‘F-CK THE POLICE, WE’RE READY FOR WAR’: If This Is A ‘Peaceful Protest’ Then I’m A Black Lesbian

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and in that span of time, protesters have learned… absolutely nothing.

Race baiters have gleefully turned out in droves these last twelve months to exploit the death of Michael Brown in order to further their agenda. Thanks to their hard efforts to keep tension high, Ferguson is now under a state of emergency. Despite the guise of peaceful protesting, these self-proclaimed victims are doing everything they can to make sure the cycle repeats itself.

Street protesters this week were far more interested in escalating violence instead of preventing it. Men and women alike riled each other up by chanting “F*ck the police!” which quickly escalated to “We’re ready for war!”

Wait, what? WAR? Yes, you read that correctly—despite all the hoo-hah about “black lives matter,” Ferguson protesters were caught on video openly welcoming the bloodshed of war. In case you think they were just being figurative, they quickly made their wish come true.

Roughly half an hour after protesters banged their war drums in the streets, a man drove up to police officers in an unmarked van and opened fire, leading to an exchange of gunfire that left the shooter critically wounded and in unstable condition.

Race baiters keep telling us black lives matter…so why are these protesters in such a rush to throw their own lives away?

Perhaps Ferguson protesters should be more careful what they wish for.

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