BRIT PUTS MUSLIMS ON BLAST: ‘Go Back To Your F-cking Country, You’re F-cking Rude’

This is an epic rant from a black woman that was told to shut up by Muslims. Watch what ensues; as you can see, this woman was clearly ticked at the amount of Muslim people in her city. Some say that the argument started when was told to shut up by the Muslim women. Here is part of the woman’s dialogue:

“Make me shutup f*cking bitch…F*cking ISIS bitches”

“That’s why no one likes you, because you’re f*cking rude, you come to England then you have no f*cking manners. Go back to your f*cking country where they’re bombing everyday and go there, not here where we’re free.”

“F*cking sandbox bitches, ISIS bitches…I will pull back this long leg and kick you in your face.”

“Make me stop, make me stop…touch me again, I’ll cut you in the head, dirty sandbags”

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