HEY, LIBERALS: There HAVE BEEN White Riots — And Bundy/Oregon Ain’t One of ‘Em

It’s called “false equivalence”.

It’s defined as “describing a situation of logical and apparent equivalence, when in fact there is none.”

It’s what pinheadian liberals do when they’re at a loss for a valid argument. They do it quite frequently.


There are plenty.

• Climate change causes Islamic terror.

On Nov. 14, 2015 America’s avowed socialist senator, Bernie Sanders, stared stoically into a television camera and said, “[C]limate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism.”

The context was a televised debate in which presidential contender Sanders was asked by moderator John Dickerson if he still believed climate change (formerly known as “global warming”) was the most pressing issue facing the planet. Sander had made the contention days earlier after promising to smash the Islamic State (ISIS).

Sanders doubled down the day after when appearing on CBS’ news show, Face The Nation.

Directly related to terrorism? How so?

Sanders contends that global warming is taxing our natural resources such as water and land. The competition for resources is inevitable. That’s the direct connection? In Sanders’ mind, it is.

What Sanders missed — as have all who trend to the left — is that 2014 was first year in human history when the abject poverty level dropped below 10 percent. [source] In the past, you’ll recall, leftist alarmists warned that the population explosion would lead to dire consequences of bibilical proportions. There would be uncontrolled epidemics and famine.

Instead, the burgeoning population produced a world-record number of highly intelligent people who developed new technologies for food production and successfully tackled epidemics, such as the Ebola virus. The formula is quite simple: Innovation coupled with free markets enhances the lives of all.

Sanders’ contention was a false equivalence. There is no connection between climate change and Islamic terrorism.

• Patriots defending Western culture are Nazis

Gregor Gysi is a politician of note in Germany who cut his political teeth climbing the ladder in the failed Soviet empire. He is reputed to have been a key operative for East Germany’s Stasi, the feared secret police.

Attributed to Gysi is this observation: “Every year more native Germans die than are born. That is fortunate. Nazis are not very good at having offspring.”

The depletion of native Germans makes them dependent on immigrants, he concludes. Gysi contends the displacement of “native” Germans is justice for the nation’s abuse of non-Germans in the 1930s and 1940s.

Gysi made the comments in a video promoting a demonstration called, “Live better without Nazis – Diversity is our future.”

It’s another false equivalence embraced by the far left: Nationalists are Nazis.

Humanity is divided into two groups: Globalists and nationalists. If you’re not a globalist, you are a nationalist and vice versa. Gysi’s contention fits this syllogism.

a) There are globalists and nationalists.
b) Nationalists are Nazis.
c) If you are not a globalist, you must be a Nazi.

Millions actually believe such nonsense. [source]

• The Oregon patriots are like the Ferguson rioters.

White Americans, in the past, have engaged in violent riots. Surprised? Don’t be.

A group of a dozen or so white patriots holed upon in vacated nature preserve building hardly constitutes a riot.

What does constitute a “white riot”? Let’s took to America’s not so distant past.

One such time was the summer of 1919. The late black intellectual Dr. George E. Haynes (1880-1960) documented 38 such riots. Historians refer to it as “The Red Summer”.

In July, 1919, a black male sexually assaulted the white wife of a former Navy man in Washington, D.C. Reports surfaced that black thugs pulled white passengers from the city’s street cars and beat them. A black teenage girl shot and killed a white police officer. Tempered by black violence, white men armed with pipes and boards invaded a black neighborhood and randomly attacked black males. By the end of the night ten white and five black individuals died in the fighting.

That same month Irishmen in Chicago responded to black violence with a riot that raged thirteen days. 23 blacks and 15 whites were killed. White men leveled hundreds of black homes on Chicago’s south side.

The following month white men reacted to the brutal murder of Mrs. Bertie Lindsay, a white woman, by raiding a jail in search of the alleged killer, Maurice Mayes. None of the black prisoners were harmed and thirteen white prisoners were allowed to escape. White men then invaded the city’s black neighborhood. The National Guard was called to restore order and reportedly joined the white rioters.

Another riot ensued in September when an estimated 10,000 white men stormed the county courthouse in Omaha, Neb. in search of a black male accused of raping a white woman. Federal troops were summoned to restore order but not before the rapist, Will Brown, was captured, hanged, and his body burned.

In October of that year the Dallas Morning News headline read, “Negroes Seized in Arkansas Riots Confess to Widespread Plot; Planned Massacre of Whites Today.” That riot was ignited when a white man was shot while attempting to arrest a black bootlegger near the location where blacks were meeting as the Progressive Farmers and Household Union of America chapter. Varying reports claim between 100 and 200 blacks were killed when a white “militia” reacted. Five whites also died.

Comparing the Oregon protest to a riot is false equivalence.

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