Maybe #BlackLivesMatter Should Be Beyonce’s Security Detail Since She Hates Cops?

Seems that “Beyoncé’s chickens…are coming home…to ROOST!”, to borrow from Obama family Imam Jeremiah Wright. Or in other words, Miss Thang’s got a problem:

— She’s booked a lot of April concert dates at venues in Florida. 

— Thanks to her sociopathic halftime performance during Superbowl 50, she’s coming up short on off-duty police officers willing to provide security(a) for all those shows she’s booked. 

What’s a girl like Sasha Fierce supposed to do if the cops won’t serve as her private security force? That of course is a question Beyoncé ought to have thought through before she rolled out a mock New Black Panthers dance squad and a hands-up-don’t-shoot climactic theme in the middle of a game in which “the most unapologetically black NFL team ever” – that’s how Huffington Post described the Charlotte Panthers in pre-game reporting – was getting their collective clocks cleaned by the Denver Broncos. 

The answer is embarrassingly obvious. All those Kardashianistas out there hashtagging “Feel The Bern” and still searching for deep, philosophical meaning in Beyoncé’s performance ought to see it. Heck, even Cam Newton could get it if he could get over himself for about three and a half seconds. 

Beyoncé needs to ask #BlackLivesMatter to provide an all-volunteer security force for her Florida shows. That’s right. Giselle Knowles-Carter needs to call up her like-minded pals at #BlackLivesMatter and ask them to do it. And yes, this would mean that:

— All those #BlackLivesMatter types that send out a tweet and call that activism would for once in their lives have to climb the stairs out of mom’s basement, step out into the real world, and for once actually DO something. For many, stepping outside their safe zone would be harder than just talking the talk, but at some point the walk must be walked too. 

— #BlackLivesMatter as a whole would have to actually stand for something. As in something MORE than finger-pointing blame games. They’d have to start thinking – which is hard for them – in terms of policies and solutions to address all those systemic ills they believe are out there.

What a perfect opportunity this would be both for the #BlackLivesMatter movement and Beyoncé.

For #BlackLivesMatter this is an ideal shot at showing the world what their version of protecting and serving looks like. They can show how they’d deal with unruly fans that won’t follow simple instructions. And what they’d do if a highly ambiguous situation escalated dangerously and violently, offering few good options for their security force. #BlackLivesMatter could impress the world with their ability to head up to the mezzanine and break up a knock-down drag-out thugfest by … By? By??? Hmm, how exactly would #BlackLivesMatter deal with something like that? Can’t wait to find out. 

For Beyoncé, hiring #BlackLivesMatter as her security force would perfectly bookend her Superbowl 50 halftime performance. Maybe she can even tie it all together into a great, big grand finale. The psuedo-New Black Panthers dance troupe can do their thing. Then the kid can dance in front of the row of psuedo-cops. Presto! Those aren’t cops after all, it’s #BlackLivesMatter! Aren’t we all safe, happy, cleansed of racism, and free to Occupy something or Fight for $15?

It’s not like this sort of thing hasn’t happened before. Artists much bigger, and far more talented and consequential than Beyoncé have ventured beyond the realm of hiring off-duty police to provid concert security. Like The Rolling Stones. They headlined the Altamont Free Concert on December 6, 1969.  In the politically volatile climate that permeated that era they felt it best to hire local Hell’s Angels rather than asking the police or appropriately trained security professionals to do the job. Somewhere around “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Under my Thumb” an armed black man named Meredith Hunter was murdered by Hell’s Angel Alan Passaro – then, like now, the tragic incident was captured by camera(b).

And it’s not like Beyoncé hasn’t received an offer of security assistance already. Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam reportedly are ready and willing – whether able is questionable – to fulfillBeyoncé’s security needs. 

So, what could possibly go wrong with allowing #BlackLivesMatter to handle her concert security?  

(a) For those unaware, it’s common practice for off-duty law enforcement and security professionals to work security at concerts and other events. Performers prefer to hire them because of their background. Many hired don’t mind the opportunity to make some extra money.

(b) Filmed footage of the murder can be seen on the documentary Gimme Shelter.

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