SANDRA BLAND: Newest Patron Saint of #Black Lives Matter

In case you have been living under a rock and don’t know who Sandra Bland is, she is the black female who was pulled over in Waller County, Texas for not using her turn signal, which escalated into her arrest and then her subsequent death, which has been reported as a suicide. There ya have it in a nutshell. Also it was first reported that she possibly suffered from PTSD, which would suggest she had been in the military. I haven’t heard or read anything else to substantiate military service since that was first reported. By all accounts and pictures shown, Sandra looked like a decent person, on police video she was mouthy and belligerent to the officer who ended up arresting her.

For over a week our Houston morning, noonday and evening news has devoted at least the first-out of-the-gate 15 minutes of news coverage non-stop to this limited event. One night all our stations were reporting live a news conference with the usual angry-black Democrat politicians. Our local media falling all over themselves to bring it to us live, as if in a Stalinist wet dream. Apparently during the cold-war-years Stalin gave a talk to his military leaders, the first ones who stopped clapping were taken out and shot. With the next Stalin speech they all clapped for hours. This same butt-kissing attention being given by our media over this story is exactly the same, but no bullets await, only the moniker of being labeled a racist.

Let me just say, had Sandra Bland been white and committed suicide inside of a Waller County jail cell, this would have been a non-issue or just a possible blip on our news. But since only black lives matter all Hell has been unleashed on the Hispanic arresting officer, the Waller county Sheriff and his whole department … and God knows every white person in the great state of Texas is also responsible.

Quanell X, Houston’s own Black Panther leader has been making a round of appearances stirring the pot of racial hatred – from the thrown in his face microphones from our non-racist media — before Sandra’s autopsy report has been released. [Editor: Preliminary autopsy details have been released and indicate Sandra Bland did commit suicide.] As if it would make any difference to these type of haters. Let’s not forget some are still running around saying “hands up don’t shoot.” Even after it has been proven from the autopsy and countless pieces of evidence that “hands up don’t shoot” was not what happened when Michael Brown the thug was shot and killed.

And when Sandra Bland’s death proves to be a suicide, do you really think that this will go away as it should? No. This event is going to be milked for all it is worth, destroying lives and careers of decent hard working Americans and painting with a broad brush black-racial-woe-is-me across the state of Texas, as it has already been in other parts of our nation. It’s pitiful and either way this is a no-win situation.

Al Sharpton and/or Jessie Jackson could be making an appearance anytime now to assist their brother X-man in pot stirring. But let’s be very clear, this is Texas, we love our police, (of any color) military, (of any color) God, guns and hate D.C. (not necessarily in this order.) And don’t come here saying, “Burn it down”; we’ll shoot!

As a side note, making a lane change or turning without using a turn signal is a ticketing offense.

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