WOUNDED COMBAT VET: #BlackLivesMatter Thugs Did The UNFORGIVABLE After Cop’s Murder

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Last night, NYPD Officer Randolph Holder was murdered; he was shot in the head by an armed thug that he was pursuing. After the incident happened, several #BlackLivesMatter activists drove by Woodhull Hospital hollering, “You’re a bunch of killers!” At the scene, a BLM crowd loudly repeated “f*ck the cops,” while some were clapping, laughing, and even saying, “They deserve it,’’ because they ‘mistreat’ people.

Did I mention that the officer was also black? So I asked myself, why would the #BlackLivesMatter activists cheer on the killing of a black man?

Now that they’ve killed a black officer and are happy about it, it just proves that they’ve never actually cared about a black man being killed for being a threat to the officers or the public, or for being at fault for committing a crime. The only thing they care about is having an excuse to loot, kill and destroy their communities and blame it on the white officers who risk their lives to protect them.

I blame President Obama, Al Sharpton and his followers for the all of the violence, murders, theft, looting, and self-entitlement mentality of the #BlackLivesMatter activists.

I can’t wait to see what both of them have to say in a press conference. Are they going to continue to support the murders, crimes, and racist acts of the #BlackLivesMatter movement? Or are they going to finally open their eyes and issue a statement demanding a stop to the war on police officers?

The media is also to blame – they are the first to twist the story around when a black man who was a criminal, a thug, and a menace to society is killed. They will provide 24/7 coverage of it while telling the public how he was such an outstanding citizen who didn’t deserve to be killed; but the moment an officer is killed by a thug who was committing a crime, there’s no media coverage because they are afraid of offending the black community and all the liberals who come up with the excuses as to why the officer was killed.

We need to save our country before it’s too late and we need to come together, find peace amongst each other and accept the Lord in our hearts. We need don’t need another war on our home front, we’re already battling the Muslims who are trying to harm us on American soil.

The definition of insanity is this: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

To all the #BlackLivesMatter activists – you want the police to leave you alone? Here is the simple way to do it: stop selling drugs, killing each other, committing crimes, and I promise you, you will see how fast police officers will leave you alone.

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