How ‘Prosecutorial Discretion’ Is Being OUTRAGEOUSLY Abused by the Obama Admin

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Prosecutorial discretion has a nice sound. It brings up images of a compassionate judge letting a first time offender turn his life around. Let’s strip away that soft-focus advertising picture and look at today’s political reality. Prosecutorial discretion really means politicians and judges get to sell state indulgences. United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she could fine judges and legislatures who convict guilty black men.

Is that appallingly corrupt? Sure. Unfortunately, it’s not really news, so put away your shocked face. Let’s step back and look where we’ve seen similar corruption before.

Socialist politicians sell government favors all the time. They sell regulatory exemptions to the business executives who give big political donations. These executives and their companies then get to break environmental laws and other laws controlling corporate governance. They get special government loans. They get special government deals. These companies get to do things that would put you and me in jail. Those are the Business-Government partnerships Barack promised us.

What did you expect? The Socialist Politicians really screwed up the economy. Millions of us are out of work, so Socialists can’t run on their record of economic achievement. Corrupt political practices are a simply necessity for today’s Socialist politicians who needs to generate huge campaign donations and political kickbacks simply to stay in office. It is, after all, the “Chicago way” that America voted for … twice. Now Loretta Lynch wants to extend these extra-legal government indulgences to overt criminals.

President Obama said he wants to put gun criminals behind bars in order to “just save one life.” Instead, Obama recently pardoned black drug criminals who were also convicted of gun crimes. Clearly some criminals are more equal than others. This is the “fundamental change” Barack promised us.

Politicians respond to incentives just like everyone else. Socialist politicians established a program to catch and release criminals in Chicago. The Chicago crime rate soared. The politicians faced two choices. They can admit that “catch and release” was a bad idea, or they could force the rest of us to adopt it and so hide their failure.

What isn’t clear is whether the thugs have to have local approval or national approval to escape prosecution. Which government agency approves the crime franchise? Are the approved gang members in Los Angeles Black or Hispanic? Are they Black or Asian in Oakland and San Francisco? Don’t worry. I’m sure Loretta Lynch can form a new Department of Ethnic Justice to work that out and sell the thug territories to the highest campaign contributor.

Next, Barack will expect the thugs to join the SEIU and make their regularly scheduled campaign contributions. I don’t know how long it will take until the police use their electronic spying to identify the politically unreliable groups and set them up for robbery by the approved thugs. Remember that you heard it here first.

We keep hearing that elections have consequences. Indeed, they do. The party in office gets to make criminals out of the law-abiding they don’t like, and pardon the criminals they do like.

Going once… twice…

You with your hand up in the back row, what is my starting bid?


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