BLACK FOOTBALL THUG: Beats White Player With His Own Helmet (Is This A ‘Hate Crime?’)

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Can you imagine the outrage if this was the other way around? We wouldn’t hear the end of it.

A high school football game in New Jersey took an ugly and distinctly unsportsmanlike turn when a player was caught on camera yanking off an opponent’s helmet and then using it to hit him in the head.

The outburst of violence took place Friday night when Linden High School played Immaculata High School at Linden’s Tiger Stadium.

Videotape shows a Linden defensive lineman in a black No 1 jersey pulling the helmet off an Immaculata defensive tackle’s head, taking a swing and bashing the teenager with it in the forehead.

The attacker is then seen chucking the helmet aside as the victim, wearing a white jersey No 73, raises his arms in a gesture of surrender.

A referee penalized the Linden player for unsportsmanlike conduct but did not eject him from the game because he did not witnesses the hit, which took place away from the play, according to (Daily Mail


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