COMBAT VET: Drop Kicks The #BlackLivesMatter Thug Who Killed the Kentucky Cop

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Kentucky State Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder, 31, Navy veteran pulled over Joseph Thomas Johnson Shanks late at night for driving at a speed of 103 MPH – not to mention, with a suspended license. Trooper Ponder decided to give him a break and was arranging overnight lodging for Shanks, his fellow travelers, and two children.

But those plans quickly changed when Shanks stepped on the gas and decided to initiate a high-speed pursuit. After the second stop, Shanks, who was in possession of an illegal handgun, murdered Kentucky State Trooper Ponder. Kentucky Police started an extensive manhunt, which ended when he refused to put down his handgun and was shot by police.

Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks, was a #BlackLivesMatter protester who attended Michael Brown’s funeral and burial in a limo with people from NAN, Al Sharpton’s group. He’s also part of Facebook groups like “Barack Obama”, “Occupy Democrats”, “Cop Block”, “Million Hoodies For Justice”, “Justice For Mike Brown Leadership Coalition”, “The White House”, and “Michelle Obama”. This is the same thug who was arrested just two days after Mike Brown was killed for interfering with an officer; the same thug also known as ‘Jay Mile High’. (Jay is another term for a joint.)

Where is Al Sharpton’s group claiming responsibility for this tragic event? After all, he is a member of their NAN group; or how about the President addressing the community to end attacks on public servants?

The #BlackLivesMatter group said the trooper got what he deserved.

Who in their right mind thinks that a trooper who was willing to help – and not arrest – Shanks for his violations deserved to be murdered?

Our country is being poisoned by these #BlackLivesMatter activists along with the President, both of whom have a major influence on our youth that are easily persuaded. These youth would be willing to kill if asked to by their so-called “LEADERS.”

I’ve said it once, and ill say it again: the military community stands next to the law enforcement community. You don’t want to see Infantryman, Rangers, Snipers, Special Forces, Marines and Combat Proven Personnel start a militia against your movement. So please wake up, open your eyes and smell the roses, #BlackLivesMatter activists – before it’s too late and we have a genocide in our country.

I have a solution for you: Stop blaming everyone else for your mistakes, stop breaking the law, stop selling drugs to your own community and stop killing each other. Instead, work hard, contribute to society, love thy neighbor, and you’ll see how the cops won’t mess with you.

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