Why Is the Media SILENT on This 95-Yr Old Vet Nearly Decapitated by a Black Thug?

Were it not for a footnote in the local media we would not know that 95-year-old Dan Belvin was nearly decapitated in his Colesville, Maryland apartment.

Belvin was a veteran of both World War II and the Korean War.

Belvin’s family moved him into a senior apartment complex due to health limitations. While there he befriended a 60-year-old black male; Eric S. Dyson. Dyson lived in an apartment with his elderly father.

Unknown to the Belvin, Dyson had a criminal past and an unresolved problem with controlled substances.

Belvin’s life ended when Dyson slashed and stabbed him at least forty times. When investigators were called to the deceased man’s home, they promptly zeroed in on Dyson. They were prompted by a note the elderly veteran had written, reminding himself to demand Dyson return his car keys.

Authorities found other evidence pointing to Dyson, including $2,000 withdrawn using Belvin’s debit card. Dyson used the money, reports said, to buy drugs.

The crime occurred in February, 2015. Dyson was convicted May 13, 2016 of second degree murder.

The thought that a black male could brutally murder an elderly white man with no national media attention may seem unconscionable, but such heinous black-on-white violent crimes remain the norm.

• Why are the media silent?

Black-on-white violence simply doesn’t fit the cultural Marxism false narrative that white Americans are perennial racist predators and black Americans are their constant victims. The truth defies the myth that whites have a long history of oppressing blacks with unprovoked violence when, in reality, the opposite is true.

It’s called “a lie of omission”. The media simply don’t tell the truth. They hide the epidemic of black-on-white violence by pretending it doesn’t exist. Consequently, Americans live in abject ignorance of the truth.

• The local media in Tupelo, Mississippi reported the death of 55-year-old Charlie Williams. Williams earned his livelihood by driving a taxicab.

Reports say Williams answered a call on May 13, 2016. It would be his last.

The cabbie’s body was discovered by two motorcyclists. He had been shot in the head. The cab was missing; apparently stolen by the killer.

23-year-old Leonta Gates is the suspected killer. There was no mention that Gates is black and no mention that his alleged victim was white. Again, the media lied by omitting the details. Photographs of the victim and his alleged killer, however, spoke a thousand words.

Reports say Gates was charged with capital murder, armed robbery, grand larceny and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

The media regularly condemn cab drivers who intentionally refuse service to black customers. The drivers are as stereotyped as racists who simply don’t like black people. The national media seldom, if ever, offers an exposé on the epidemic of white cab drivers executed by black males.

• South African author Winnie Rust died at age 77. Her death was reported May 17, 2016. Reports say her body was discovered on the kitchen floor of her Cape Town home by her 87-year-old husband.

In custody is Nigel Plaatjies, 18.

Apparently Rust had been beaten to death during a home invasion and robbery.

Reports say the elderly woman’s hands and feet had been bound. There were bruises on her face. The media did not mention that the victim was white and her alleged killer is black. It’s another lie of omission.

• The media also lied by omission when reporting the brutal death of 45-year-old Charles Henry Kronenberg IV.

Reports say Kronenberg was sitting on the steps of his Lancaster, Pennsylvania home when he was approached by a young black male. The encounter was captured on video by a handheld cellphone.

Authorities say Dajour Ari James, 22, slammed Kronenberg in the face with a beer can. The impact knocked the victim to the ground. James is then accused of dragging his victim, hitting him, and then kicking him in the head at least two or three times.

Kronenberg was left unconscious on the ground. Medical personnel transported the victim to a local hospital where he was diagnosed as suffering traumatic brain injury. Kronenberg’s condition deteriorated. He died Sunday, May 14, 2016.

• The epidemic of black-on-white violent crimes will continue until the media have the courage and character to end their collective conspiracy of silence that reinforces the cultural Marxism myth that racist hate is the exclusive franchise of white America.

Image: Daniel Belvin; http://mdscv.org/camps/norris/newsletters/2010-01-Norris-Newsletter.pdf

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