WOUNDED COMBAT VET: Brutally Calls Out Black Thugs That Attacked An Active Duty Captain

Almost two weeks ago, an unidentified combat proven active duty captain, who is stationed in Ft. Leavenworth, and a group of friends were out at Zocola Mexican restaurant in Kansas City. In the same restaurant there were 6 black men (probably Obama supporters) and #BlackLivesMatter activists looking for trouble.

The unidentified captain who was off duty and out of his military uniform made the mistake of accidentally bumping into one of these thugs as he was drinking his beer. The captain apologized but the thug refused to accept the apology and attempted to start a fight, but the restaurant staff quickly escorted all 6 thugs out of the restaurant. Everyone thought the incident was over, but when the captain tried to leave the restaurant, the thugs were waiting for him outside.

Witnesses said they saw one of thugs sucker punch the captain and knock him out; all six thugs started beating the captain as he lay helplessly on the ground. The captain’s friends heard the commotion, ran to render him aid, but fell victim to the thugs.

The captain was rushed to the hospital by paramedics and he sustained numerous broken bones in his face, significant loss of blood, possible optic nerve damage to one of his eyes and a fractured skull. He was hospitalized for a week and as of Monday was released to his chain of command in Ft. Leavenworth. The thugs got away after a good samaritan called the police, although they have a lead on one of the thugs after he left an open tab with his debit card at the bar.

I guarantee the last thing the soldier was expecting after serving in a combat zone is to come home and almost be beaten to death by the very own thugs he swore to protect.

I’m wondering why this isn’t attracting any media coverage…Is it because the Captain is white and in the military?

It’s sickening that today in America black on white crime and crimes committed against an American hero are perfectly fine. Once again the thugs win because America is afraid to punish the low life entitled thugs who roam our streets and hold them accountable for their actions.

Just imagine if the captain and his friends would have beaten up the black thugs – we would have riots, Al Sharpton’s group demanding justice, the media demanding answers from the military and #BlackLivesMatter activists targeting random white people.

We should be demanding justice for this American hero and for every news channel in the country to run the story. We should be demanding the president to address this injustice and finally put an end to the racial division in our country. But who are who are we kidding? That will never happen, but a guy can only dream, right?

To all my brothers in arms: be aware of your surroundings and do what is necessary to protect yourself if the situation happens to present itself someday.

About the author: Omar Avila

Sgt. Omar Avila is a wounded warrior, fighter, motivational speaker, and U.S. Infantry Veteran. Follow Omar on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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