WATCH MUSLIM ‘REFUGEES’: Savagely Attack Mother & Daughter In Germany (VIEWER WARNING)

Are these the innocent ‘refugees’ that Obama wants to bring into America? Just take a look at what is happening abroad and then you can decide if you want the same right here.

Here are some pictures that have emerged from the Italy/Austria border that will shock you:

It is not what the refugees used on their journey, but what they left behind unused – discarded Red Cross packaged water, crates of peaches, untouched packaged food, unopened baby diapers, brand new strollers, car seats, toys, and other necessities for someone traveling with a baby. Since these items were left behind, it is obvious that there were no babies among them.

Videos are coming in from various regions showing Muslim men fighting, throwing rocks and chairs at each other, breaking windows, throwing feces, bloodying each other’s noses in vicious fights, Shia fighting the Sunnis, the same centuries old senseless religious tribal animosity and hatred. (Source)

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