Hillary’s ‘Unborn Child’ Declaration Reveals EXACTLY How Sick The Left Really Is

In the most overlooked of all the overlooked news items from the weekend, Hillary Clinton admitted that the unborn are persons while simultaneously saying she’d deny them Constitutional rights.

“Under our laws, currently, that is not something that exists. The unborn person doesn’t have Constitutional rights”, Hillary said.

There it is folks. She said it. “Unborn persons”. And then she said they have no rights. Little different from a 19th Century politician saying “under our laws, currently, that is not something that exists. The slave doesn’t have Constitutional rights”. Hillary admitted that a class of people exists and no way no how can they have any rights.

Hillary’s position was such that she could foresee no way to extend Constitutional rights to this particular class of citizens. She’s might as well be the 21st Century version of John C Breckinridge*.

It’s Interesting, since so much of modern liberalism is fixated on the extension of rights to selected groups of people. That’s why even as of this writing, liberals are openly demanding that “Men” and “Women” be replaced on restroom doors with “What gender would you like to be right now?”. If that “right” can be granted to every weirdo that wakes up and picks its gender on any given day, should extending basic Constitutional rights to the unborn be a difficult thing to accomplish?

For Hillary and the left, yes, because the unborn aren’t a protected class. Not even when the vast majority of abortions are performed on a protected class of people, African Americans
If black lives matter they ought to matter in the context of abortion too. Upwards of 40 million African-American men and women simply do not exist today thanks to Planned Parenthood, Kermit Gosnell, and every other abortion clinic in operation from sea to shining sea since the Roe v Wade ruling of 1973.

It goes without saying that Hillary expressed support for near unlimited access to abortion through virtually all phases of pregnancy. Unfortunately, she wasn’t asked whether she was glad Dorothy Emma Howell** chose life when Hillary was a member of the unborn class growing in Howell’s womb. According to Hillary, the only limitations to abortion she supported were those in which the pregnancy posed a medical threat to the “life of the mother”.

Odd no mention of rape or incest. Liberals almost always trot out the trifecta of strawmen named rape, incest, and life of the mother when justifying abortion.

What commentators never ask Hillary or any other liberal is this simple question: Cases of rape, incest, or medical threat to the mother’s life make up about 2% of all abortions performed in America today. What are the reasons for the other 98%?

Everyone knows the answer to the question. Reproductive misadventures. Also known as irresponsibility – people reacting viscerally and not in thoughtful, cogent ways. Or more bluntly, people behaving as animals when they ought to know better. That’s how Anna Mae Activist and Mikey B DeThuggins end up locked in the throes of passion without giving any thought to consequences.

Liberals from Hillary on down prefer a populace that reacts viscerally rather than one that thinks things through in logical ways. That’s how moveon.org and #BlackLivesMatters put mobs in the streets.

That’s why so many still #FeelTheBern despite all the nasty little secrets lurking in the Sanders closet. It’s the visceral, animal reaction of liberals that causes them to demand safe zones and pretend that “Trump 2016” sidewalk chalked on a school campus is “an act of violence”.

And it’s how the Democratic frontrunner can admit on live, national television that the unborn are people and insist that they are the only class of persons that can’t be granted Constitutional rights. As if those rights are Hillary’s to give out in the first place***.

Hillary’s position – like that of most all leftists – is thoughtless, reactionary, and has more in common with wildlife than with the discourse normally associated with thinking human beings.

* John C. Breckinridge was the Southern Democratic Party’s nominee who ran against Republican Abraham Lincoln during the 1860 Presidential election. Breckinridge came in second place behind Lincoln. Interestingly, Breckinridge was later convicted of treason against the United States and remains the only Senator ever found guilty of this crime. Stephen A. Douglas and John Bell were the other candidates running that year, placing a distant third and fourth place respectively.

** Hillary’s mom. Also worth noting, Hillary Dianne Rodham Clinton exercised a pro-life position when Chelsea was in her womb.

*** That’s right liberals, rights don’t come from man.

Image: Hillary Clinton via photopin (license)

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