

And activists want him fired for it — even after another video surfaced showing the party crashers “aren’t so innocent” after all.

Benet Embry, who hosts an Internet radio show on “Deep Ellum on Air,” appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” Monday night to double down on Facebook comments he made earlier in the day in the aftermath of a viral video showing a police officer slamming a bikini-clad black teenage girl to the ground.

“It is a diverse subdivision,” he said. “Black, white, Hispanic, East Indian, American Indian, all living together — in friendship basically.”

“Only seven of those 130 kids — only seven — caused a whole bunch of confusion and ruined it for everybody,” he said.

“When this party was going on, the people that were in the pool — they were the ones that were supposed to be there — but when the flier went viral everybody from outside of our community started coming in,” he said.

“The story that came out on this sub-social media website that they don’t want black kids in the pool is totally preposterous,” he said.

“No neighbor called the cops because there was a black pool party. The cops were called because after the people start jumping in, the fights start breaking out, so then there became a disturbance.”

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