‘ACTIVISTS’ BLAME THIS GROUP: For Thug’s Attempted Murder of #Ferguson Cops

Because of this reason, this thug was justified in shooting at the cops? Only in Obamaland.

Police said Sunday’s gunfire began with two groups of agitators apparently shooting at each other before one gunman darted across a parking lot and was confronted by four officers who pulled up in an unmarked vehicle.

Police said that the suspect, Harris, then opened fire on the police vehicle and was badly wounded in the ensuing foot chase and exchange of gunshots with the four detectives.

Activist groups, meanwhile, said the plain clothes officers who shot Harris should never have been deployed to the scene.

“It was a poor decision to use plain clothes officers in a protest setting because it made it difficult for people to identify police officers, which is essential to the safety of community members,” said Kayla Reed, a field organizer with the Organization of Black Struggle.

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