Over 100 black teens rampaged through the streets of Harrisburg, Penn. earlier this month.

The story was ignored by the national mainstream media and the local press gave it scant coverage. 
WGAL was one of a few state news venues that reported the story. The TV station broadcast a brief video of the rampage. Specifically, a security video camera captured images of black teens rushing into a convenient store, steeling merchandise, and rushing back out the door. The media, however, dared not profile the flash mob members by race but, for reasons unknown, had no problem profiling them by age. 
The occasion for the riot was the city’s annual Kipona festival. The event is intended to be a family-friendly affair where neighbors mingle with tourists on the banks of the Susquehanna River and enjoy fun, food, and fireworks. The word Kipona has Indian origins and means “sparkling water.” 
Two white teen brothers, however, found the event less than enjoyably when the black mob singled them out for a rabid thumping. One of the brothers suffered a broken jaw. 
Had the races been reversed it would have, indeed, been a national news item. Police Chief Thomas Carter, however, dismissed the attack as merely having “racial overtones.” 
Carter is black.
Police presence did not dissuade the black thugs from attacking the brothers. In fact, several police cars were among vehicles damaged during the melee. The Police Chief’s official car was one of those damaged. 
The parents of the boys complained that police ignored their cries for help as the mob descended upon them. Furthermore, Harrisburg police declined to escort the victims after the assault. 
While the Labor Day riot in Harrisburg pales to those in Baltimore and Ferguson, it demonstrates disturbing patterns.
First, rampaging black teens have no respect for the law or the officers who are supposed to enforce them. 
Second, such violence seems to be an exclusively black franchise. When was the last time you heard of hordes of white teens rampaging through city streets seeking black victims to beat?
Third, the phenomenon is pandemic, occurring spontaneously throughout the nation and has been for generations. 
Fourth, the media either ignores black mob violence or, at best, pretends it’s not a racial phenomenon; so much so that the word “teens” is becoming synonymous with “young black thugs”.  
We’re reminded of Eric Holder’s advice. The former U.S. Attorney General declared the nation needs to engage in a conversation about race. Indeed, such a conversation is needed but, sad to say, when overt black-on-white violence is dismissed as “racial overtones,” the prospect of a serious conversation is unlikely. 
In reality the predatory left has no real interest in a conversation about race. Rather, they merely want white folks to shut up and listen while they lecture us about our white privilege. 
Meanwhile, the parents of two white teens in Harrisburg continue to seek answers. 

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