SCANDALOUS: This Conservative FAVORITE Called A Needy Woman A ‘DOG’

A lot has been made of Trump’s brutal “Trumpisms” that he’s verbally branded the GOP boys’ backsides with during this tumultuous primary season.  

Some of Donald’s digs are hilarious.  

A couple of them are indefensible.  

Many of my evangelical readers think the faithful are insane for supporting someone who uses the vulgarities Trump has used on a regular basis.  

As an evangelical, who’s more of a #NeverHillary guy than I am a #NeverTrump or #NeverCruz dude, I don’t really give two flips about 90% of The Donald’s offensive jabs.  

Politics ain’t hopscotch, folks, so … I expected rough language and labels, especially from someone who’s not been gelded by the cowgirl John Boehner and the Spandau Ballet of The GOP.  

However, Trump crossed a line and lost any future support from me should it ever get down to him and Hillary.  

It’s been reported that Donald has officially gone over to the darkside when he unleashed these very uncalled for invectives upon a non-American woman who was merely asking for his help and a group of liberal Jews.  

In case you missed it, Trump has now called a needy foreign born woman a “dog” and blasted a group of liberal Jews as “whores” who love “donkeys penises”.   

Enough is enough, folks.  

What kind of misogynist jackass calls an unfortunate, female foreigner, who’s merely seeking some temporal help from a powerful man, a “dog”? 

Secondly, who would stoop to such an anti-Semitic low and blast a group of liberal Jews with such disgusting language? Hookers? Donkey penises? Really? No matter how much one disagrees with liberal Jews, the aforementioned is uncalled for, at least amongst a civilized people. 

I’m here to tell you, folks, that we should never follow or trust a person (especially a President) who uses that kind of language. It’s revolting. It sets a poor example for the kiddos. And it takes people down a cultural path of degradation that every nation should fear to tread.  

Trump’s latest stunt is why we should all formally diss The Donald as our potential leader, because his sick tongue reveals a tawdry, wicked heart.  

Once again, who… who… my dear reader… calls a woman a dog?  

And who… who… calls liberal Jews “whores” who like a “donkey’s” you-know-what?  

Who does that? 

That it so jacked up.  

#BoycottDonald. #NeverTrump. 

If you think I’m making this stuff up just Google it. 

What’s that, you say?  

You just Googled it and it isn’t true that Trump said those things and the well-known leader on record for famously calling a woman a dog was Jesus in Matthew 15:21-28?!

And the donkey dong jab is attributed to the ancient, biblical, and holy prophet named Ezekiel in Ezekiel 23:19-21?


I guess I was wrong.  

Sorry about that rant.   

Someone please pass my apologies on to Mr. Trump.  

Also, God, if you’re listening, I’m sorry for calling Jesus a misogynist jackass. I thought it was Donald Trump who dunnit, not Jesus. Forgive me. Anyway … 

Please note, that when Jesus called that foreign woman a dog he didn’t have in mind a highly trained, pampered, and perfumed canine that we take to the spa with us and worship, but a butt-sniffin’, vomit-eatin’, stray-humpin’ mongrel. That ain’t nice, eh?  

I wonder what Megyn Kelly would say about Trump’s calling an unfortunate, non-American woman a dog or if he blasted a group of NYC liberal Jews with Zeke’s donkey dig? Good Lawd! We’d never hear the end of it, would we? 

Speaking of wondering, I wonder if the “humble” (his words), John Kasich, would say Christ ran a negative ministry?  

By the way, isn’t John the angriest person you’ve ever seen run a self-professed “positive” campaign. Why is he even in the race? He’s spent millions of millions of dollars and has only won one state. That’s only one more state than I’ve won and I’ve spent zero dollars. But I digress. Back to offensive language… 

Yep, according to this unread book called the Bible, Jesus and the biblical boys employed language and figures of speech that would uncurl an uptight church lady’s perm. It’s true.  

They were the kings of one-liners.  

They employed wicked satire in their preaching and it permeates the Scripture; and for my more genteel readers, the biblical writers did not coddle the foibles of sinners with kid gloves. Especially, Jesus when he upbraided the religious leaders of his day in Matthew 23. Ouch, baby. Very ouch. By the way, you should read Jesus’ cutdowns in the original Greek… they’re wickedly offensive. 

But today, in the United States Of Pussification, we can’t stomach such brutal and offensive speech. Oh, no. We must dull our verbal knives and treat the duplicity of evil peeps with white mittens lest we be called crude.

So, evangelicals, if you’re looking for a sweet standard for our standards of speech, you might want to forego the Scripture because the Bible holds forth some of the most offensive speech known to mankind delivered by the holiest of people. And for your information, it was not delivered in a pleasant British accent with multiple apologies following. 

If you don’t believe me, then take this little acid test: From now on, if and when you read the Scripture, pay close attention when you land on a chunk of text in which Moses, Joshua, David, Elijah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, John the Baptist, Paul or Jesus is engaged in dialogue with an idiotic idolater, a pompous Pharisee or some political punk.

Here’s what you won’t see. You won’t see these searing saints doling out PC crap. No, they’ll be challenging, oft times ridiculing, the very ground the impenitent unbeliever or the feigned professor stands on.  Not only that.  You will rarely see God’s holy ones repenting after sandblasting their audience’s willful blindness and stupidity.  

Indeed, my brethren, concerning these greatest of biblical characters, we not only see great acts of compassion toward the repentant; we also see an unapologetic, gloves-off approach filled with mockery and derision of someone God wants and needs His spokesman to offend.  

Therefore, whether it’s Trump or Ted who becomes the nominee, if you’re a conservative, then you should pray to God that they don’t curl up in the politically correct fetal position and play nice with Jezebel, I mean Hillary; or they’ll get dusted like Mitt before Obama in 2012, when Romney went limp noodle before Barack. Fo’ sho’. 

Speaking of Jezebel, google how Elijah blasted that old, demonic chick.

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