COPS ATTACKED BY MOB IN CINCINNATI: Rescue White Man from Black Thug Beatdown

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Welcome to Obamaland, where the mob rules.

CINCINNATI (Brad Underwood) — Cincinnati Police officers responded to Fountain Square in riot gear Saturday night after at least 2 officers were hurt amidst an unruly crowd.

There were first reports of disorderly conduct about 11 p.m. Cincinnati Police Captain Michael Neville said fireworks were being discharged at officers and items were being thrown at officers.

At least 2 officers were hurt. Neville said they suffered minor facial injuries. At least one of the people involved in the attack on officers was arrested.

It is estimated that a few thousand people were on the square at the time of the incidents. Police shut down traffic in the area causing gridlock on surrounding streets.

A person was also assaulted near Government Square. A man was seen down on the sidewalk. Cincinnati Police say they’re still investigating what led up to the attack.

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