COP PISTOL WHIPPED BY BLACK THUG: But Wouldn’t Fight Back Because …

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In Obamaland, black thugs can pistol whip police officers and get away with it.

Earlier this month, a Birmingham, Alabama, police detective pulled over a vehicle driving erratically on the road and ordered a suspect to remain the vehicle. But the suspect allegedly exited the car and aggressively moved towards the officer.

Sensing danger, the officer thought about using force to protect himself — but he decided against it and tried to call for backup. Moments later, the suspect allegedly assaulted the officer, pistol-whipping him with his own service weapon and knocking him unconscious.

Instead of helping, several bystanders instead snapped photos and shared them online. Many people then posted ugly messages praising the brutal attack on the detective.

n a new interview with WBMA-TV, the unnamed officer revealed why he decided not to use force — and the implications are serious for law enforcement across the country.

“A lot of officers are being too cautious because of what’s going on in the media…I hesitated because I didn’t want to be in the media like I am right now,” he said.

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