STOP THE SLAUGHTER? How About Stop Being Criminals

Apparently Sandra Bland of #black lives matter infamy has been joined this week by another African American. Generating yet more threats against law enforcement and more –-so far– “peaceful” protests.

This time the criminal’s name is Christian Taylor and only accolades of his somewhat sports prowess are being mentioned on the evening news because, after all, he was such a good boy. And just like Sandra’s family, Christian’s family is also now salivating at the prospects of a sue-job, while having nothing but praises for Christian, who was recently so “close to God.” Can I get an amen!?

There exists video of this “good boy” Christian Taylor from the beginning of his car-lot crime spree, where he is seen breaking thru a chained gate barrier. Then Christian is seen jumping on the hood of cars that are for sale on the lot, as if testing its springs and shocks. The next scene in the video shows Christian driving an SUV –- possibly with the same vehicle he had broken into the lot with — up a curb and thru the locked glass show room doors, then across the show room floor before driving thru the other sides’ glass doors. That’s quite an expensive little romp on someone else’s dime for such a good boy.

All this is taking place in the wake of the one year anniversary of thug life Michael Brown’s death, all being celebrated this week in Ferguson with more “peaceful protests” of looting, fires and shootings (two shot so far.) After all if you’re a black criminal… facts don’t matter, as in “hands up don’t shoot.” Yet unlike Ferguson, Missouri, we (in Texas) don’t take kindly to having our property damaged, our businesses looted or our cars torched during their “peaceful” protests. Thankfully, although these last two (Sandra and Christian) breathed their last here in Texas, there will be no protests accompanied by looting, torching or robbing tolerated here. Overall we don’t take kindly to any criminal behavior and we shoot.

What crime we do have here in this Christian Taylor incident, is another (just fired) law enforcement officer whose career has ended by being thrown under the proverbial bus by his weak-wristed boss, all for keeping the community safe from dumb*sses…so much for the brotherhood of officers.

Here in the Houston area night after night our local news show our very own local “Obama’s children” committing felony after felony, and yes, “they” have been caught on camera and sometimes the aftermath of a tarp-covered body or news crews have arrived in time to film “Obama’s youngsters” still alive and, well, sitting in the back of squad cars. Typical of government dependent people, it’s always someone else’s fault or problem, it’s never theirs. In Christian Taylor’s situation, by his actions he had proved himself to be a dangerous criminal…case closed.

Image: Screen Shot, Fox 26 News/ Houston, TX

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