OBAMA AND SHARPTON GET ‘EM STIRRED UP! Some ‘African-Americans’ Hate America

Recently in Alliance, Ohio a call was placed to 911 that resulted in an arrest of an African-female (Obama and Al’s ghetto-government-plantation-children are called African with an unreasonable hatred for America, so I’ll just drop the “American” part — this does not include the decent working class of proud-to-be-Americans who happen to be black.)

The whole bizarre call was recorded for exactitude and for the cra-cra-female’s infamy and posterity for her future generations who will most likely be a chip off the old crazy-block, too. It’s quite telling about the African-ghetto-mindset. With this story we can examine the lack of normal civilized reasoning skills as you will read, the situation went something like this to the 911 operator, (paraphrasing) “The food I ordered is not up to par and I want my money back, but they don’t understand the words that are coming out of my mouth.”

The 911 operator seemed a little annoyed, as if she has had to deal with several of these type of calls before. The operator’s response was paraphrasing again, “Well ma’am, your situation is a non-emergency, you need to call the non-emergency police line.” At that moment the angry African female threatens on the phone to the 911 operator to “climb over the counter and beat the cook!” The police at that point of the call were sent out and the angry African female gets arrested for…are you ready for this? For using an emergency line for a non-emergency. After all the talk of violence, that’s the best the police could do?

Ok, there are a few things here I take issue with. First, when are hardworking foreign born people going to learn to stop doing business in the African-ghetto? Back in the eighties, in downtown (African-ghetto) Los Angeles, an older female Korean corner–store owner was defending herself against an invasion of teenage thugs, she was armed with a hair-trigger hand gun that went off and shot to death a 14 year old African-female. A younger and chubbier Al Sharpton showed up on scene, never missing an opportunity to stir up his plantation people, who almost lynched the Korean victim. She did get charged, but the jury had store surveillance to observe and clearly she was vindicated and released.

More recently, although no one died, a young African baby-mama beat a Vietnamese nail store owner for refusing to paint her young daughter’s nails. I have witnessed violent speech towards the Vietnamese employees in the nail salon I frequent here in Houston, too. Every time the perpetrator has been an angry African female. Secondly, isn’t threatening “bodily harm”, especially on a police line, a crime? Know one thing, when black people say that they’re going to beat you…they’re serious! It isn’t the same as when a white person says, I’m going to beat you,” that rarely is what happens.

There are decent black folks who would never, ever think to say “I’m going to climb over this counter and beat you”, let alone resort to beating anyone; but do not be deceived: the ghettos in America are bulging at the seams with angry citizens. These easily led types get jacked-up on all of Obama and Al’s hate-whitey and everyone else-rhetoric.

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