‘F-CK YOU! ALLAH AKBAR’: Check Out What The Syrian ‘Refugees’ Are Chanting …

This is exactly what the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about the Muslim immigrants that are pouring into Europe.

It is really difficult to get a handle on this immigrant crisis that is streaming into Europe. On the one hand, you have offensive stuff like this video which appears to be Syrian “refugees” chanting an epithet and “Allah Akbar”.

But if you look at the mainstream media coverage of the event, it’s all happy families and grateful women and old men.

Muslim migrants are converting to Christianity in their droves in the hope it will greatly improve their chances of winning asylum in Germany.

Hundreds of mostly Iranian and Afghan asylum seekers have changed faiths at the evangelical Trinity Church in a leafy Berlin neighbourhood alone.

Many claim true belief prompted the move, but the decision undoubtedly boosts their chances of being granted asylum by allowing them to claim they would face persecution if sent home.

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