BLACK THUG STABS WHITE TEEN GIRL: Thank God The Video Cameras Were Rolling

Horrific video of a stabbing in Target gets justice for a stabbed teen – and the heroes who saved her.

PITTSBURGH —A homeless man accused of stabbing a 16-year-old and holding her as a human shield while other customers tried to save her at the Target store in East Liberty was found guilty of several charges Thursday.

Leon Walls was found guilty but mentally ill on attempted criminal homicide, aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person in his attack against Allison Meadows and another person.

But, he was found not guilty on the same charges connected with other people who were injured as they tried to subdue Walls.

“Disappointing in some of the charges that didn’t stick involving the people who helped rescue Allison,” said her father, Glen.

Michael Turner is one of the men who assisted Meadows while trying to subdue Walls during the attack.

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