COMBAT VET: Slams Obama For Gushing Over Muslim Clock Boy

A prayer vigil was held Thursday night on school property for Ahmed Mohamed.

Ahmed was arrested on Monday for suspicion of bringing a homemade bomb, which turned out to be a homemade clock, to school. Ahmed has been offered internships all over country, jobs by numerous companies, including Twitter, and an invitation to the White House to visit with the president – this kid has been awarded the deal of a lifetime.

But why aren’t the law enforcement officers and teacher being praised for their vigilance in this situation?

Shouldn’t we be praising them for their alertness?

Why is this kid getting special treatment?

Did we forget about last July when 7 year old Andrew Nussbaum was suspended from Baltimore Park Elementary School in Arundel County for biting a Pop Tart into a shape of a gun? I don’t recall him getting any internships, an invite to the white house, or job offers from any weapon manufacturing companies from around the country. We didn’t see Christians gathered at the school to pray for young Andrew because the Lord is not welcomed in our school districts – but Allah is.

Was it because he’s white?

I don’t recall any of the fallen law enforcement spouses or dependents being invited to the White House to honor their loved ones for their courage, selfless service, and paying the ultimate sacrifice by protecting our streets from the heartless thugs who roamed them. We will never see it happen because this President might offend the #BlackLivesMatter activists.

Why is our country so quick to apologize to the Muslim community when they get offended by a simple misunderstanding?

I’m 100% behind the teacher for taking that action. If you don’t want to be labeled as a community who makes bombs, quit blowing sh*t up.

Dear America,

Stop apologizing for hurting everyone’s feelings and stop offering them a free pass. It makes us look weak, pathetic and like we are afraid.

It’s time to stop being politically correct, worrying about feelings, and take our country back. As an American that is scared to see where this the country is headed if we don’t take it back now, the very country that many have died for along with some of us who still wear the scars, will fight to defend it till the end.

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