DEAR BLACK PASTORS: Tell The #BlackLivesMatter Lunatics To Chill Out

I’m guessing that the majority of the anti-white, pro-cop killing, #BlackLivesMatter thugs … I mean … “activists” are predominantly, albeit loosely, Christian by persuasion.

I could be wrong, but I would be willing to bet that they either grew up in church and/or still go to church in between their “death to cops” marches and their looting schedules.

Now, I’m sure some of them could be Muslim or one of Farrakhan’s step-n-fetchits. That’s a possibility. Which would explain their penchant and approval for executing innocent white deputies while they’re filling up their patrol cars. We all know Mohammad just LOVES killing … especially white Christians.

However, I’m sticking to my guns, and guessing that the vast majority of them grew up in some form of Christianity and that some … still go to church.

Which brings me to this question for the black, supposed “Christians” that are burning down neighborhoods and stealing crap in homage to dead criminals while they augur for the death of LEOs: What New Testament passage do you base your base behavior upon?

Do you guys have some Lost Gospel of Jedediah that tells you to slaughter and loot should criminals with your skin color get offed by law enforcement officers? If so … thrill me with it.  I’d love to read what you’re feeding off of because the New Testament I bought at Barnes & Noble is absent of that animus.

Indeed, the New Testament that I’ve perused says stuff like “love your enemies”, “do good to those who mistreat you”, “bless those who curse you”, “do not return evil for evil”, “be quick to forgive and slow to anger”. And, by the way, it didn’t say that goes for only those who share one’s particular pigmentation. Also, Sweet Jesus is pretty harsh on those who foment theft, murder and destruction.  That’s just an FYI.

Finally, black pastors who hold to the verbum Dei, I hope to God you are condemning vociferously this type of behavior. I really do.  From what I’ve read, the minister of the Gospel’s job is to fully preach the whole counsel of God and from what I’ve read it loathes baseless rage, murder and vandalism from those who claim the name of Jesus Christ.

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