Bernie Sanders Makes BIG Promise for Thugs In Prison — But Misses The Easiest Solution

In the photo of Bernie Sanders meeting Al Sharpton for breakfast, Bern was not scolding Rev Al for being a tax-dodging misanthrope. Maybe he was getting tips on how to be a race-baiting blowhard.

If so, he put those tips to good use at the Dem Debate. Pander to the crowd. Hit emotional topics, play to the sympathies of popular uprisings. (Awwww… who’s the good little socialist? Yes you are!)

Bernie was milking the #BLM hype. Look at all the arrests that affect one community! How tragic. It’s America’s fault. Maybe Bernie should call out the party that’s held office for the last 7 years? If his tenure as President can solve that problem, why hasn’t the guy now holding that office cared as much about #BlackLives as him? Could he be serving up empty platitudes? Fairy dust and rainbows?

He stood up and scolded America for having a 25% incarceration rate among African-American males. He described the symptom. (But the symptom isn’t new.) He described a broken system. (Also not new.) And he said he was going to bring radical change.

Well, in a way, that makes sense. Any change made by a Socialist is — by the old definitions of the word — radical. But a politician’s promise of changing things won’t even buy you a cup of black coffee, let alone change #BlackLives for the better. Talk is cheap, Bernie, whatcha gonna DO about it?

And, by the end of the speech, we still don’t know. He’s said something about a need for change in policing and sentencing, but he didn’t say what that might look like, or why this might be more successful than, the Beer Summit or other solutions his Democrat predecessor has tried.

Will he open the prisons? (That’s already been tried.) Will he order police to reduce patrolling in inner-city neighborhoods? Race-based sentencing? (How will that be accomplished without overturning even a pretense of equality under the law?)

Maybe he will be bold enough to address the greatest predictor of at-risk behaviour? Is it race? Poverty? No, that would be Fatherlessness.

If Bernie has a secret plan to create stable homes for these troubled youth to grow up in, then it is a radical solution indeed. But — more likely — Bernie is just shovelling manure.

No worries. Since it’s the kind of manure that makes Democratic popular support keep growing, we can expect him to keep on shovelling it until the day he gets proven for the snake-oil salesman that he is. Hopefully it won’t take a term in office for America to figure it out this time.

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