Muslim Radicals Kill HUNDREDS This MONTH– How Many Have ‘Confederates’ Killed?

Virtually every town, village, and hamlet is Western Europe is now home to at least one refugee center.

The objective seems to be forced integration; a conspiracy of consensus among the regressive left to displace Western culture.

(What’s happening in Europe — the diluting of the region’s white population centers — is also occurring in the United States. Last year Barack Obama’s Housing and Urban Development (HUD) chief mandated that every zip code in the United States be racially profiled. Areas that are too white must accommodate housing for non-whites. Housing Secretary Julian Castro is enforcing the scheme to punish white suburbs by withholding federal funding.)

Ignored by the national media is that fact that Islamists have committed 28,337 documented terror attacks since 9-11/2001. Compare that to the number of terror attacks committed by Confederates (zero) during the same time span. Then ask why we’re dismantling Civil War monuments while granting building permits to mosques. The Confederate flag is demonized as a symbol of hate while Islam is embraced as “the religion of peace”.

In reality, Islam is the world’s largest, oldest, and deadliest hate group. Nonetheless, every town, village, and hamlet in Western Europe will soon be home to a mosque and the United States is currently being flooded with hundreds of thousands of Muslim insurgents posing as “refugees.”

Here’s a sampling of recent terror attacks according to, a website devoted to exposing Islamic hate and violence:

Earlier this week — May 11 — a suicide bomber killed sixty people near a beauty salon in Iraq. The day before, Taliban bombers murdered two guards outside a university in Pakistan. That same day a Muslim in Afghanistan blew himself to bits along with eleven others, including two children. A Muslim in Germany stabbed four commuters at a train station in Germany while, in Israel, two elderly women were stabbed by a Palestinian.

I don’t know what you were doing May 9, but children in Iraq were being blown to bits by a car bomb outside a bakery. The total number murdered in that incident was sixteen.

Tell me again: Why are we removing Confederate monuments and building mosques?

In Helewan, Egypt eight police officers were executed by machine gun fire as they sat on a bus. That attack occurred May 8. Two days earlier a Hindu Temple caretaker was stabbed to death by a Muslim gang in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, four small children were disintegrated by Taliban bombers. Also occurring on May 6 were the brutal deaths of four people in The Democratic Republic of Congo. The four were hacked to death.

On May 5 a seven-year-old boy was executed in the public square for “insulting divinity.” That murder occurred in Raqqa, Syria and was administered under Sharia law. Do you know any Confederates who executed a seven-year-old this month?

Also on May 5 five mourners lost their lives at a grave site when a bomb detonated in Iraq. In another incident that same day five more people were killed by a suicide bomber in Libya. Among a dozen people murdered by suicide bombers in Syria were four children and three women; all the same day. Five others were killed by a remote controlled bomb in Afghanistan, while in Turkey, a five-year-old girl bled to death after an ISIS rocket slammed into her neighborhood.

For those keeping count, 28 people were murdered by Muslim terrorists on May 5. May 4 was even deadlier. Ten villagers were killed in their homes by Muslim thugs in Zamfara, Nigeria. Apparently some black lives don’t matter to the mainstream media. Three died in Syria when a rocket fired by Muslims struck their homes. Another 15 were killed at a different location in Syria; four of those were children.

Muslim tax collectors in Mosqul, Iraq dragged five little girls from their homes and killed them. The victims’ families owed a special tax to the caliph. When four civilians attempted to flee the caliphate in Hawija, Iraq, they were picked off by Muslim bombers.

That’s a total of 37 people murdered by Muslim terrorists on May 4.

34 Christians were hacked to death in their own homes in the Democratic Republic of Congo; more black lives that don’t matter because they were victims of Islamic terror. That crime occurred on May 3.

The Islamic State executed five women in Tal Afar, Iraq the same day. Two others lost their lives in Yusufiya, Iraq that Tuesday; victims of a Muslim bomb denoted in a vegetable market. A 14-year-old girl was blown to bits in Cameroon when a suicide bomber exploded next to her.

Muslims propelled 60 mortars into an Aleppo, Syria neighborhood the same day. Nine people were killed. Three more — all women — where killed when Muslims lobbed a rocket into a nearby hospital.

In all, 51 people were killed by Muslim terrorists on Tuesday, May 3, 2016. How many were killed by Confederate terrorists?

Another 28 were killed on Monday, May 2, 2016 by Islamic terrorists and I counted 73 who were killed by Muslim terrorists the day before.

By my count 334 people were murdered by Islamic terrorists the first eleven days of this month. You may check my math here:

Perhaps it is white people — not whiny black college students — who need safe spaces.


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